Add the Alert

Just wanted to share with you all a new app that I just recently found out about.

It’s called Add the Alert, here’s what their website says:

Add the Alert is:

an app that for the first time creates an instant notification system for missing children with worldwide reach.

“Our proprietary technology is superb, but its real strength comes from its ability to link, inform and empower people to respond when called to action”

The app is available without charge at

Add The Alert enables law enforcement agencies to communicate more broadly, quickly and effectively whenever a child goes missing by triggering instant alerts and delivering information, images and video to the PCs and mobile devices of Alert Button users within 100 miles of a reported incident.

“When a child goes missing, time is critical and everyone that can possibly help must know,” said Robert Donnelli, CEO of the privately held Boloto Group, a 10-year-old technology solutions company. “This is serious technology for serious issues. As a free service, we are pleased to provide this much needed technology to registered agencies and the public in the event of an emergency.”

In the U.S. alone about 800,000 children are reported as missing each year, according to the Justice Department. That’s over 2,100 children per day, or on average more than one every minute. Most abductions occur during daylight hours and close to home.

“Our proprietary technology is superb, but its real strength comes from its ability to link, inform and empower people to respond when called to action,” Donnelli said. “As kids head back to school, we encourage everyone to make August Add-The-Alert month by downloading the Alert Button and sharing Add The Alert with family, friends and colleagues.”

Once users add the Alert Button to their browsers and smart phones, they become part of a world-wide community.

The Alert Button runs in the background and does nothing unless an Amber Alert is issued in that state or a missing child Alert is directly issued by a registered agency within 100-mile radius of the user’s computer or smart phone. Then, a small alert box appears on the screen. A single click displays the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s web page or a report with details directly from law enforcement which can include multiple images, video and satellite mapping of the missing child’s area.

“In many countries, there is no alert system. We saw the need and created the technology to address it,” said Donnelli. “Now we have the ability to deliver critical information anywhere instantly, whether South Dakota, South Africa or Siberia.”

Rosie O’Donnell recently featured Add The Alert on Rosie Radio. And in recent days, broadcasters in Los Angeles and in Australia have reported on Add The Alert. is endorsed by many organizations and child safety advocacy groups.

Leading child safety advocate Marc Klaas believes the Alert Button represents the best technology for the protection of children. “Instant notification in a community where a child goes missing has been needed desperately,” said Klaas, founder of the KlaasKids Foundation. “The Alert solves this need. The Alert will save children’s lives. Everyone must Add The Alert.”

I hope you all will join me in enabling this free alert on your computer.

Time and action by surrounding people is the key if and when a child does go missing. We must ALL work together to prevent anymore of our children’s innocent lives being lost.

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