Emily Jeanette Garcia

My name is Sheila Smith-Ramirez and I am requesting your help to solve my daughter’s murder.

A body was found on February 25, 1993 at 1.5 miles north on Old Cranes Mill Road off of Hwy#46 in Canyon Lake, Texas by a road crew and was reported to the New Braunfels Police and Comal County Sheriff’s Office. The body was listed as a Jane Doe.

It was verified a year later from a fingerprint card I had that this Jane Doe was the body of my daughter, Emily Jeanette Garcia, who was reported missing around the 12th of February 1993 from San Antonio, Texas. She was 3 months pregnant at the time of her death.

Her case remains unsolved.

We were told that this case had been investigated by the New Braunfels Police Department. We were also told that the Texas Rangers and the San Antonio FBI were working with this case. I have been in touch with both agencies and received an email back from the Texas Rangers. We still have not received a reply from the San Antonio FBI, but expect to soon.

The case is still active and they are still working on it, but have not had any luck with leads for ten years now. The detective working this case said that they had 2 suspects at the time. We don’t know if they are even suspects now and the detectives say they have very little DNA and other evidence to convict anyone.

If you or someone you know has any information about Emily’s death, please help me in any way that you can. I would appreciate anything you could do to help me. I really need closure on this.

The body that was found in Canyon Lake and buried as Jane Doe in Bracken Cemetery on March 30, 1993 by Zoeller’s Funeral Home was later exhumed and buried as Emily Jeanette Garcia in Somerset, Texas by her family.

We received a copy of the original Death Certificate on 9/29/03, but it does not even list her as a Jane Doe. All it says is that its N/A. They also have her listed as Caucasian and not of Hispanic Origin, which she was. It also says that the body was only 3 months pregnant and Emily claimed to be 3 months pregnant. The cause of death is listed as strangulation, but the newspaper article said she had been sexually abused and that she was already dead before they tied her up.

We still have had no answers as to what happened to the baby or any other circumstances surrounding her death. The autopsy was done in Austin and we are waiting for the autopsy report, but have been unable to get one yet.

We have also tried to find a death certificate with her name on it where they had exhumed the body and buried it as Emily Jeanette Garcia, but there are none to be found in the Texas Death Records and we do not understand this.

We really haven’t been able to find much of any records at all on Emily and do not understand this at all.


The Unsolved Murder Of Emily J Garcia In Texas
January 01, 2008 02:47 PM EST
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As I’ve written before, I like the A&E’s network show, Paranormal State. I tuned in last night and the team headed for Las Vegas to see a teenaged girl who was seeing a deceased teenage girl in her room. As soon as I saw the sketch the teenager made, I knew who it was.

I peruse unsolved homicides and missing people web sites. There are so many unsolved homicides and missing people that I never got to profiling her. I will now in hopes some one, some where, will give up the information needed to bring her killer to justice.

Emily Jeanette Garcia was 15 years old, and three months pregnant with a boy named Emillio when she disappeared on her way to have a pregnancy test taken in San Antonio, Texas. That was on 02/12/1993. Emily never made it to the Doctors appoitment that day, and she was never seen alive again.

On 02/25/1993, road workers found the nude body of a femaile in Canyon Lake, Texas. She was located 1.5 miles North of Old Cranes Mill Rd. Off of Hwy. 46. She had been dead just 24 hours. There were no personal belongings with the body, so she was named Jane Doe and buried in a paupers field cemetary.

A year later a friend phoned Emily’s mother and told her about Jane Doe. Her Mother had fingerprints taken of both her daughters when they were younger and that’s how Emily was finally identified. Her body was exhumed and she is now buried with family members.

Emily was held hostage for 12 days. She had been raped, beaten and then, strangled by ligature. She was only 4’10” and weighed 115 Lbs. For 12 days she was abused and at the mercy of a madman. There isn’t a description of a suspect on either The National Center For Missing Adults or when I Googled her name. I went to the Comal County Sheriffs Office, Texas web site and didn’t find anything at all about Emily.

