Renee Pernice

The following information was taken from the myspace page set up for Renee Pernice. 
The link to that page is here:
Justice for Renee

Renee Pernice has been missing since January 1, 2009. Any tips or information related to Renee’s disappearance should be reported to the Tips Hotline at 816-474-TIPS. There is a $25,000 reward.

Here are the facts that have been made public concerning the first week of Renée’s disappearance. All known facts in the case cannot be published due to the ongoing death investigation being carried out by the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and the Clay County Prosecutor’s Office. • On January 2, Shon was suppose to be leaving to attend a training session with the MO. National Guard. Instead, at around noon, he got the boys from the neighbor’s and picked up his daughter from her mother’s house. Later in the evening his daughter became distraught that Renée was not there and emailed her mother around 9:30pm asking to come home. • On Saturday, January 3, approximately 4:30am, Shon left his 11, 8, and 6 year old children alone (while they were sleeping) at home to go to Fire Station #5. He used his keycard to enter Fire Station #5’s Hazmat storage area. This area stores chemicals used for clean-up of hazardous spills, etc. Shon, an EMT for the Independence, MO, fire department was assigned to Fire Station #7, and he was not even supposed to be working at that time because he was on leave to attend his MO. National Guard training. • On Saturday, January 3, the mother of Shon’s daughter picked her up, cutting short the normal visit. • On Saturday, January 3, a family member called Renée’s home to speak to Renée. Shon answered and said that he did not know where Renée was. Family members called 911. Shon Pernice has given conflicting information on when he last saw Renée. He told a family member it was on January 1. He told police it was on the morning of January 2 between 9 and 10am. • At approximately 3:00pm, family members met Officers at Renee’s home. Family members along with officers entered the residence. They discovered that no one was home. They also discovered that Renee’s purse, vehicle, personal hygeine items and coat were at the residence. They noticed that Renee’s wallet, credit cards and cell phone were missing. Renee’s vehicle was in the garage. • While at the residence a call came in to a family member from Renée’s cell phone. (It was approximately 4pm. ) A homeless man had found the phone at approximately 1am that morning (1/3/09) on the ground in the northeast part of KCMO, approximately 12 miles from Renée’s home. Police sent a patrolman to pick up Renée’s phone from the homeless person. The family filed a missing person report while at the residence. • Shortly after the call Shon and 2 attorneys came in the house and ordered the family and police to leave. Shon’s attorneys said that Shon would not be speaking to family members or the police except through his attorneys. • On Sunday, January 4, Renée’s family immediately printed up posters and began posting flyers. They also searched portions of Kessler Park close to where Renée’s cell phone was found. In addition, they contacted the local news stations asking if they would broadcast the news of Renée’s disappearance. • On Monday, January 5, Detectives found divorce documents at Renée’s place of employment. They also found a photo of Shon with one of the children and an unknown woman in the file. • On Tuesday, January 6, in the evening, Shon drove to Line Creek Park, approximately 1.5 miles from Renée’s house and let the family dog out of the van and left. Detectives who were observing Shon retrieved the dog. • Shon Pernice has not cooperated with police and will only speak through his attorneys. It took until January 7 for police to obtain a warrant to search Renée’s house and January 9 for the car. AFFIDAVITS THAT CONTAIN MUCH OF THIS INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND AT THE FOLLOWING LINKS –

