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Stokes County North Carolina: Lawson Family Christmas Day Tragedy

The Ballad of Charlie Lawson
Original Artist: The Carolina Buddies’
March 1930

It was on last Christmas evening
The snow was on the ground
At his home in North Carolina
The miner he was found

His name was Charlie Lawson
He had a loving wife
But they never knew what caused
To take his family’s life

They say he killed his wife at first
While the little ones did cry
“Please papa won’ you spare our lives
For it’s so hard to die”

But the raging man could not be stopped
He would not heed their call
He kept on firing fatal shots
Until he’d killed them all

They did not carry him to jail
No lawyer would he pay
They’ll have his trial in another land
On the final judgment day

They all were buried in a crowded grave
While the angels watched all above
Come home, come home my little ones
To the land of peace and love

And now farewell kind friends and home
I’ll see you here no more
But when we meet in another land
Our troubles will be o’er


Charlie Lawson’s parents, Augustus and Nancy, lived in the unincorporated community known as Lawsonville, located ten miles from Danbury, the Stokes county seat. He was born there and, in 1911, married Fannie Manring. They had eight children, but the third, William, born in 1914, died of an illness in 1920. In 1918, following the move of his younger brothers, Marion and Elijah, to the Germanton area, Lawson followed suit with his family. The Lawsons worked as sharecroppers, saving enough money by 1927 to buy their own farm on Brook Cove Road.

The murders

In 1929, shortly before Christmas, Charlie Lawson took his family (37-year-old wife Fannie and their children: Marie, 17; Arthur, 16; Carrie, 12; Maybell; 7, James, 4; Raymond, 2; and Mary Lou, 4 months) into town to buy new clothes and to have a family portrait taken. Since they were far from wealthy, this seemed unusual. The new clothes ultimately became burial outfits. On that day he began the slaughter with his daughters, Carrie and Maybell, who were setting out to their uncle and aunt’s house. Lawson waited for them by the tobacco barn; when they were in range, he shot them with a shotgun, then ensured that they were dead by bludgeoning them. He then placed the bodies in the tobacco barn.

Afterwards, he returned to the house and shot Fannie, who was on the porch. As soon as the gun was fired, Marie, who was inside, screamed, while the two small boys, James and Raymond, attempted to find a hiding place. Lawson shot Marie and then found and shot the two boys. Lastly, he killed the baby, Mary Lou. After the murders, he went into the nearby woods and, a few hours later, shot himself. The only survivor was his eldest son, 16 year-old Arthur, whom he had sent on an errand just before starting his deadly work. The bodies of the family members were found with their arms crossed and pillows under their heads. The gunshot signaling Charlie Lawson’s own suicide was heard by the many people who learned of the gruesome event on the property and had already gathered there. Some rushed towards the direction of the sound and found Charlie Lawson dead, with his two dogs by their master’s side. There were footprints, indicating he had been walking in a small circle for hours.

Speculation and rumors

There were rumors as to why Charlie Lawson would take the lives of himself and his family and it was speculated that Charlie did not murder his family at all, that it was staged to look as though Charlie had committed suicide. One of these explanations was that Charlie had witnessed an organized crime incident, and had been found out, and he and his family murdered for it. Another involves a black man Charlie had started a fight with. Neither of these rumors seemed plausible, or could fit with the facts. All signs obviously pointed to a murder/suicide.

Incest theory

It was not until the book White Christmas, Bloody Christmas, was published in 1990 that a strong claim surfaced. On interviewing many people regarding the Lawson family murder, the book’s authors, M. Bruce Jones and Trudy J. Smith found that several people recounted rumors, and stories regarding Charlie, Marie, and incest. In 1989 the authors had received a call from an anonymous woman. She said she had gone on a tour of the Lawson home shortly after the murders, and the tour guide had told about the incest rumor, which he stated as fact. The day before the book was to be published the authors received a phone call from Stella Lawson, daughter of Marion Lawson, and cousin to the Lawson children. They had already interviewed her for the book. On this occasion she told them she knew the truth as to why Charlie did it. Stella said that at the funeral for the Lawsons, she had overheard Fannie’s sisters-in-law and aunts discussing this. Fannie Lawson had confided in her sisters-in-law, including Stella’s mother Jettie Lawson. Fannie had apparently been concerned about Charlie and Marie. Jettie died in early 1928, meaning Fannie had been suspicious of the incest at least that long before the murders in late 1929.


