2010’s PARTIAL list of missing persons

Missing Since: February 1, 2010 from Port Orange, FloridThis is a very small list of missing persons for the year 2010, that I have obtained from various sources on the web. This list does NOT include missing individuals who are considered ‘endangered runaways’, (meaning those that have vanished deliberately), nor does it include family abductions. Please note: I am NOT saying that missing people who are runaways, or those abducted by family members, are NOT important. I am not saying that at all. What I am saying is that I feel that those individuals who may not have WANTED to vanish intentionally may need to have a higher priority put on their cases above those who vanished intentionally. The stakes may be greater, the risk higher for harm to come to them, or to have already come to them. Family abductions, while also a terribly serious and frightening scenario, don’t fall into the category of stranger abductions either. ANY and ALL missing person’s cases are of utmost importance, regardless of the circumstances. I have simply chosen, for this blog post, to highlight those who appear to have had NO intentions whatsoever of disappearing, and the events that caused them to  do such, appear to have been completely beyond their control.

Sylvia Cuttitta:

Missing Since: January 3, 2010 from Staten Island, New York. 50 years old, poor mental health. Left home without any identification, money, credit cards or wallet.bLong hair, partially amputated
middle finger on left hand.

Paul Michael Foster:

Missing Since: January 10, 2010 from Hamilton, Ontario. Blue Eyes, Blond Hair, 28 years old, Blond spiky hair, has tatoo of a dragon on his shoulder, and FOSTER on his back. Ring tattoo on his ring finger. Paul was last seen by his family on Sunday, January 10, 2010 at approximately 6:00 p.m. His family is concerned about his well-being as he has not contacted them since they last spoke. Paul left his dog at home unattended, has not accessed his bank accounts and has made no contact with his friends. All of this behaviour is out of the ordinary for him. Paul’s vehicle is also missing and it is unknown whether he left his home in his car.  His vehicle is described as: 1999 Chevrolet S10 pick-up, black in colour,licence plate 343

Joseph Edward Schwer:

  • Missing Since: January 15, 2010 from Taylors Island, Maryland. 57 years old, weight between 180 and 220. Graying to Bald hair, white male, brown eyes.

    Emilio Diaz Rosario: .

    Missing Since: January 21, 2010 from Lake Como, New Jersey. Brown hair, brown eyes, hispanic 46 year old male. Emilio was last seen on January 21, 2010 by his roommates in Lake Como, NJ. He does work in Ocean Township, NJ and he has not shown up for work. His bicycle was found in the woods at his place of employment

    Patrick Kennedy Alford:

    1Missing since 1-22-2010, Brooklyn New York. 7 year old biracial male,  foster child.

    Anita Michelle Dobbs :

    1Missing since January 24, 2010 from Birmingham, Alabama. 46 year old black female, last seen in Birmingham, Alabama on January 24, 2010 by her live-in boyfriend, Charlie Pope.
    Ms. Dobbs usually frequents the Smithfield Area of Birmingham.

    Cheryl Kanning

    1Missing Since: January 24, 2010 from Bentonville, Arkansas

    Kanning was last seen January 24, 2010 leaving her house on Crosswinds Boulevard. She left
    behind her purse, credit cards, money and even her shoes. She was driving a 2005 Black Jeep
    Grand Cherokee with a license plate number 504 NLP. Authorities in Heber Springs, AR received
    a tip from a woman who said that she saw a shoeless woman dressed in black during her morning commute.
    According to Bentonville Police, Kanning left the home following a domestic dispute with her husband.
    The dispute did not warrant police involvement. Cheryl’s daughter, Briana Beazley, has not been in
    much contact with her step-father, but said it appeared like her mom was in a loving marriage.
    Kanning is a mother of three and a grandmother. She worked as a business manager at Este Lauder.
    She wasn’t on any medication. Beazley said before her mom disappeared they spoke on the phone at
    least once a week. Jon Simpson of Bentonville police said, She has family members as far away as
    Wyoming and Montana and as close as Bentonville and Rogers, none of which have heard from her since.

