Missing since 1983: – Dixie Barker, Ashland, Kentucky

Dixie Barker was last seen at her trailer park
in the vicinity of the 3400 block of South 29th St in Ashland, Kentucky.
She was about 5ft. and 2in. tall. She had blue eyes, and brown hair. She lived with son  Eddie Barker in Ashland, Ky. He worked for the City, picking up garbage. He said that she was home on the morning that he left for work. She was a little wild for her age. She liked to go to bars, and wear fancy clothes. She went by a nickname as BABY BLUE on the CB.
(That information was posted by her granddaughter on a message board on an unsolved mysteries site back in 1999.)
No one came forward as an eyewitness to her leaving the trailer park, which reportedly had about 60 trailers in it at the time, nothing suggested that she left on her own, as her purse, shoes, clothes, personal items were all inside the trailer undisturbed. Authorities stated that they have suspects, but no definite proof, and the case remains unsolved.
If you have any information pertaining to Dixie’s case, please contact the Ashland Police Department at 606-327-2072.

One response to “Missing since 1983: – Dixie Barker, Ashland, Kentucky

  1. I would like to be in contact with Dixie Parker’s grand daughter. I have read her comments on the Internet and it seems she may have more information. I am searching for Dixie and it would be helpful to know if she had friends or relatives in another (specific) state, if she was nown to take rides with strangers or to travel for a few days at a time. Did she have dental records? Is there a female sibling or daughter of Dixie still living? Reach me on twitter:

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