Cabin 28: The Unsolved Keddie Murders

On April 11th, 1981, in a small resort cabin nestled in the Hills of northern California, a triple murder took place so horrific it still haunts the area to this day.

That morning around 9:00a.m., Sheila Sharp, who had stayed the night at a neighbor’s house not more than 15 feet away, walked through her front door, not knowing what she was about to see would change her life forever. Directly inside, on the floor, were her 16 year old brother, John Sharp, and his 17 year old friend, Dana Wingate. Both were bound hand and foot, stabbed, and hammered to death. There was blood on every surface of the cabin. On the blood-soaked couch was her mother, Sue Sharp, also murdered in the same brutal fashion. Amazingly, her 2 younger brothers and a friend were in a back bedroom, untouched. However, her younger sister, Tina, was missing.

The walls had cuts on them, the furniture was busted up, and the victims were beaten. However, no one seemed to hear anything that night. The case quickly grew cold, and rumors of the town being haunted hurt the community so deeply it eventually became a ghost town, with only a hand full of residence living there today.

To this day, the case remains unsolved.

This site is dedicated to helping the living victims of these crimes get closure, and bring a cold-hearted killer to justice. There are many leads and suspects still out there.

Please join our message board and help in the solving of this crime.

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