    Joan Renee Cook


  • Missing Since: January 25, 2010 from Salem, Virginia
  • Classification: Missing
  • Date Of Birth: February 2, 1965
  • Age: 44
  • Height: 5’6″
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Female
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Curly brown shoulder
    length hair. A frog tattoo on her lower back and a “bracelet”
    tattoo with flowers on her ankle.
  • Clothing: Last seen in a red sweater, blue jeans, black
    jacket and Timberland shoes (not boots but shoes).
  • Joan left 2810 Elderwood Rd in Salem, Virginia on January 24 and had contact with a friend on January 25. That is the last contact she has had with anyone.

    Laurel Lea Rogers


    Missing Since: February 1, 2010 from Port Orange, Florida

  • On February 1, 2010 at 1730- Laurel Rogers was last seen at her residence by her brother. Her brother went out on the back porch to workout and when he returned Laurel Rogers was gone.
    Phone recordes indicate that the last activity was on 02/02/10 at 1845 hours when Laurel’s phone called one of her friends and an unknown male named “Jamal” advised that Laurel left her phone with him and she was with two unknown males named Kenny and Breezy. There has been no bank activity on Laurel’s bank accounts and no further phone activity.
  • Medical Conditions: Lupus/ Fiber Mi-alga/ Seizures
  • Clothing: Black, G Unit brand hooded zip up jacket with small
    multi colored “G”‘s on the front, purple short sleeve shirt with a white
    design over a purple long sleeve shirt, light blue denim jeans, black tennis
    shoes with white trim
  • Jewelry: – 20″ gold rope necklace with two rings. Multiple
    rings on all of her fingers.
  • Gianni Giuseppe Martelli McStay and Joseph Mateo Martelli McStay Jr

    1 1

    Gianni and Joseph Jr. were last seen on February 4, 2010. They may be in the company of Summer McStay and Joseph McStay Sr.
    Summer may use the alias date of birth January 1, 1978.

    Joseph is age 3, 35 pounds, white male with brown hair and brown eyes.

    Gianni is age 4, 40 pounds, white male with brown hair and brown eyes.

    Eugene “Gene” Losik


    Missing Since: February 20, 2010 from Boston, Massachusetts

    Age 25, 185 pounds, white male, blue eyes, blond hair.

    Eugene Losik, 25, had been out celebrating a birthday in Faneuil Hall with friends and returned to the Long Wharf Marriott Hotel where he was staying around midnight. He went on a walk with a friend shortly after and returned to the hotel at 1:00am. He was last seen on security camera footage leaving the Marriott Long Wharf’s back entrance alone at 2:24 a.m. Saturday. He disappeared, wearing just a T-shirt, jeans and dress shoes, and hasn’t been seen since.

    Laura Vogel

    1Missing Since: February 21, 2010 from Ha’iku, Maui.

    43 years old, white female, 5 foot 8, 140 pounds, blond hair, blue eyes.

    Clothing: Dark grey sweatpants and dusky blue t-shirt. Laura went missing from the Pauwela Lighthouse area of Ha’iku, Maui Sunday night, February 21, 2010. Her van and part of her cell phone have been found.

    Jozlynn Mari Martinez

    1Missing Since: February 22, 2010 from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    2 years old, about 22 pounds,  sandy hair, and hazel eyes.

    Jozlynn was last seen on February 22, 2010. She may be in the company of an adult male. Jozlynn has a scab on her chin.

    Francisco Javier Lopez


    Missing Since: February 26, 2010 from Hayward, California

    27 year old hispanic male, 5’9, 130 pounds, last seen entering a residence on the 1900 block of Standish Ave. in Hayward, California.

    Sonia Thomas


    Missing Since: March 3, 2010 from Surrey, British Columbia

    41 year old female, 5’3, 190 pounds, Shoulder length hair with
    bangs; tattoo of a bear-claw symbol on the back of her neck and “Sammy91”
    on the inside of her left calf.

    Kyron Horman: Where are you?

    Kyron Horman has been missing since June 4, 2010. There is simply no reasonable, logical, explainable answer as to how this child could have simply vanished off the face of the earth, other than at the hands of one of those who last saw him that morning. All the evidence, up to this time, seems to point at his step mother, Terri, soon to be ex-Horman. How can it be that someone who appeared to be a good, caring mother, has turned into what she looks like now? Maybe it’s because some of the ugly truth has begun to come out.