Shortly after the murders, Charlie’s brother, Marion Lawson, opened the home on Brook Cove Road as a tourist attraction. A cake that Marie Lawson had baked on Christmas Day was displayed on the tour. Because visitors began to pick at the raisins on the cake to take as souvenirs, it was placed in a covered glass cake dish and thus preserved for many years.

Among the many remembrances of the event is a folk song entitled, “The Murder of the Lawson Family”. This song was recorded by the Stanley Brothers in March 1956, released by Columbia Records on the CD “An evening long ago” in 2004.
See Also: The Meaning of Our Tears


All of them gone but an eight month old baby…..

Motive for hanging deaths unknown

10:47 PM CDT on Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Associated Press

HUDSON OAKS — A young mother who may have been depressed apparently hanged three of her small daughters and herself in a closet using pieces of clothing and sashes, authorities said Tuesday.
A fourth child, an 8-month-old daughter, was also found dangling in the closet but was rescued by her aunt from the family’s mobile home.

“It’s horrendous. That’s all I can say,” Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said.

The latest from WFAA.

The woman was identified as Gilberta Estrada, 25. The infant, Evelyn Frayre, was in good condition at a hospital, Fowler said. Authorities did not immediately identify the other children, but Fowler said they were apparently ages 5, 3 and 2.
Filly Echeverria, who said she was the children’s godmother, identified the dead as Maria Teresa Estrada, Janet Frayre and Magaly Frayre.
After Estrada failed to show up for work, her sister, who lived nearby, forced her way into the locked residence in the Oak Hills mobile home park, about 25 miles west of Fort Worth in this rural community of 1,600 people.


Alejandra Estrada discovered the baby was still alive when she made a noise, authorities said. She called 911 and said through sobs that the infant was dying. She and her daughter called back two more times to ask the ambulance to hurry, according to a tape of the calls.
The sheriff said the hangings appeared to be murder-suicide because the trailer’s doors were locked from the inside and a relative said the woman had been depressed.
The young mother and her girls were last seen alive Monday evening, he said.


The sheriff said Estrada had won a temporary restraining order in August against Gregorio Frayre Rodriguez, who was believed to be the father of the infant and some of the other children, after an attack on Estrada.
The sheriff said the couple had stopped living together in February. Tuesday was the first emergency police call to Estrada’s trailer, and authorities said there was no evidence that Frayre abused the girls.
A telephone listing for Frayre, 38, could not immediately be located.
“I just got a big kick out of watching the kids play over there on her porch, and today it’s sad, very sad,” neighbor Joyce Harris said as other trailer park residents milled about on their porches, some crying and talking softly about the deaths.
Estrada’s trailer was dilapidated, with paint peeling off the brown and white mobile home. Cactus plants and a rose bush decorated the front. Toys and a bicycle littered the back yard.
Texas has seen a number of child killings by mothers in recent years.
Less than five years earlier, another Hudson Oaks family was torn apart when Dee Etta Perez, 39, shot her three children, ages 4, 9 and 10, before killing herself.
Andrea Yates drowned her five children in the family’s Houston bathtub in 2001. In 2003, Deanna Laney beat her two young sons to death with stones in East Texas, and Lisa Ann Diaz drowned her daughters in a Plano bathtub. Dena Schlosser fatally severed her 10-month-old daughter’s arms with a kitchen knife in 2004.
All four of those women were found innocent by reason of insanity. Yates initially was convicted of capital murder, but that verdict was overturned on appeal.

