What has become of Susan Powell?

What Susan Powell’s Friends and Family Want Us to Know

Please make sure you click on the above link and read what Susan Powell’s family and friends feel about her. It’s heart wrenching to think that she may have been taken away from them forever. 
I have my own personal suspicions as to what happened, as well as probably thousands of other people do. To me, it is so obvious what happened, it’s sickening to realize that the police haven’t acted on it anymore than what they have. 
To Susan Powell’s family and friends, I hope you know my prayers are with you, and I pray that justice be served. 

Joshua Powell’s sister-in-law, Jennifer Graves, and her husband Kirk, are disappointed and do not believe Josh has done all he can to help find his missing wife, Susan Powell.

The Graves traveled from their home in Utah to Washington State Friday to visit family and to have dinner with Josh and his two sons, Charlie, now 5, and Braden, now 3.
 The topic of Susan and her disappearance were not discussed. 
When Kirk was asked if the topic came up after dinner he declined to answer. 
Both Jennifer and Kirk have changed their tone toward Josh and have grown increasingly disappointed. Jennifer says Josh’s demeanor toward her and her family have completely changed since Susan disappeared and that while Josh used to be very talkative he hardly ever talks now. The Graves do not believe Josh has done all he can to help find his wife. “I’ve been disappointed with his efforts. He hasn’t put enough effort in, in my opinion,” Jennifer Graves said. “He’s chosen to work away from the media, which is our biggest tool right now.”
And today, they’ve decorated her house in purple ribbons, her favorite color. Josh was not present at the house when it was being decorated. Critics ask, “Isn’t that trespassing?” 
Josh moved to Washington Jan. 11 after he lost his job and felt he would not find work again in his community. 
Now everyone is trying to get back into normal routines, but that’s not going to be easy so long as Susan is missing. 
It’s going to be awhile before it gets back to normal,” Jennifer Graves said. “Just keep looking. Keep looking for her.”
And, one last excerpt:

Susan Powell’s parents have a message for Josh

 Parents to son-in-law: It’s time to stop hiding and start cooperating with police as they search for Susan. 


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