    Kyron’s parents and stepparents have appeared together in two news conferences, but little was said in either one. However, some very key statements have been made:

    Desiree admitted that she had suspicions Terri may have been involved in Kyron’s disappearance as soon as she was told he was missing.  Desiree backed this up by stating,  “I’ve known her a long time. I know she’s lying…Terri is not taking an active role in finding Kyron.”  When asked what Terri could do that Desiree would think would be “the right thing”, Desiree responded “being honest…whatever the truth is, we cannot speculate on.  But whatever it is, she needs to get it out there”.

    The following was written BY KAINE as his reason for seeking a restraining order against Terri:

    I believe Respondent is involved in the disappearance of my son Kyron who has been missing since June 4, 2010.  I also recently learned that Respondent attempted to hire someone to murder me.  The police have provided me with probable cause to believe the above two statements to be true. [Emphasis added]

    Kyron’s dad, Kaine Horman, quietly left the family home with Kyron’s  little half sister, Kiara. There were some very suspicious 9-1-1 calls made from the household.  Then suddenly, about 2 days later Kaine filed for divorce, and in a restraining order alleged a murder-for-hire plot that was revealed two weeks ago. He demanded that she leave the house they have lived in that he owns.

    Now, put all this together, along with the claims that Terri Horman has also now had some sort of sexual relationship with Kaine’s friend from high school, reportedly this happened AFTER Kyron went missing, and see where your suspicions lead you. I know where mine led me.

    "Worry About Me First"!!!

    (She’s not crying about Haleigh here,
    not really. I bet she’s crying because
    she knows whatever her deal was,
    it’s UP.)

    Yet even more unbelievable. The tapes from jail released and aired on Nancy Grace of Misty Croslin and her father’s phone conversation. Truly unreal. Asking her father to ‘worry about me first’, not worrying about both her and her brother. What gives with this?

    This was the headlines for Nancy Grace’s show on Monday Feb. 22, 2010:
    Breaking news! Shocking new jailhouse tapes of Haleigh’s angry former babysitter-stepmom Misty Croslin demanding ‘Worry about me first’ and urgently begging for help to walk free! Plus, secret undercover sting video allegedly shows Croslin and her ex-husband, missing Haleigh’s dad Ron Cummings, dealing drugs! All caught on tape!
    I watched the show, at least the last half of it. I was shocked by the tape of Misty telling her father to ‘worry about her first’, to begin with. I almost felt sorry for her father, I believe her reaction shocked him too, when she said that. The poor man, he was only letting her know her brother loves her, and that he wanted both of them out of jail. Typical for any parent who loves their children, no matter what the child or children have done. Just goes to show what a brat Misty apparently is, (and maybe has been a lot of her life).
    And as she and her mom talked about whether she was going to get bailed out, she is beginning to try to play heavy handed very clearly now. The idea that she wouldn’t talk about what happened to Haley (that was never actually specified, but viewers pretty much could guess that’s what she meant when she said ‘talk about it’), until she was bonded out, and had a ‘guarantee’ of her bond not being revoked, makes me ill, as I am sure that it did many others who watched this garbage last night. It clearly almost shows that she does indeed KNOW what happened to that sweet 5 year old little girl, and doesn’t intend to give the family members who actually love her any kind of closure unless it is on HER terms.
    You know where you can go Misty. Just have the decency to let this little girl’s real family know what has happened to her.

    Baby Bella- 17 broken bones???????

    WILX.COM – Reporter: A.J. Hilton – Last Updated: 8:44 PM Sep 17, 2007
     >> Father Charged with Sexual Abuse of 3-Month Old

    “This is probably one of the worst cases of child abuse I’ve seen since I’ve been working for Blackman Township,” said Mike Jester, Blackman Township’s Public Safety Director.

    27-year-old Kirk Coleman stood quietly in Chief Judge R. Darryl Mazur’s courtroom, facing first-degree charges of criminal sexual conduct and child abuse, patiently waiting for the Jackson County judge to set his bond.

    The judge set bond at $100,000.

    Coleman was living in the Spring Glen Apartments just days ago, working as a painter. That all changed Saturday. Coleman, the father of a three-month-old baby girl, along with her mother took their unresponsive child to Foote Hospital in Jackson. The child was later airlifted to the University of Michigan‘s Mott Hospital, and remains in critical condition.

