Amanda Berry

About Amanda

DOB: April 22, 1986
Missing: April 21, 2003
Height: 5’ 1” (155 cm)
Eyes: Brown
Race: White
Sex: Female
Weight: 110 lbs (50kg)
Hair: Sandy
Missing From: Cleveland, OH
Identifing Features: She haspierced ears, a pierced left eyebrow and a scare on her lower abdomen

Amanda was last seen at approximately 7:45 p.m. on April 21, 2003 wearing a Burger King uniform and a black apron with “Burger King” written on it in yellow letters. She has pierced ears, a pierced left eyebrow, and a scar on her lower abdomen.

Anyone having information should contact:

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Cleveland Police Department (Ohio)

Print a poster:…archLang=en_US

Words of Love from Amanda’s Family

Amanda Berry is your typical teenage daughter. She dreams of being a clothes designer and meeting her idol, Eminem. More importantly Amanda loves her mom, Louwana whom she lived with. She also loves her sister Beth, who lived next door. Amanda was also a great aunt to Beth’s daughters. The whole family misses her more than words can ever say. Like many teenagers Amanda had a part time job. She worked at a Burger King restaurant. She left the morning of April 21, 2003 and went to work. It was a typical day at work. Once she was done with her shift she called her sister about a ride. During that conversation Amanda told Beth not to worry she would walk home. It was just a couple of blocks but she disappeared. No one ever got to give her one last hug or say good-bye. It was the night before her 17th birthday. The birthday cake was ready. Her birthday money was sitting in her bedroom drawer ready to be spent on gifts. There were big plans for a party with family and friends. It’s all on hold. Today her family is still waiting to celebrate that birthday and everyone that passes until Amanda comes home.

Please help us find her and bring her home,

Amanda’s Family

In memory of Louwana Miller, mother of Amanda Berry. She passed away on March 2, 2006.

Mikelle Biggs

There are many links and much information on the web about Mikelle Biggs.
Here are a few of them.
Always remember to mentally memorize these children’s faces who are missing, so that you will remember who they are if you happen to see one of them, and be able to act accordingly.

Mikelle was last seen riding her bicycle near her family’s residence in Mesa, Arizona on January 2, 1999. Mikelle and her younger sister thought they heard an ice cream truck’s music in the distance and asked their mother for money. Mikelle and her sister waited for the truck near Toltec Street and El Moro Avenue at approximately 5:50 p.m. Her sister became cold and returned to the family’s home for a coat. Their mother sent her back for Mikelle, but she had disappeared. Mikelle’s bicycle and her two quarters were found near the street where she had been standing. The bicycle was not at the corner, but partially back towards the house.
Authorities searched the entire area near Mikelle’s family’s home, but no evidence pertaining to her whereabouts was found. Authorities were unable to confirm if an ice cream truck was in the area at the time of her disappearance, but all ice cream vendors in the area were cleared of involvement in Mikelle’s case. Known sex offenders in the vicinity were also cleared of any connection to Mikelle.

There have been many false leads in Mikelle’s case. On January 9, police dug up what appeared to be a freshly-dug grave outside of Mesa. They found nothing. Two witnesses were put under hypnosis in hopes that they would remember something, but nothing came of that. A copper-colored jeep was reportedly spotted near Mikelle’s home at the time she was last seen, but when its driver was located he was ruled out as a suspect and he had seen nothing usual. Houses in the neighborhood were searched with the consent of their owners, but to no avail. Only one homeowner refused to permit a search; he is not considered a suspect. On March 10, 1999, a man reportedly tried to abduct two girls, a 10-year-old and an 11-year-old, from a schoolyard. Police thought the incident might have been connected to Mikelle’s case, but the “abduction” was revealed to be a hoax.

Investigators have released sketches of two possible suspects in Mikelle’s disappearance. Both images are posted below this case summary. The sketches are not being widely publicized since authorities are not certain if the men are connected to her case.

Mikelle’s father believes he knows who was reponsible for his daughter’s apparent abduction. The man, who has not been identified, is currently incarcerated in an Arizona prison and denies any involvement in the case. On the fifth anniversary of Mikelle’s disappearance, her family held a funeral for her with an empty casket. Her family now lives in Gilbert, Arizona. They believe Mikelle was murdered shortly after her disappearance. No charges have been filed against anyone in her disappearance.

