I 45 murder victims?

I just wonder, how many of these victims have been proven to be murdered by a serial killer (or killers) working along the I-45 corridor?
New information would be appreciated on this topic.
Colette Wilson 
Brenda Jones
Gloria Gonzales 
Alison Craven 
Debbie Ackerman 
Maria Johnson  
Kimberly Pitchford 
Georgia Geer 
Brooks Bracewell
Karen Pretty
Tamara Ellen McCurry 
Heidi Villerial Fye 
Sandra Ramber
Laura Lynn Miller
Shelley Kathleen Sikes 
Laurie Lee Tremblay 
Michelle Doherty Thomas 
Erica Ann Garcia 
Suzanne Rene Richerson
Maria Del Carmen Estrada 
Trellis Sykes 
Diana Rebollar 
Dana Sanchez 
Lynette Bibbs 
Tamara Fisher 

Krystal Jean Baker

Laura Kate Smither
Sandra Sapaugh 
Jessica Lee Cain 
Tina Flood 
Wanda May Pitts 
Tracy Vickery

Amber Hagerman 
Tot Tran Harriman 
Sara Trusty 
Laura Ayala

Maria Isabel Solis
Natasha Nicole Solidum 

Along with these named victims, there appear to have been several Jane Doe’s as well. 


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