    “The injuries are quite extensive,” said Jester. “Very serious, such as broken ribs, skull fractures and so forth.”

    Blackman Township Police started their investigation, and it didn’t take them long to start questioning Coleman as to what happened.

    “We determined that he was the only one home,” said Jester. “Our detectives spoke with him and was able to get him to admit that he was responsible for the injury.”

    The three month old is still unconscious, and needs a ventilator to breathe. Child protective services has also stepped in terminating parental rights, taking custody of the child. A child who’s life will never be the same. 


    Baby has 17 broken bones

    mlive.com – By Steven Hepker – Wednesday, September 19, 2007

    A Blackman Township baby clinging to life in an Ann Arbor hospital was beaten more severely than initially suspected, Blackman Township investigators said.

    “She has three skull fractures, 11 broken ribs, both eye sockets are broken, she has two femur fractures and two tibia fractures — 17 broken bones,” Deputy Director Jon Johnston said.

    “She could pull through but will have neurological deficits.”

    The girl’s father, Kirk Coleman, 27, is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct and first-degree child abuse. His preliminary hearing is scheduled Tuesday in Jackson County District Court.

    Coleman and the baby’s mother lived together at Springport Glen Apartments. The mother went back to work Thursday, leaving the baby with Coleman, Johnson said.

    “We believe he beat her over two days,” Johnson said.

    The baby was unconscious when she was taken to Foote Hospital at 8 a.m. Saturday. She was airlifted immediately to the University of Michigan Hospital.

    She remains on a ventilator in critical but stable condition.

    “Some of her injuries are much more severe than we thought,” Johnston said. Detective Chris Boulter got an update from doctors late Tuesday.

    At his arraignment, Coleman said he was discharged from the Army in March 2006 and worked for a painting contractor in Jackson.

    Child Protective Services severed parental rights over the weekend. Johnston said the mother has not been implicated. 


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    Oncwanique Tribblet WARNING- GRAPHIC!!!

    The story of Oncwanique is an unbelievably shocking story of what a parent did to their own child, their own flesh and blood. It is truly shocking and disgusting, but the fact that no one bothered to report this child missing for months after she disappeared is inexcusable. THAT is the reason that I am posting the story here. PLEASE: BE AWARE of the children around you- PAY ATTENTION!!!! If one of them suddenly isn’t being seen as they normally are, that should serve as a screaming siren that there is something wrong, and authorities should be NOTIFIED!!!
    Oncwanique was born in Chicago, Illinois. This is where she resided. When Oncwanique was sixteen months old she was murdered by her parents, she was choked, suffocated, her arms and feet were chopped up, cooked in batter and distributed outside for the animals to eat, they removed her head and spine, and placed her body into a large bucket of battery acid which they stirred occasionally over a six week period to ensure her little body dissolved!! They then poured her down the drain! The went to a neighbor and borrowed a blender and bended her head and poured it down the toilet!
    It was six months until Oncwanique was noted as missing! Because of what happened to Oncwanique there was no body to give her a funeral or burial!

    Oncwanique Tribblet


    I am sure that some of you reading this have already known about this precious child. I have fallen behind in my blogging and research, therefore, this sad sad story was new to me.
    Some of what I found on the web:
    (SOURCES: http://www.kelseyspurpose.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=1400
     http://www.child-abuse-effects.com/child-abuse-death-of-baby-brianna-lopez.html )

    LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KRQE) – Brianna Lopez would be 6 years old now had her death at 6 months not revealed perhaps the most brutal child-abuse case in state history and prompted a major change in New Mexico law.
    But as the July 19 anniversary of her death nears, some say the changes have not gone far enough.
    The story of Baby Brianna is a hard one, but it is the ugly reality of child abuse.  Violent family members caused her death while others hid what they knew was going on.
    “They raped her; they beat her,” said District Attorney Susana Martinez who prosecuted the case.  “She had bite marks on her face, cheek, head, arms, legs, chest, torso, everywhere.
    “Literally bruised from head to toe, from the top of her head all throughout her body all the way to the big toe on her right foot.”
    She was beaten and raped by her own family.
    “Massive bruising on the head, and then her little fingers were lacerated, toes,” said Detective Lindell Wright who was the first officer on the scene. 
    Brianna died on July 19, 2002.  When Wright saw her body at a hospital, he remembers one thought going through his mind:  “I’ve got a lot to do.”
    Later, when he had time to look back, “I cried my eyes out.  It will stay with me for the rest of my life.”
    Investigators said Brianna’s mother and father, Stephanie Lopez and Andy Walters, and her uncle Steven Lopez were responsible.
    The night before, Steven and Andy threw Brianna to the ceiling, then let her slam to the ground.  And they had raped her time and time again.
    Brianna’s mother had bitten her child.  The source of the other bruises remains a mystery.
    “Bite marks throughout her body; there were old and new,” Wright said.  “She had skull fractures that were old and new.
    “She had bleeding on the brain both old and new which means she had been abused physically her entire life.”
    And while all the abuse was going on another uncle and a grandmother knew but never reported it or tried to stop it.
    Martinez won convictions and maximum sentences for the three abusers.
    “It tests you to the point you’re not sure you can speak,” Martinez said.  “You’re afraid that the emotion will take over.”
    For some Martinez’s successful prosecution only highlighted shortcomings in the law.
    When Baby Brianna was killed a person who committed intentional child abuse resulting in death faced a maximum of 18 years in prison.  Her case brought on a major change.
    “Eighteen years for the life of a child?” State Sen. Mary Jane Garcia of Doña Ana said.  “I thought it was absurd.”
    It took Garcia three years of trying, but she changed the law to make the crime punishable by a life sentence.
    “If the judges continue to sentence to the maximum under the new law, the law is sufficient,” Martinez said.  “But if a judge doesn’t sentence them to the maximum to try to give some sort of deterrent effect to the rest of the community we’ve lost.”
    Both Martinez and Garcia said more needs to be done to punish people like Brianna’s grandmother and uncle who fail to report abuse.
    “Those two individuals knew she was being abused,” Martinez said.  “She was full of bruises that were old: green, brown, yellow-colored.
    “Had they reported it early, had they and insisted on that child not being abused maybe we would have never had her death take place.”
    For failing to report the abuse the three were sentenced to 30 days in jail.  The maximum is one year.
    “I think perhaps we ought to try to make it five years at least,” Garcia said.  “I would go for something like that, and I would certainly try it.”
    However Wright said it’s not just the law that needs to change.
    “I think a lot of proactive still needs to happen as far as young parents need to have proper education, proper support systems,” Wright said.  “I feel a lot of young parents are struggling by themselves.
    “They don’t have anywhere to turn, and it is the chemistry of child abuse.”
    Brianna’s story still brings much pain to the people in Doña Ana County who came together after her death, paid for her casket and burial and claimed her body when no one else would.
    “The community felt that Baby Brianna could be their child, their granddaughter, their daughter, their niece,” Las Cruces resident Edgar Lopez said.
    Baby Brianna is now locked up in a cage built around her grave by her family to keep the community who loved her so much out.  It is a mess, unkempt and full of trash.
    “They were asked, and they said they just wanted to be left alone and they wanted Brianna to be left alone,” Martinez said.
    Inside is a cherub with a finger raised to her lips. Some believe it’s a message.
    “My first thought was, ‘Let’s not talk about what’s occurred here,'” Lopez said.
     Yet the community vows to not let that happen.  People still leave flowers here and have built another marker. 
    The people of this community will never forget Brianna and neither will the detectives, social workers and prosecutors who worked on her case.
    Wright said they never found pictures of Brianna in her home, not a single image of her playing, laughing or smiling.  He wanted to know what she looked like alive.
    “Before they started the autopsy and her little face was lying on a white sheet and I thought she looks asleep,” Wright said.  “So I just took the picture.”
    The picture has since transformed with the bruises erased and the bite marks taken away.  The scars have disappeared.
    It’s the Brianna this community likes to remember.
    “There’s a photograph of her to carry on of her little life,” Wright said.
    The picture hangs on the wall next to Susana Martinez’s desk.
    “It’s a reminder, of course, of why we do what we do,” Martinez said.  “If you forget you’ll either become calloused or you will become Jell-O.
    “You can’t do this job well unless you are in the middle, and that’s just a good reminder why we do it.”
    Brianna is never far from the detective either.
    “It drives me to work harder to prevent, to be a voice for every child of abuse,” Wright said.  “That’s what it does.”
    The cop, the prosecutor and the politician agree it’s everyone’s job to report child abuse.  Anyone who sees, or even suspects a child is being abused, needs to step in.
    Reporter:  Kim Vallez

