Mothers Against Predators site

I found a site tonight I didn’t know was there. I guess I’m slipping. I just haven’t had the time lately to put into my passion about actually being able to help do something about the crimes of today. I suppose they aren’t actually just ‘crimes of today’, but- the difference between today and 50 or 75 years ago is the rapid fire attention so many of them are able to get now, compared to basically nothing more than word of mouth that yesteryear furnished. I am still just as passionate about networking and getting news out there as I ever was, dont get me wrong. I just have too many irons in the fire right now I guess. And there are only 24 hours in a day. It’s sad really, because so many of these cases and causes desperately NEED more attention drawn to them.
Anyway, the site I found tonight was ‘Mothers against Predators’.
Mothers Against Predators
Here’s what’s on their homepage:
Every time our children log on to the world wide web, they expose themselves to a world of strangers. Hidden among those strangers are predators who navigate the cyber world with ease. They exploit social networking sites to find our kids. They have even formed their own online networks, trading tips on how to reach our children. We must respond. Together we can reduce the odds that another child is hurt. Please join our fight against those who prey on our children.
This is from their ‘tech tips’ page:
Don’t Turn Them Off
Turn Them In.
Tell children you know one day a cyber creep will try to connect with them. They must protect others by coming to you, and not alerting the creep. Being a good cyber citizen means keeping predators away from others.
Most Cyber Crime Is Not Reported
We know one in five kids online are approached by a cyber creep. We know the numbers are wrong because most kids turn them off and never tell. This means the creep will move on.
Save Copy Report Every Arrest Matters.
Tell Your Child You Know It’s Not Their Fault, They Will Not Lose Their Computer.
No Matter What Precautions You Take Don’t Own A Computer Without Installing A keystroke Program And Checking It.
We Highly Recommened Spector Soft
Our information updates daily.

The only issue I have with this site, at this point in time, is their ‘Spector Soft’ link. It’s a sales pitch. That’s not going to get the information out there about saving our kids quite the way I had envisioned it.
The cause is headed in the right direction, I personally would just pick a different route to get there I guess.


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