She was on probation at the time of her death, and did time in “Juvie”. Her older sister, Elizabeth was also pregnant at the same time as Emily was. No other information about the crime or what authorities are doing to find out who did this to her is available.



Emily Jeanette Garcia was born on July 27, 1977 in Fort Hood, Texas to Roy Garcia and Sheila Smith-Ramirez. She is the younger sister of Elizabeth Garcia.


Emily Jeanette Garcia passed away on February 25, 1993 at the age of 15 as the result of abduction, rape, and murder. Emily had boarded the city bus in San Antonio, Texas on February 12, 1993 to go to an appointment with the health service to see how far along she was in her pregnancy. Her mother Sheila Smith-Ramirez had went along with Emily and stayed with her till she boarded the bus for her appointment and then Sheila went on to her job. Emily never made it to her appointment. She was never seen or heard from again. When her mother got home from work later that evening on February 12, 1993 and found that Emily had never returned home, she became worried and started contacting all of Emily’s friends. Noone had seen or heard from Emily. It was as if she had just vanished. After many hours of searching and calling all of her friends, Sheila became frantic and contacted the San Antonio Police Department to report Emily missing. Little did she know that she could not report her missing for at least 48 hours and that she would recieve no help there. Sheila kept looking, but her search was futile. Noone knew anything about Emily’s dissappearance. After the 48 hours, Emily was finally reported missing, but months went by, with no result. In the meantime, a body of a female was found on Old Cranes Mill Rd. in Canyon Lake, Texas on February 25, 1993. The body was of a young girl who had been raped and murdered. A report was made, but noone seemed to know who this young lady was. The link between this young lady and Emily Garcia took a year to come together. On the year anniversary of finding this young ladies body, a news show was aired to see if anyone could help to identify her. A friend of Sheila’s happened to be watching this news show and saw the photos of the unidentified female and thought it may be Emily. She called Sheila and told her about what she had seen and Sheila immediately contacted the Comal County Sherriff’s Office to see if this was her daughter. Sheila had taken her girls to be fingerprinted as young children and had taken the fingerprint cards along with her and this was how she found out that the Jane Doe was in fact her daughter Emily Garcia.
Emily had been abducted on February 12, 1993 and tortured for 13 days until her killer had finally murdered her on February 25, 1993 and then taken her body and dumped in in Canyon Lake along side the road.
The autopsy shows that Emily had been sexually molested and murdered by way of strangulation.
It has now been 12 years since Emily’s murder and her killer still remains at large. Her mother and her aunt Theresa Yeary continue to search for answers and refuse to give up until they find justice.
The fact that Emily was only 15 at the time of her murder is bad enough, but Emily was also pregnant with a little boy at the time of her murdrer.
If anyone has any information on the abduction, rape, and murder of Emily Garcia and her unborn son, please contact the following people:
Even if you may think it is a small detail, anything will help this family.
Det. Tommy Ward,
Comal County Sheriff’s office
email address: soatgw@co.comal.tx.us
Case #93-01164 or
Emily’s Family
Sheila Smith-Ramirez
or Emily’s Aunt
Theresa Yeary
or go to Emily’s Web Site at:

Our Search For Justice For Emily Jeanette Garcia & Her Unborn Son Emilio!!!