    The picture that is being referred to is this one:

    Baby Brianna_20081101155456_JPG

    Baby Brianna 3_20081101155622_JPG
    (These are the slime that did this to this precious child)

    Babys autopsy reveals signs of long-term abuse
    By Rene Ruelas

    The autopsy of 5-month-old Brianna Lopez revealed she had suffered abuse most of her short life in what deputies say is one of the worst cases of child abuse they have ever seen.
    Her parents are among those charged with her death.
    Brianna was pronounced dead Friday morning at Memorial Medical Center after she was rushed there when attempts to revive her failed, Doa Ana County Sheriffs Sgt. Ed Miranda said.
    Friday night, police arrested Briannas parents, Stephanie Lopez, 19, and Andy Walters, 21, and uncle, Steven Lopez, 19. They each are charged with child abuse resulting in death. Walters also was charged with criminal sexual penetration of the baby.
    Deputies have now interviewed the six adults and two children who lived in the home with Brianna. Miranda said the family is being cooperative.
    The autopsy revealed a long list of injuries that appeared to have been inflicted over an extended period of time upon the little girl who was born on Valentines Day.
    On Monday, Miranda detailed the multiple injuries found on the babys body. He said Brianna had 11 human bite marks in varied stages of healing, multiple bruises, fractures to two right ribs, three skull fractures, swelling of the brain and signs of shaken baby syndrome. Brianna also had fractures to both legs, an injury experts say is commonly caused by picking up the child with a quick, jerking motion by the legs.
    Investigators will obtain dental impressions to determine who made the bite marks.
    In court records, Walters admitted to biting Brianna, but said he “did not take a chunk out of her.” Walters said his 18-month-old son also bit the baby. He said that Stephanie Lopez also bit and pinched her when she became frustrated with Brianna.
    According to Miranda, Walters and Steven Lopez were drinking beer Thursday night when they began to toss Brianna into the air, hitting her head on the ceiling and at least twice failing to catch her before she hit the floor. 
    Stephen Lopez told investigators that he had drunk 10 beers from a case that Walters admitted buying.
    Stephanie Lopez said she had about three beers, then fell asleep. The next morning, she told investigators, she found Brianna on the floor and was unable to wake her.
    Walters said when Stephanie Lopez asked what happened to Brianna, he told her “we played a little rough with her last night.”
    Miranda said additional charges will be filed.
    “There are definite signs of neglect and failure to protect,” he said.
    The three defendants were arraigned Monday, and bond was set at $250,000 each, Miranda said.
    Miranda said it is the worst case of child abuse he has seen in his law enforcement career.
    “Brianna has been the most severe,” Miranda said. “This is a difficult case that is complex to work.” 
    The investigation and what it has revealed has been emotional for the officers working on the case. Miranda said counselors were brought in Monday night to help them deal with the case.
    “When you have parents hurting children, you have a lot of emotions,” Miranda said.
    Sheriffs records show no child abuse reports made at the home. Miranda said there have been domestic disturbance calls, but none involving children.
    The two other children, Briannas 18-month-old brother and 8-year-old uncle, are in protective custody. Miranda said the children have no visible signs of neglect or abuse.
    Miranda said while law enforcement, medical personnel and teachers are required to report suspected child abuse, it is the communitys duty to do the same.

    Timeline of events according to police documents

    Thursday night, July 18th, at 6 p.m., Andy Walters stopped to buy a case of beer, and headed home to 5243 Comanche Trail in Las Cruces. 

    Three people– Walters, 21, Stephanie Lopez, 19, and her twin brother Steven Lopez, 19, drink through the evening. 

    Stephanie went to bed after about three beers. According to court documents, Andy Walters and Steven Lopez admitted to playing with Stephanie and Walters’s 5-month old daughter, Brianna. 

    Police records show that Walters and Lopez threw the child into the air, causing her to hit her head on the ceiling 3 times, then dropped her twice on the floor. 