Breaking News: Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III and the Murders in Farmville

FARMVILLE, Va. — A 20-year-old man suspected of killing four people in a central Virginia college town was arrested at an airport Saturday, where he apparently tried to catch a flight to California, authorities said.

Richard Alden Samuel McCroskey III was arrested by Richmond International Airport police officers who found him asleep in the baggage claim area, said airport spokesman Troy Bell.

Farmville police found the bodies Friday afternoon in the home of Debra Kelly, an associate professor of sociology and criminal justice studies at Longwood University, school spokeswoman Gina Caldwell said Saturday.

Investigator Andy Ellington said authorities are awaiting identification of the bodies from the state medical examiner’s office, but that probably would not happen until Monday. He said he was not in a position to discuss the case — including how the bodies were found or the cause of death — because he was with McCroskey, who was being transported back to Farmville.

Police had sent flyers to authorities elsewhere to help identify McCroskey.

McCroskey showed identification when officers approached him, did not resist and did not have any weapons with him, Bell said. He was being held at the airport until Farmville police came for him, and has been charged with murder, robbery and grand larceny.

State police were assisting in the investigation in Farmville, about 50 miles west of Richmond.

Longwood did not issue an alert after the bodies were discovered because it happened off campus, Caldwell said. She said the 4,500-student school and the small town were not accustomed to such violence.

“Not only on campus, but even in Farmville — it just doesn’t happen here,” she said.

After doing a little digging around on the internet, I came upon this:
MySpace Blog by SKR/WIR?? 
Now, I haven’t a clue what this myspacer is all about. I’m not sure I would WANT to know, after viewing some of the profiles assoicated with the suspect, this being one of them. More on that in a few minutes. Here’s the blog:
Saturday, September 19, 2009 SKR / WIR Press Release Regarding The Deaths Of Emma Kelly / Melanie Wells
Current mood: shocked
Category: Life
On behalf of myself, (SickTanicK / A.S. DBA : Killmusick) & Syniister (Owner Of W.I.R / E.D. DBA : Wicked Intent Records)

The following is a public press release regarding the recent incidents involving the Murder(s) of one Emma Kelly (AKA Ragdoll) Melanie Wells (AKA Free Abortions) and Emma Kelly’s parents, in Farmville Virginia shortly after the first annual Strictly For The Wicked Festival, in regards also to the current suspect in the murder(s), Sam McCrosky (AKA LilDemonDog).

We would like to firstly and most importantly send our deepest regards, respects, and condolences to all of the families involved. This was as much of a shock to us, as were sure it has been to everyone else involved, and this tragedy will forever impact the rest of our lives as we are sure it has impacted yours.

At this time, it is not our place to disclose any details (out of respect not only for the legal issues, but more importantly the families involved). Both Emma & Melanie were HUGE SKR/WIR Supporters and it breaks our hearts to know such acts were commited to them, both of these beautiful peoples lifes were cut short (along with Emmas Parents), and we will miss them dearly and whole heartedly.

We would also like to add, that neither SKR or WIR condone the actions commited in any way shape or form, people make their own choices in life, be it right, be it wrong, it comes down to a individuals choice to make a decision, and in no way did we have a part of the decision nor do we condone it.

As of now, all that we are able to disclose is that the suspect in question, murdered all four of the above mentioned individuals, shortly after arriving in Farmville Virginia, and is currently on the run from law enforcement. Sam, if you are reading this, we STRONGLY encourage you to do the right thing and turn yourself in to the police, we emplore you and please ask you to do so.

Please do NOT contact either one of us, or our affiliates regarding this situation, legally we cannot disclose ANY information to you, have some respect in this time of grief, also with that being said, there are a LOT of rumors about this situation going around, i assure you, if you do not hear it from us, or DIRECTLY from the mouths of families involved (which is obviously doubtful because they are currently dealing with this horrible tragedy) Then they should be disregarded, we are in first hand contact with the detectives and families involved and will keep everyone updated
when legally we can.