For the latest flier, click below:
Latest Flyer

  • On January 21, 2010, Renée’s mother, Linda Lockwood, and her step-father, Doug Lockwood, were awarded legal guardianship of her two sons. The Lockwoods would like to give special thanks to their attorney, Mr. James Ralls, Jr., for the outstanding job he performed with this difficult action. They would also like to thank all the people who contributed information to their case. The Lockwoods have had temporary guardianship since 7/20/09 after filing an emergency motion with the probate court following Shon Pernice’s arrest for 2 counts of “Tampering With a Victim/Witness or Attempt Tampering w/Victim in a Felony Prosecution” and 2 counts of “Endangering The Welfare Of A Child, 2nd Degree”. They continued with their case for full guardianship that was filed on 3/5/09. Documents made public can be found at
    Here is a link to a news story that was run October 12, 2009 related to Renée’s disappearance. There is a video and write-up. There are many new photos of Renée. Please call the TIPS HOTLINE if you have any information
    A Golf Tournament was held Saturday, September 26th at Hoot’s Hollow in Pleasant Hill with proceeds going to the “Justice for Renée” fund. It was a huge success with many family and friends participating. The proceeds from the tournament will help Renée’s family with ongoing legal expenses, to keep the reward in place, as well as support Renée’s two young sons. Renée’s family wish to thank the organizers for their hard work putting it together and the participants for their support and encouragement. 
    Ride for Renée——July 18, 2009—— 
    The event was a huge success! Thanks to all who took the time to come out. Renée’s family wishes to also thank all who have previously donated to the “Justice For Renée” fund and all the individuals and businesses that have donated cash, merchandise and prizes in support of this event. It was amazing to see the long line of orange rolling down the road. This really made a statement to the public!!
  • FUNDRAISERS – – First National Bank is offering bracelets/wristbands that say “Justice for Renée” for a $5 donation and cookbooks dedicated to Renee for a $10 donation as fundraisers to help with expenses such as legal fees associated with Renée’s disappearance and the Guardianship case, large billboards and flyers. The monies raised through this effort will be deposited into the Justice for Renée Fund at Edison Credit Union. Anyone who is interested, can pick them up at the following First National Bank (logo is a circle with a 1 in the center)locations: 6201 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66211 (College & Lamar)– 4650 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66211 (College & Roe)– 9700 Metcalf, Overland Park, KS 66212– 6301 Pflumm, Shawnee, KS 66216 (Shawnee Mission Parkway & Pflumm)– 2828 Shawnee Mission, Fairway, KS 66205– 8800 W 135th, Overland Park, KS 66221 (135th & Antioch)– 13518 S Alden, Olathe, KS 66062 (135th & Blackbob)– Please send a message to this myspace site if you are from out of town and would like to know how to order a bracelet/wristband or a cookbook. Of course, we would most appreciate your wearing the bracelet/wristband to show others your support in finding Justice For Renée. The recipes in the cookbook have all been provided by Renée’s friends, family and employees of the bank. Thank you to all for the help and support you have already given and thank you to all who have already donated. 
    • LETTER WRITTING CAMPAIGN – 6 letters have been drafted; all you have to do is print, sign (or leave anonymous) and mail. Our goal is to increase awareness of the situation and let officials know we need answers. The public’s voice needs to be heard and we need your help. (When Renee’s family receives a sufficient response from the official, we will remove the letter from the list.) Each letter has it’s own link
      CURRENT RESULTS OF LETTER WRITING CAMPAIGN: – 3/6/09 Response received from Clay County Administrator Alexa Barton. She stated she had no responsibility over the Missouri National Guard and, therefore, could not help us in that way. She did say that Renee and Renee’s family were in her thoughts and expressed sorrow over Renee’s family’s loss. – 3/13/09 Response received from Independence City Manager Robert Heacock. He referred us to website (Departments, Human Resources, Policies & Procedures) for the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual. He stated the City maintains and periodically updates inventories of materials and supplies. He also stated that the current alcohol and drug policy does not provide for random testing within the Fire Department, but only for-cause testing. He expressed sympathy for Renee’s family and said the City of Independence is cooperating with other jurisdictions in searching for a complete resolution. – 3/13/09 Response received from Jackson County Executive Michael Sanders. He expressed his concerns about the case and his belief that justice would proceed through the criminal justice system. Renee’s family implied from his letter that he has no authority associated with the Missouri National Guard.
    • 2/25/09: Police Arrest Shon Pernice On Theft Charge – Shon Pernice was arrested Wednesday, 2/25/09, for allegedly trying to steal a gun, according to court documents. The probable cause statement can be found at ..
       He was released on bond on 2/26/09. He is forbidden to possess any firearms while his case is pending. He is scheduled to appear in court on 3/31/09. 3/31/09: Shon Pernice appeared in court where a continuation was granted until 5/5/09. 5/5/09: Shon Pernice appeared in court where the preliminary hearing was set for 6/24/09. 6/24/09: Shon Pernice appeared in court and waived reading of the Information/Indictment and entered a plea of not guilty, 7/2/09 the trial date will be set. 7/2/09: Shon Pernice appeared in court, the Jury Trial date was set for 1/25/10. 1/21/10: Shon Pernice appeared in court for motion hearing. His attorneys want to have a look at the victim’s home nearly a year after the alleged theft. The victims do not want them in their home. Because of that, his attorneys want the case thrown out. Prosecution will present their arguments to the court. The judge will hear arguments on 3/5/10. A motion hearing will be held on 6/18/10. A Pre Trial Conference will be held on 7/1/10. Jury Trial is now scheduled for 7/12/10.
    • Books

      7/5/09: Police Arrest Shon Pernice for Disturbing the Peace – Witnesses said Pernice was at a neighborhood park celebrating the Fourth of July with his two sons. Neighbors said Pernice left just after midnight. They said he put his kids in the back of his van and drove away, nearly taking out a mailbox. Neighbors said Pernice stopped at a house where he got into a confrontation with a man who, they say, Pernice had been harassing earlier in the day. More on this story at 7/17/09: Arraignment. Shon Pernice, in custody, appeared in court. He was indicted by the Grand Jury on 2 counts of “Tampering With a Victim/Witness or Attempt Tampering w/Victim in a Felony Prosecution”
      and 2 counts of “Endangering The Welfare Of A Child, 2nd Degree”. 7/21/09: Meredith Corp. (KCTV5) files motion objecting to “Denying Request for Media Coverage”. 8/21/09: Shon Pernice bonds out of jail. Motion Hearing Held. Jury to be selected from Greene County, MO. Jury trial set for 3/29/10 in Liberty, MO.

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