Glenda Moorehead

Hello, my name is Glenda Moorehead, and I have been missing for 16 years. I was divorced, and had three great children, and a good job. I don’t know how this happened to me, but it did and now my children, family and friends have to suffer. Here is my story.

My day started just like it did everyday. I went to work at 10:15am Sat. morning March 18, 1988.I was head waitress at El Charro’s. I had worked there for almost 18 years. I got off work at 5:00pm and stayed there for awhile to play some games on the machines. Later, I left and went home.

My son was there and I asked him what he was planning for the night and he said he didn’t know. I told him I was going to Proud Mary’s to play pool. (Mom was very good, and Proud Mary’s was a country dancing place were you could dance, or play games, pool and have a cold beer.) My brother Rickey was there playing pool. I played for awhile and danced.

I ran into Carol, a new acquaintance. She was friends with Sherry, whom I knew well. Carol asked if I would like to go over to the Brass Star. I told her okay, so around that time the disc jockey announced that the headlights on a 1972 Chevrolet, blue and white were on. I guess I didn’t hear the announcement. Around 11:00 pm we walked out the door of the club – Carol was parked out front and I was parked in the back on the left side of the building. That is the last time anyone ever heard from me.

Again, I am Glenda’s daughter and this is my theory of what took place that night. Mom left the club between 10:30 and 11:30 pm. I know mom made it to the car because her purse was in the seat, and she had put two dollars on top of it to stop and get cigarettes as she always did. The driver’s side window was rolled down about two inches, the keys were still in the ignition, her coat, the rest of her money, and her identification were still in her wallet, in her purse. My theory is that Mom was sitting in the car when someone approached, and she rolled down the window, then somehow the car door was opened ,and the attack commenced. The attacker had her at this point, carrying her to the back of the parking lot. But somehow she got away and ran to the side of the building were she lost one of her shoes. Then the attacker grabbed her again, and then took her to the side of the building and hurt her there. I believe that she got away again and ran to the back door of the club, and she was bleeding. She beat on the back door and no one heard her. I believe he grabbed her again, carried her up the parking lot to his vehicle and got away. All that was left was a trail of blood. She vanished, just like that, never to be seen again. A 43-year-old mom, loved by all that knew her.

This theory is just that. Only the abductor really knows what happened that night. We just wish we knew were our mother’s body is. We want to give her a proper funeral. We miss our mother every day and have learned to live with the pain in our hearts. We just keep going through the motions of living and breathing. The pain of losing someone, the torture that you go through can’t be communicated. No one understands why we haven’t gotten over it, they seem to have forgotten. It’s not on the 10:00 news anymore. That’s right, you seem to have forgotten it because it didn’t touch your life ,and I hope someone you love never ends up on the list of MURDERED AND MISSING.

If you see this photograph of Glenda Moorehead, and think you might know anything to help find her, please, I beg you to call.

CASE NUMBER 88-08755


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