I have only just returned to Blessing, TX. from San AntonioTX, where I went to do some follow-up on Emily’s murder case, and to possibly set up the passing out of flyers on the north-side of town. I came back sick and disheartened by the way people are treating not only me, but my daughter Emily’s memory. I made a missing person report on or about the 12th of February 1993…..The man told me at that time, “Look, Lady, what do you want us to do?” “I’ve got 200 cases on my desk alone!” When I asked him,” if he and everyone that worked in that office had that many cases on their desks, what was being done?” he got mad at me and slammed the phone down. The missing person’s report that should have been made, and that could have made a difference between Emily being found alive or murdered, was never made. There was about 13 days where Emily was missing before she was murdered and her body was found in Canyon Lake. There was never, and still isn’t, a missing person’s report for Emily Garcia. I had my children fingerprinted when they were small for just such a reason as this. I, like other parents, assumed that these fingerprints are on file with the FBI, and that if anything ever happens to them, they will be able to identify the child by the prints they have on file. I looked for my daughter for over a year, before a friend of mine called me in Missouri where I was working at the time, to tell me they had passed a picture on one of the San Antonio TV News stations and that she thought that it may be Emily. I went back to San Antonio and contacted the number that they showed on TV and went to verify that it was Emily. The way they did that was by the fingerprint card that I had kept! Here I was looking for her in Bexar County (San Antonio), and they had her body in New Braunfels (Comal County), only minutes away, but they weren’t able to find out who she was? Emily had a juvenile record and they keep fingerprints. One of the articles said that they had checked the prints, and that it had been run on the teletype. Of all the police departments that we have contacted, which is about 80 offices, only one man from Thailand said that he had ever heard of this case. He said that he was originally from Texas. She was buried, not even as a Jane Doe, but listed on the death certificate as N/A. It said that she was not even of Hispanic origin, which she was. They buried her in a potters grave in the Bracken Cemetery. I have been trying for the past 10 years to find out what happened to her baby and whether or not they buried it with her. That one I finally found out from the Travis County Medical Examiner, who was gracious enough to give us the answer. The baby was “retained” for one year, according to law, and since the police or no one else showed interest, the baby (fetus) was cremated. It was a boy and would have been my first grandchild. The ashes weren’t even saved, even though, now they have ways to use these even to obtain DNA information. I also found out that no DNA had ever been run on the baby before it was cremated. I had gotten upset with the funeral home because a lady had written me to say that she had bought special things for Emily to be buried in and that they had buried her naked. The funeral home said they had put a hospital gown on her. I realize this may be small detail to some people, but to a grieving parent, it has the power to destroy them. As far as I can figure out, the N/A named death certificate was never registered with the state since it has no registered number on it. Other than this copy I recently received, I find no record. Next, when the police had verified that they thought that it was Emily, we had to go through Austin to get permission to exhume her body, and that took months, not sure how many now. At that time, it is my understanding, that they cannot exhume a body and rebury it without a death certificate, which there still is not one with her name on it filed in Texas anywhere. St. Mary’s Catholic Church didn’t want an exhumed body in the church, but finally agreed to do the funeral. Emily was finally laid to rest with the Garcia family in the Ramby Grove Cemetery in Somerset, TX. At this point, no one had still convinced me that it was really her, and I have not to this date been back to the cemetery. She isn’t there, anyway, and no matter where her body may be, she will always be in my heart. It breaks my heart to think that the baby was not with her either. They both had such tragic deaths, and so alone, when I had looked so hard for her. I was given a copy of the complete autopsy report by the Travis County Medical Examiner, complete with a picture, which after seeing it, I was more convinced that it was Emily. Finally someone to tell me something! It helped, even though it was not the kind of things that I wanted to know or see. But then, in these past 11 years, I have even imagined things more horrific, if that’s possible. There were things that came out in the autopsy I had not been aware of, but I appreciate the manner in which the coroner treated us, and has answered all of our inquiries honestly and in quick order to help us try to deal with some of the things that we are having to. We have sent off a request for an amended death certificate with Emily’s name on it, but have not received anything back as of today, May 13, 2004. I just came back from San Antonio, where I went to see if I could get some information about the Time-line that we are trying to make. This is from the last day that I saw, and talked to Emily before she disappeared on Feb. 11th, 1993. Emily had been on probation, and we had gone that morning (as close as I can remember..the 11th) because she was being released from probation. Then we went to the Dept. of Human Services to get her started on Medicaid because of her being pregnant. She thought that she was farther along than the 3 months that the ME describes in the autopsy report. Acceptable, because we can make mistakes about these things. Once we had been seen, they told Emily that she would have to go get a pregnancy test done and return with “proof of pregnancy” before they could get her signed up. That was the reason that she left and went to the north-side of town that day. She called me—probably a pay phone, because it was noisy–and told me that she could not get an appointment that day and would have to spend the night with her friend (which she had stayed there other times and I had the phone number that she had given me), and then go the next day. I never saw or heard from Emily again. Now, after her being murdered, no one seems to have ever heard of her—-No one knows anything, and many of the people that she thought were her friends, moved, changed their phone numbers, or weren’t available to talk to me when I asked if they had seen her. It was like she vanished or never really was. Now there doesn’t even seem to be much of a paper trail, either. Someone saw her, talked to her, or knows where she was for those 13 days or so between the time she disappeared from San Antonio, TX, and the time that her nude body was found dumped out in Canyon Lake, TX. That’s what we are looking for and what we hope to hear from all the things we have been doing.Here’s my findings from my trip to San Antonio.