More information will be provided as soon as we are legally allowed to do so,
once again, our deepest condolences and respects to the families involved, as well as to the victims of this crime, we will keep your memories alive, and you will never be forgotten, as you will be missed by many, we will ensure your eternal existance in the minds in hearts of those whose lives
you have affected.

Rest In Peace Good Freinds, We Will Miss You.

With love and Respect Always,

(SickTanicK / A.S. DBA : Killmusick).

Syniister (Owner Of W.I.R / E.D. DBA : Wicked Intent Records).

The following is from me, (SickTanicK) –

Im going to tell what happened from our angle of the aspect, i will be leaving certain details out being that legally i cannot disclose them at this time as i have been asked not to by law enforcement.

A phone call was placed in the early morning hours of 9 – 19 – 2009 from Melanie Wells mother to Razakel, regarding the whereabouts of her daughter being that Neither Emma or her Parents could be reached at the time, she was due home and had not arrived and had becomed worried.

Myself and Razakel became concerned and contacted various people trying to locate the individuals in question (Melanie, Emma & Sam) and were unable to reach anyone.

Shortly after i recieved a phone call from a individual stating that the Suspect in the murders had contacted them saying he had “killed” everyone. This caused me great concern being that we ourselves could not reach the parents or subjects in question.

At that point i took it upon myself to contact the Farmville Police Department and inform them of a possible homicide at the kelly residence. My statement was taken, and officers were dispatched to the scene shortly thereafter. ( i had the address because purchases had been made via the killmusick store ).

I have personally been in contact with Melanie & Sam’s family, trying my best to keep them updated with any information i was givin by the detectives to whom which at this point i was in hourly
contact with.

I was later informed by certain parties that the victims were indeed murdered and that sam was no where to be found, it was at this point i took it upon myself to contact the wells family and inform
them sadly that i had been informed that their daughter had been murdered, the wells family had not been contacted at this point by any law enforcement, and i felt it to be my obligation as a human being
to inform them of what had happened, i reffered to them the phone number of the detective to whom i had been in regular contact with at that point in time.

Because of all these factors, as well as others i cantlegally mention at this time, is why
we have refrained and asked others to refrain from speaking about this incident, the victims names
had not been released at that time and legally i could not confirm nor deny the victims names due to the ongoing police investigation. THAT is why i remained silent, not because i was “hiding” anything as some of these internet IDIOTS would like to say and think, NONE THE LESS AND MORE IMPORTANTLY i felt it was VITAL that the families of the victims be informed BEFORE ANYONE ELSE, PERIOD, THAT IS RESPECT, NOT JUMPING AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY TO POST OF VICTIMS NAMES ON THE INTERNET BEFORE THE FAMILIES EVEN KNEW.

I never imagined i would ever hafto tell one of our fans mothers that their daughters life was taken from her, sadly before she had been contacted by law enforcement (however, in the polices defense, at that point, they had still not properly identified the bodies im sure) I feel absolutely horrible for their loss, and i have extended my hand to them, to help in any way i can, anytime, day or night morning or evening, under ANY circumstance, they know i am here for them.

Normally, i would not get involved with anything related to the police, but this one hits at home being that all parties involved i knew on a personal level, and on a “fan” level, i felt it was my obligation to them to do anything and everything in my power to help this situation to the best of my ability, we all had
just hung out with all the parties involved with this not even a week before at the festival. This is truly disturbing and has had a major impact on everybody. Words cannot express how i feel at this point,
but my pain and sorrow is but a needle in a haystack compaired to the families involved, we all loved these young ladies, they were great people and amazing supporters, fans, & friends, they loved us,
and we loved, and still do love them, and they will NEVER be forgotten.

