"Worry About Me First"!!!

(She’s not crying about Haleigh here,
not really. I bet she’s crying because
she knows whatever her deal was,
it’s UP.)

Yet even more unbelievable. The tapes from jail released and aired on Nancy Grace of Misty Croslin and her father’s phone conversation. Truly unreal. Asking her father to ‘worry about me first’, not worrying about both her and her brother. What gives with this?

This was the headlines for Nancy Grace’s show on Monday Feb. 22, 2010:
Breaking news! Shocking new jailhouse tapes of Haleigh’s angry former babysitter-stepmom Misty Croslin demanding ‘Worry about me first’ and urgently begging for help to walk free! Plus, secret undercover sting video allegedly shows Croslin and her ex-husband, missing Haleigh’s dad Ron Cummings, dealing drugs! All caught on tape!
I watched the show, at least the last half of it. I was shocked by the tape of Misty telling her father to ‘worry about her first’, to begin with. I almost felt sorry for her father, I believe her reaction shocked him too, when she said that. The poor man, he was only letting her know her brother loves her, and that he wanted both of them out of jail. Typical for any parent who loves their children, no matter what the child or children have done. Just goes to show what a brat Misty apparently is, (and maybe has been a lot of her life).
And as she and her mom talked about whether she was going to get bailed out, she is beginning to try to play heavy handed very clearly now. The idea that she wouldn’t talk about what happened to Haley (that was never actually specified, but viewers pretty much could guess that’s what she meant when she said ‘talk about it’), until she was bonded out, and had a ‘guarantee’ of her bond not being revoked, makes me ill, as I am sure that it did many others who watched this garbage last night. It clearly almost shows that she does indeed KNOW what happened to that sweet 5 year old little girl, and doesn’t intend to give the family members who actually love her any kind of closure unless it is on HER terms.
You know where you can go Misty. Just have the decency to let this little girl’s real family know what has happened to her.


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