Parents tell reporters that their little girl was almost abducted 2 weeks before Somer was: Why wasn’t an alert put out?

Now, I wish that somebody could tell me what is wrong with this picture. There seems to be even MORE of a rash of little children being abducted, going missing, being found murdered in the last 2 years than anytime in recent memory. Of course, it may not be that that is actually the case, it may just be that we are seeing more news coverage of it now. Why I dont understand. But- in this case, it just stands out to me- that obviously people still aren’t getting the warning signs- and taking them seriously. This story speaks that louder than words. Read below:
The parents say their child was almost abducted about two weeks before Somer Thompson disappeared. They visited Somer’s home to pay their respects and visit Diena, Somer’s mom.

The parents told reporters their 5-year-old was approached by three people in a car just a block from the vacant home on Gano Avenue being investigated.

“We were having a yard sale and she was riding her bike and she just took off,” said Kaylee’s father James Brothroyd.

Police say that’s when the girl said three people in a car tried to lure her inside.

James said the people spoke to Kaylee, saying “your mom wants us to take you home, get in the car.”

Parents James and April said a passerby scared away the car. They reported it to police, but they say a warning was never put out in the neighborhood.

“It’s outrageous to me nothing was done!” added James.

The family is all the more concerned because they live down the block from the vacant house being investigated on Gano Ave.

April, Kaylee’s mother, said “My daughter hasn’t been outside by herself. My son is 10, we used to let them be outside, we don’t do that no more.”

The Clay County Sheriff’s Department was initially looking for a blue car, but several days ago, they believed it had nothing to do with Somer’s Disappearance.

Still, the parents say if an alert had been put out a few weeks ago, maybe parents here would have been more vigilant and Somer would still be safe at home.

Somer disappeared on her walk home from school on a Monday afternoon. Detectives scoured a Georgia landfill and found a child’s remains.

At a Thursday morning news conference, authorities confirmed that the remains found were that of the missing 7-year-old.


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