Susan Powell: What’s YOUR opinion? Here’s mine, and a basic timeline of events

What is the truth about Susan Powell’s disappearance? It has become another national media frenzy, so to speak. I personally feel that her case wouldn’t have caused anymore media attention than the thousands of others out there, were it not for the wild midnight camping story her husband told, as well as him then turning around and hiring such high profile lawyers. It’s truly a shame that law enforcement can’t get a confession out of him at this point in time, as it appears to be so obvious that the man had something to do with his wife’s disappearance. I mean, come on, how many rational thinking adults who are parents would take their two young sons out after midnight on a ‘camping trip’ in such horrid weather, alone, and then not even ‘camp’ to boot- but sleep in the vehicle? And if your spouse had disappeared, don’t you think that you’d be showing a little more emotion than Josh Powell did?
Here’s a basic timeline on the Susan Powell case:
Afternoon of Dec. 6 
Neighbor JoVonna Owings dropped by the Powells’ home Sunday afternoon to visit with Susan Powell. The family had pancakes for dinner. Susan, who was feeling ill, lay down for a nap about 5 p.m. Owings left, as did Joshua Powell, who said he was taking his two sons sledding.
8:30 p.m., Dec. 6 
A neighbor saw Joshua Powell as he returned home and pulled into his garage after taking the boys sledding.
Midnight to 12:30 a.m, Dec. 7 (approximate)  
Joshua Powell says he left home with his two sons to go camping at Simpson Springs in the west desert, while Susan remained at home.
9 to 10 a.m., Dec. 7 
The Powells’ day care provider became alarmed when the couple failed to drop off their sons on schedule and she could not reach either parent by phone. She contacted Joshua Powell’s mother and sister, who called police after they could not locate the pair. Police broke into the Powell home but found no one there.
Late Afternoon to evening- Dec. 7 
Joshua Powell and his two young sons returned home between 5 and 6 p.m. He was taken to the West Valley City police station for questioning. It was about this time that Joshua Powell claimed he had taken his boys camping, and that he had ‘gotten his days mixed up’.  Later, an interview with JoVonna Owings showed that there had been no sign of Joshua Powell appearing to be confused about what day it was when she was at the home for the pancake supper the evening that Susan disappeared.

11 a.m., Dec. 8 
Charles Cox (father of Susan)  received a telephone call from Joshua Powell, who informed him Susan was missing and that he was about to be interviewed by police again.
Dec. 9
Police served a search warrant on the Powell residence and removed boxes, bags and a computer. It was around this time that Powell’s only vehicle was confiscated by police and searched for evidence, and also the time period that Powell reportedly rented a car and put over 200 miles on it, without law enforcement being aware that he had left the area. It has been  unclear WHERE he had gone in that rental vehicle.
Dec. 10 
Law enforcement searched the Simpson Springs area where Joshua Powell said he camped with his sons but found nothing.
Dec. 14 
Joshua Powell hired defense attorney Scott C. Williams. He skipped a third interview with police.
Dec. 15
Joshua Powell provided a DNA sample to police.

Feel free to post your comments and opinions.


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