Bradley Syd Norwood

27 Years Old
February 10, 1966 to June 8, 1993

Syd was raised in a single parent household by his mother, Gloria Norwood. A very special bond developed between Syd and his mother. Inscribed on his memorial is the line, “Blessed be the tie that binds our hearts in love,” which says it all. He was also very close to his grandmother, Murell Hampton of Naples, Texas. The three of them enjoyed holidays and many vacation times together. Syd loved his grandmother’s cooking and she was always happy to cook for him. He especially loved her cookies.

Syd was a happy child, always busy and on the go. He grew to 6’2″, had sandy blonde hair and was very athletic. He loved cars, racing, music, girls and animals. Syd was a natural and excelled in sports despite not having a male influence in his life. He won a division trophy at age 12 in the Punt, Pass, and Kick. He played in the little league through grade school, and in junior high and high school he also played basketball and football. He loved the number “42” on his jersey. His mother watched him practice and attended all of his games. She was very proud to be Syd’s mother. Gloria treasures the photographs and newspaper clippings throughout his life, and has a tape of Syd scoring a touchdown. On the day he died, Syd left a message on her answering machine at her job, “Just calling to see how you are, and I love you.”

He graduated college and was on The National Dean’s List in the 1988-1989 edition. Syd had a talent for writing prose that could bring tears to your eyes. He loved to give cards and would write “notes” to his mother and grandmother. Syd had an outgoing personality and was always making people laugh. He loved to talk and tell stories. He was always glad to read scripture in church, and was at ease in public speaking.

On the night of June 8, 1993, Anthony Dewayne Heath in Atlanta, Texas murdered Syd. Syd was sitting in his car at a club parking lot. Witnesses stated that there was a confrontation, and that Heath just pulled a gun and shot him through the glass. Heath was on probation at the time. As there were witnesses, Heath received the maximum sentence of what he was charged with. Life plus $10,000 fine. The jury deliberated for 30 minutes. As of this date he remains in jail.

This senseless murder took away the most significant person in Gloria’s life, her only child.

Gloria designed the symbol of a broken heart, Syd’s name in flowers and a butterfly for life after death. She wrote a poem to explain the symbols. She used the design to make bookmarks, note pads, and personal cards, all in memory of Syd.


His name in flowers
As tall as he
For all to see

A butterfly – the
Symbol of
Life after death
To solace me

A broken heart,
That’s me
Not one I wanted
Not one I wished for
But one I now carry
Around with me.

The saddest song you
Could ever hear
Can not compare
To the anguished
Cry of a mother
Who has lost her child.

Gloria Norwood
In Memory of Syd


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