1) Keith Fortney: Now chief deputy of Juvenile Probation verified for me by phone on 10/29/03 that per Emily’s records that he saw Emily and I on 01/28/93 and can confirm that date. Emily was released from probation on the 11th of February 1993, but he didn’t see her in his office on that date. He doesn’t know if someone else saw us, but will check. He said that he will now help us in any way that he can regarding Emily’s juvenile records. They are sealed.

2) Department of Human Services
2535 Castroville Road
San Antonio, Texas 78237
210-436-4392 ext 765(extention will not dial direct)
The lady was nice, but explained that no records are kept longer that 3-5 years. Note: Can’t verify that they sent Emily for pregnancy test.

3) The place that Emily was going on February 12, 1993, in the Naco-Perrin area was evidently not Family Planning, but Planned Parenthood located at 11514 Perrin Beitel in San Antonio. I talked with the supervisor and they do keep all visits on their computer, even back 10 years. She asked what Emily’s name was, what my name was, Emily’s birth date and social security number for verification and had no match. Note: Emily could have used a different name, but they check all the information and besides, Emily had no reason to hide that she was going and what for since I already knew. We assume that she never got there that day or any other day.

4) Search for Emily’s father Roy Garcia: I contacted Minnie Witherspoon, Roy’s sister, where she was working at Niks Drug and Beauty Supply on New Braunfels Avenue in San Antonio, Texas. This was to let all the family know that we are working on this case and that they will be seeing things about it in the newspapers and on TV, so they will not be shocked. I asked her to contact Elizabeth, my other daughter, to let her know also.

5) I talked with Crime Stoppers to verify the reward for the flyers, and they referred me to Tim Kolbe for him to handle it.

6) I looked for information on Mauc and evidently it is no longer available or in service. Mauc is the juvenile detention program that Emily had been in.

We need your help in finding who murdered Emily Garcia and her unborn baby boy on February 25, 1993 in Canyon Lake, Texas. Emily was only 15 years old at the time of her murder and was pregnant with a little boy. Emily had been reported missing from San Antonio, Texas on February 12, 1993, which was 13 days before she had been murdered and her body found. If anyone has any information about Emily, about the 13 days that she was missing before her murder, or about her death, please contact:

Comal County Sheriff’s Office
Criminal Investigations Dept.
Det. Sgt. Tommy Ward

Texas Rangers Unsolved Crimes Team
Sgt. Trampas Gooding
Phone# 830-303-4189
Emily’s Family:
Theresa Yeary-Dontrich(Emily’s Aunt)
Phone #573-762-2327
Email Address:
Sheila Smith-Ramirez(Emily’s Mother)
Elizabeth Garica(Emily’s Sister)


3 responses to “Emily Jeanette Garcia

  1. My name is Justin Smith and i’m a resident of Canyon Lake.I deeply apologize for such a loss. I wish that there was more that I could do.
    Please let me know if there’s anything I can do.

  2. A truly heart breaking story… my prayers and thouhts are with you no matter how long its been. Justice is almost never evident in this world but there is a higher court that definitely brings justice to everyone. God will bring justice and I know that he has brought healing to your family. I will continue praying for closure for you and your family. I currently live in Kissimmee FL but I used to live in TX and have family there as well. I used to be a law enforcement officer and privte investigator. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

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