Unsolved Homicide of Graig W. (Andy) Anderson, Jr. and Anita Anderson, Husband & Wife


The Anderson’s story is derived mainly from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and the News Tribune.

Until the evening of May 17th, 1995, the Anderson’s – parents of four and grandparents of seven – spent their last 15 years of winters in Texas managing a 55 acre RV Park and summers managing their real estate business. Until recently, they hadn’t considered the aspects of retirement or at least slowing the pace down a little.

The two had attended their grandchildren’s Spring Concert at school the evening of May 16th. After the Concert, they were seen leaving the school, presumed to be driving directly to their home to retire for the night. The next day there were neither return calls or any answers to telephone calls to their home. After being missed that day, their daughter drove to their home concerned for their whereabouts. The bodies of retired fighter pilot Graig W. “Andy” Anderson, 62, and his wife, Anita, 60, were found by their daughter and son-in-law that night in the Andersons’ upscale South Hill home in Pallyup, Washington.

Andy and Anita were found together, both shot in the head multiple times, on the couch in their living room. The police detective stated that “the victims could have been deceased for 24 hours” suggesting they may have been shot after they arrived home on May 16th from the Spring Concert.

The Anderson’s lived in a quiet neighborhood that had been showcased in the County’s first “Street of Dreams” home show. Like most homes in the Manorwood West subdivision, their brick two-story home had a stately façade with a professionally landscaped trimmed lawn. Nothing in the home appeared missing, there was no indication of any forced entry and no indication of any struggle.

Police have indicated to relatives that the victims may have known the perpetrator(s). Additionally, the County’s Medical Examiner stated that this type of shooting is a sign of a “professional hit”.

There is a significant reward available on this case. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call Tacoma-Pierce County Crime Stoppers at 253-591-5959 or the Puyallup Police Department tip line at 253-841-5427. Calls will be kept confidential.


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