Martin Luther King Day

I am taking a break for the day from the normal sad, ever constant coverage of our nation’s missing children, the nightmarish stories that we hear on the news every day and every night about the injustices done to so many of our nation’s citizens, to just put out a slight little paragraph on something that stood out in my mind this morning. I hope you bear with me.

Martin Luther King Day?

As I sat here this morning, listening to the news, and then listening to my husband’s running commentary on the news, it got me to thinking. He pointed something out to me; if it weren’t for Abraham Lincoln, ‘Dr. Martin Luther King’ likely would not have been able to make the kind of influence that he did on the American government, and on the American People. This is the next point in mind- why do we not celebrate the birthday of Abraham Lincoln? Or that of George Washington? The true founders of America as we know it now? While yes, we do somewhat celebrate Washington’s birthday, it is normally never commemorated as such- it is known as “President’s Day”, which vaguely covers all the Presidents, including Washington, celebrating so to speak our “President’s Day” on, or close to Washington’s birthday does not come NEARLY as close to being such a big deal as what is made out of King’s birthday. Why? I can answer the question for you-if you haven’t figured it out already. Because of the RACIAL issues in play- that is why. We don’t have a Lincoln Day, we don’t have a Washington day, or a Kennedy Day, or maybe a Reagan Day, or a Carter Day because the powers that be were, and are, too afraid of the fallout if we WERE to create such a holiday. But for some reason, those same ‘powers that be’, were NOT afraid to create a day that became a NATIONAL HOLIDAY of all things, for a man who had little to do with what actually put today’s african americans in the positions that they are able to enjoy. Doesn’t that make you think just a little? It does me, it actually rather makes my blood boil, to tell you the truth. It is time that someone started standing up for the things in our history that also need to be recognized, not just because of the color of our skin- but for the TRUE reasons that they should be recognized and remembered, such as freedom, among others.