Mikelle is described an intelligent, artistic, sociable person and an honor student. She played the clarinet and was a member of her school’s student council at the time of her disappearance. She wanted to become an animator when she grew up. Her favorite color is purple and she has two younger sisters and a younger brother. There are few leads in Mikelle’s disappearance and her case remains unsolved.

Mikelle Biggs, who hails from Mesa, was only 11 years old when she went missing on 2nd January, 1999. At the time of her disappearance she was at the junction of Toltec St and El Moro Ave, that falls in the central part of Mesa.

As per the 1999 reports of her disappearance, Mikelle had gone outdoors to buy herself an ice-cream. She had left the house with her elder sister Kimber, who on forgetting her jacket, again went inside the house asking her sister to wait outside for her. And in the 90 seconds that followed, the time that Mikelle was alone, she vanished.

All these years, detectives Domenick Kaufmen and Jerry Gissel had been working on the case assiduously, keeping alive the hope of finding her, but unfortunately on 15th May everything thing came to standstill. It is believed that the trail for the person who kidnapped Mikelle a decade ago has just gone cold. And its being said that the case will remain so until further developments takes place in the forensic technology or till some person voluntarily comes froward with some information that may lead to the person who kidnapped Mikelle.

Reflecting on the present situation, Gissel said “Hopefully, the individual who did this will realize the nightmare that they’re putting this family through,”. He further added “I know this person has got to be aching to get this information out. I know, like I’m sure he knows, that he needs to clear up this before he leaves this life because it’s not going to be very good for him afterwards.”



March 6, 2009
Kansas City, Missouri

Date of Birth: April 13, 2005
Place of Birth: Virginia
Sex: Female Hair: Brown
Height: 3’8″ (at time of disappearance)
Eyes: Brown
Weight: 40 pounds (at time of disappearance)
Race: White (Hispanic)


Allyson Corrales has been missing from her residence in Kansas City, Missouri, since March 6, 2009. She may be in the company of her father, Luis Corrales. Allyson’s mother, who was found deceased on March 6, 2009, was not married to Luis Corrales. He did not have any custodian rights to Allyson and the mother had a Full Order of Protection against him.

Luis Corrales was last seen driving a red 1999 Kia Sportage, bearing Missouri license plate # PB1R3R. Corrales previously lived in the Manassas, Virginia, area and may still have friends, relatives, and associates in the area.

Luis Corrales is described as a White (Hispanic) male, DOB: September 7, 1977. He is an illegal alien who had been living in San Antonio, Texas.
Individuals with information concerning this case should take no action themselves, but instead immediately contact the nearest FBI Office or local law enforcement agency. For any possible sighting outside the United States, contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate.
ALLYSON CORRALES                                                                      Luis Corrales

Lindsey Baum

Have You Seen Lindsey Baum ?
Case Type: Endangered Missing
Missing Date: Friday 26th June 2009
Missing From: McCleary Grays Harbor Washington
Missing Country: USA
Sex: Female
DOB: 07/Jul/1998
Age Now: 11
Specific Details:Hair: brown Eye Color: brown
Height: 4ft 9in Weight: 80 pounds
Race: white language: n/a

Distinctive Marks:

Known Circumstances:

Search on for missing McCleary girl
Police are asking the public’s assistance in locating a 10-year-old McCleary girl who did not return home Friday night from a visit with a friend. “I just need my daughter home,” said Melissa Baum, mother of Lindsey Baum. “Lindsey, please come home, you’re not in trouble.”

Lindsey Baum was wearing a hooded sweatshirt that was either gray or blue, jeans and black sneakers, was walking from her friend’s house on Maple Street to her own home on Mommsen Road, a four-block distance, and was last seen at about 9:15 p.m., said Sgt. Ed Patrick with the Grays Harbor Sheriffs Office.

Baum’s mother called the McCleary Police Department at 10:50 p.m., having waited in case her daughter had stopped to talk to her friend or otherwise dawdled, Patrick said. Melissa Baum said Lindsey wasn’t angry Friday night, and left without money, a change of clothes or her cellphone. Police have searched for the girl in the homes of her friends, in case she had been “hiding out.” “She wouldn’t have run away,” Baum said, her voice hoarse. “If she had been hiding she would have come out by now. She can’t hide that long, she loves to talk.”