Outside of the above statements im not willing, nor legally able to discuss any further details,i just wanted to make it CLEAR as to why i was telling people to stop posting up RUMORS and i wanted to make it clear of why there was a silence on our end, once again, people can say whatever they like about us, and about this situation, while they wasted energy typing up internet hate about “how badly we use and treat our fans” i was on the phone with the mother of one of the victims,
i was on the phone with police trying to help, and even now at 1:00 AM in the morning, i am still in regular contact with everybody trying my best to help, we respect and love every single one of our fans and our true fans know that, this festival proved that, we proved that, to say otherwise is ignorant, biast, and disgraceful to the memories of the loved ones lost in thie horrible tragedy.

My heart goes out to the families and victims and to the fellow fans that lost one of their own,this is truly and horrible and sad day.

You will always be loved and will be forever missed, as we, as artists, will be forever indebted to you for your support over the years.

With Sadness, Love & Respect for the Deceased.


UPDATE : 9 – 19 – 2009 – Suspect Sam McCroskey Has Been Captured

Personal Update : 9 – 19 – 2009

In this horrible tragedy, people are already trying to make “beef” issues out of this, people are tryna call me a “snitch” and are calling us “snitchin on killers records” which is hilarious in my opinion, i did what was right and what was just for the girls that sadly lost thier lives, in no way above did i say “Sam Did It” i reffered to him as a suspect and a suspect only, all you gotta do is ACTUALLY READ what i posted, but obviously people are dislexic and or mental retarded.If i did what happened to those poor girls, i would expect to get caught, i would expect to get snitched on, and i would expect to pay my dues for the crime(s) i commited, anyone who is REALLY from the streets knows, if you do the crime, you gotta be ready for the reprocutions, be it street justice, or be it legal. These girls were personal friends of ours and i owe it to them to be supportive in this horrible time, i owe everything to them, so if you wanna call me a snitch, SO BE IT, ive been called a LOT of things, and it does not bother me. None the less, when i got SAMS FAMILY in regular contact with ME, and they have no ill will tword me, why should i care what any of you say or think, you all are pitiful wastes of the air i breathe, trying to spark beef out of this, and i wish you nothing but the worst in your lives, i hope someone close to YOU gets murdered so you can feel this pain. Call me a snitch, but if you were in MY SHOES the tables would be turned.I never said Sam did it, i dont know if he did or didn’t, even if i did, legally i could not say, its “innocent till proven guilty” in America.This is last im gunna talk about this, any other remarks should be addressed to my FACE.Theres more important things happening in this situation, but i felt obligated to post about this in defense of myself and my actions, anyone in their RIGHT MINDS would fully understand and agree.-Sick

That is the blog I found.
Here’s a link to the suspect’s myspace page:

And, just some of the comments posted by one of his victims’: (Her profile is private)

RagD0LL[RazsDolly♥Queenliest Dead]-U.A-10/6

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so i have no cute icons today D:
just corny words lol
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i love you more than anything in this world sam<3
the stuff you said the other day about being each others soul mates and what not,
i completly agree :]]
18days till i can see the most amazing boy everrrrrrrrr<33333333333
its gona be unbeleivably PERFECT :D!!!!!!1
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Awwwwwwe baby i loveloveloveLOVE that comment 🙂
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seriously im all hewohdfsjlkjsdio because i havent talked you :[
butttt hopefully ill get to today for more than 5mins 😡

only 19days till im with the love of my life,the MOST amazingsweetcaringsexywonderful MANNN ever :]
and im not gona let you go fr one sec.
you will honestly never know how much you really mean to me.