    Andy Walters told investigators that Brianna was conscious and crying. 

    At around 12:30 a.m., Friday morning, Andy Walters fell asleep not knowing where Brianna was. 

    At three in the morning, Walters says he awoke to find Brianna on the floor near the bed. He said he wrapped her in a blanket and put her in a bouncer. 

    By 7 a.m., Brianna needed a diaper change. Stephanie Lopez asked about the bruises on Brianna, and according to court documents, Walters admitted that he and Steven Lopez “played a little rough with her”. 

    Walters changed the diaper and took a baby wipe, wrapped it around his index finger and inserted it into brianna’s anus. 

    The complaint also states Andy Walters admitted he bit Brianna on several occasions, but he told Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Deputies he is not not the only family member to bite Brianna. 

    Walters also told authorites that Stephanie Lopez pinched and threw Brianna out of frustration. 

    The uncle, Steven Lopez, admits to throwing Brianna in the air and not catching her. Steven Lopez claims to have drunk ten beers the previous night. 

    During his interview with Sheriff’s Deputies, Steven Lopez admitted to having sex with Brianna Lopez. (she was 5 months old!!!) Adding that he, as well as Andy Walters, had penetrated Brianna on several different occasions.

    By 10 a.m., July 19th, Stephanie Lopez checks on her daughter, notices Brianna is not breathing, and she calls 9-1-1. 

    11:10 am, Friday July 19th, five month old Brianna Lopez dies at Memorial Medical Center in Las Cruces. 

    Autopsy results show Brianna Lopez had 11 bite marks on her body, broken ribs, skull fractures, bleeding of the optic nerves and brain swelling. 

    WARNING: Contains graphic and highly disturbing details:
    This child abuse story is about a 5-month-old little girl named Brianna Lopez. On July 19, 2002 Baby Brianna passed away. Her father and uncle would toss her in the air and not catch her. They sexually assaulted her. Her uncle raped her. They bit her. Her mother threw her, bit her and pinched her. She was bruised and beaten. Her grandmother and another uncle knew about the abuse but didn’t do anything. Brianna also had several broken bones. She had bleeding from the brain, broken ribs, bucket handle fractures, all signs of shaken baby syndrome. They beat and raped her time and time again. Her mother “fell asleep” while they killed Brianna.

    Her mother’s boyfriend, Andy Walters, got 57 years in prison. Her uncle, the mother’s twin brother, Steven Lopez, got 51 years. Her mother, Stephanie Lopez, got 27 years. Her grandmother and other uncle got 60 days in jail. Remember all those who read this, Brianna was beaten and bruised from head to toe and nobody could help her.

    Brianna is buried in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When people kept visiting her grave, her family built a metal gate around her grave and locked it shut.

    Anyone who reads this, you might become saddened or go in a rage. That baby did nothing to deserve that. This should happen to no child.

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    Two Year Anniversary of the Day Caylee Anthony Vanished

    A Portion of the memorial for Caylee Anthony n...Image via Wikipedia

    Today is the 2 year mark of the day that Caylee Anthony vanished from the lives of those who knew and loved her. It is also the two year mark of the day that her mother personified the selfish, spoiled brat that we know as her now, Casey Marie Anthony. While it is not the day that we would normally call an anniversary in the normal sense of the term, it is a day that marks two years of lies, deception, unbelievable irreverence to little Caylee’s memory, a day that no one but her own mother knew she was no longer here on this earth. Her grandparents, while I can’t say this for a fact, may have also known to a degree what was going on, and simply realized a month later that they could no longer cover up Casey’s act of greed and selfishness, without the world around them pointing fingers at not only their daughter, but possibly at themselves as well. This is only speculation on my part, mind you, but I feel like there’s enough lies and covering up done by George and Cindy Anthony to speak for itself.
    Caylee Anthony was a beautiful child. Her precious face captured the hearts of America, but only after she vanished. There is so much more that this beautiful child could have become. Instead, thanks to the inexplainable behavior of her closest family members, she has become another sad statistic, and an example of what thousands of other abused children must go through every day. This is something that only we, the people of America, can change. These are our children, grandchildren, next door neighbor’s children, nieces, nephews, students, and friends. Together, we can stop child abuse, if we just open our mouths and take the right actions.

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