Oncwanique Tribblet WARNING- GRAPHIC!!!

The story of Oncwanique is an unbelievably shocking story of what a parent did to their own child, their own flesh and blood. It is truly shocking and disgusting, but the fact that no one bothered to report this child missing for months after she disappeared is inexcusable. THAT is the reason that I am posting the story here. PLEASE: BE AWARE of the children around you- PAY ATTENTION!!!! If one of them suddenly isn’t being seen as they normally are, that should serve as a screaming siren that there is something wrong, and authorities should be NOTIFIED!!!
Oncwanique was born in Chicago, Illinois. This is where she resided. When Oncwanique was sixteen months old she was murdered by her parents, she was choked, suffocated, her arms and feet were chopped up, cooked in batter and distributed outside for the animals to eat, they removed her head and spine, and placed her body into a large bucket of battery acid which they stirred occasionally over a six week period to ensure her little body dissolved!! They then poured her down the drain! The went to a neighbor and borrowed a blender and bended her head and poured it down the toilet!
It was six months until Oncwanique was noted as missing! Because of what happened to Oncwanique there was no body to give her a funeral or burial!

Oncwanique Tribblet


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