Baum called her daughter a “mama’s girl,” and said the two were re-reading the Harry Potter books aloud to prepare for the upcoming movie. Lindsey wanted to have her friend over to read with them, and left while it was still light out. Chief George Crumb of the McCleary Police Department said friends and family are assisting the search, and that while his department hopes Baum just ran off on her own, “she’s been gone far too long.” Melissa Baum said she is afraid someone has taken her daughter, and taken her away from McCleary. “If anyone does have her, bring her back home or take her to a pay phone where she can call home,” Baum said.

In the five years Crumb has been with McCleary there has not been an abduction. No Amber Alert was initiated because no one had seen anyone take her. Lindsey Baum was simply reported as a missing child. “It did not meet any of the criteria for an Amber Alert,” Crumb said.

McCleary Police set up the initial search, but called in the Sheriffs Office at 4 a.m., Patrick said. Thurston County sheriffs deputies are also assisting.“We are keeping our fingers crossed,” Crumb said. Anyone with any information is urged to contact the Grays Harbor Emergency 911 Center at 360-533-8765 or the McCleary Police Department at 360-495-3107.

Laura Nimbach

Pay close attention, especially if you live in Florida. Laura Nimbach is MISSING and possibly in DANGER. Here is what we know: No one has had any contact with Laura since February 17th, 2009 and her family is terribly worried. Laura’s family does not live in Florida. They believe Laura had an abusive boyfriend. Laura was last seen by local police walking down the street after leaving a domestic violence shelter in Clearwater, FL. There has not been any media attention. But Laura is MISSING. And we need to find her before it’s too late.

Help is desperately needed to help find this young woman. Fliers need to be placed in local business’, bus stops, hospitals, shelters, churches, grocery stores, post offices, bars, restaurants, airports, places where NA meetings are held, and especially in the Tampa Bay area. Time is of the essence. Laura had been hospitalized in November, 2008 with kidney and heart failure. She may have still have medical problems as a result of this. She has a substance abuse problem and if she’s still alive, she’s in a horrible situation.

Print a poster:

Name: Laura Nimbach
Alias: Lora Marie Nimbach, Laura Marie Numbach, Laura Marie Nimback
Date of Birth: 08/26/1986
Date Missing: 02/17/2009
Age at time of disappearance: 22
City Missing From: Clearwater
State Missing From: FL
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: 5 ft 6 in
Weight: 105 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Hair (other): May be very light blond
Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Tan

If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Laura Nimbach, please contact the Pinellas County Sherrif’s Office at (727) 582-6200 or dial 911.
Investigative Case #: SO09-71009

Also see the site set up for Laura here:

Endangered RUNAWAY? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! WRITE ME FIRST!!!!!!!!!

Now, forgive me if I am wrong in saying what I am about to say.
A RUNAWAY? What was the problem that causes these young ladies to run away in the first place? Her, like so many hundreds of thousands of others, that give up a loving, decent, (May NOT be perfect home, but by the Grace of God, we parents try in MOST cases) so that they can ‘run the streets’ at their free will, do as they want to, no one to tell them what to do, or when to do it, and so on. UNTIL. Worse comes to Worse. There are ‘pimps’ out there that promise them the moon, the sun, the stars, and every planet and jewel in between along with their ultimate choices of every drug under all these planets to choose from, just to have to do as these ‘pimps’ or nothing more than ‘masters’ tell them what to do. They get so drugged up they no longer care what they do, as long as they can have their next fix, their next omg look what I got shopping trip (which nine times out of ten turn out to be stolen goods inte first place). Then of course, aside from the pimps and the lives of sex slavery they are sold into, then, then you have the REAL sicko’s out there, who just torture them for days on end to get their ‘rks” off, and then murder them in a slow sadistc way.
NOW- gals- is THAT how you wanna live your lives? What little May be LEFT of them by then? Do you never want to see your family again? Maybe a little brother or sister who has, up until now, adored you? A Grandmother or Grandfather who has thought the world of you till now? A boyfriend, a series of fantatstic girfriends whom you could tell your life’s deeprest darkest secrets to and they would NEVER think bad of you for it, only love you just that much more????
Email me if you wanna talk.
I am HERE to LISTEN. Not to JUDGE.

I HOPE and PRAY I can give you ADVICE that will NOT be to run from the life as you know it now. Please- write me- BEFORE you make that choice to run. Let me help talk you through it. I think you will be glad you did in the end.

DONT end up like so many of these young girls who turn up missing everyday because they made that choice to run. PLEASE. Write me instead. I can help you.


Can you picture this child now? So full of life and viatality? 

Can anyone help find her?