I love you more than anything & anyone.
All of that from this:
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 While “RagDoll”‘s profile may be private, here is a something I found on the profile of another of Mr. McCroskey’s commenters that WASN’T private:

 Perv Bxtch
21 / Female
Ya daddys bed, US
Last Login: 9/15/2009

+P3Rv@l!c!0u$+ [SKR U-A] RIP doll N mel! we luv ya 
Status and Mood
Perv Bxtch Still cant believe it! R.I.P. EMMA, MEL, N EMMAS PARENTS!! you girls will always be in my heart!
Mood: (none)
Posted 4 hours ago from mobile

Perv Bxtch Still cant believe it! R.I.P. EMMA, MEL, N EMMAS PARENTS!! you girls will always be in my heart!
Mood: sad
Posted 7 hours ago from mobile

Perv Bxtch Still cant believe it! R.I.P. EMMA N MEL!!
Mood: sad
Posted 7 hours ago from mobile

Perv Bxtch Still waitin fer more info! I cant fucken believe this!!! Im trippen so bad! Im just wonderin why??
Mood: sad/worried
Posted 9 hours ago from mobile

Perv Bxtch Cant fucken sleep!! Waitin fer more info. I cant fucken believe this!!!
Mood: sad
Posted 16 hours ago from mobile
well my name is 21 yrs young! haha. im single but not lookin right now. anyway im down wit SKR FER LIFE! if you another hater get the fuck off my page or delete me. damn i dont know what else to say so if you wanna know more hit me up wit a comment or a message. oh btw I LOVE RAPE, PORN, BLOOD, LIL KIDZ, PRIESTS, MURDER,N ALL THAT GOOD SHIT!!! I ALSO THINK THAT STITCH MOUTH IS THE HOTTEST PERV IVE SEEN!!! IMA RAPE HIM SUMDAY!!! HAHAHA sorry if i dont get back at ya right away but ill try my best. last but not least if you fake dont fucken bother adding me cuz……
and it goes ON……
 Oh, and this one:
‘Miss Dead Kitten’ ??????
Can you BELIEVE this?
This is the kind of things these people were into???????
I’m not making assumptions, it’s right THERE in black and white on their public myspace pages. Or, whatEver color pages they are. I suppose it’s a good thing we don’t have things like real fake blood we can put our hands into on web pages yet, cause these people would probably have it on there. Call me old fashioned, or whatever, but this is SICK stuff to post on the web- period. Seems like the least these perverts could have done was took the time to make their pages private after something like this happened, but who knows, maybe they are proud of it or something. ‘Sick’ is right.

 Samuel McCroskey, below:


Behind the Blue Wall: Goodbye Erin

Thursday, May 31, 2007
31-year-old mother of two, beloved by many, Erin LeeAnn Wade Jones was murdered earlier this month after breaking up with Dodge City Police Officer Chris Tahah recently – afraid of him, saying she felt stalked. She was shot in the head – her mother says, execution style. Tahah was fired when he became a suspect in her murder. He fled, committed more crimes and is being held right now in Colorado.

Kansas waits.

I would say justice waits, but what is Justice when Erin is already gone?

On Erin’s Myspace, now made private, she wrote

“…I consider myself to be a very kind, down to earth person, a friend to all and I like to show people that life is what you make of it. There’s bound to be down times and tragedies in life, but you have to pick yourself up and move on! Lord I know after the year I’ve had…”

Fired Officer Tahah’s page – since deleted by MySpace – was frightening to me – both in words, the music playing, and the music lined up to play next. I copied it before it was inaccessible also, and here is a section of it – made small and clickable so that those who opt not to see, don’t have to:

“You Reaped the Whirlwind, Here Comes the Thunder….
I’m Comin’ , and Hell’s Comin’ with Me!!!”

Posted by Behind The Blue Wall on 5/31/2007
Cloud_Writer said…

From one of Erin’s friends:

07/06/07 3:10PM
My girl Erin

Well as of yesterday the 5th it has been two months since my dearest friend Erin was taking from us. Days go by and I still can’t believe that I am here and she is not. Why someone so hatefully can take someone that was so wonderful away from us. I miss her so much and I can’t believe that she is gone. Never in my life did I ever think that I would stand in front of a grave and know that my best friend was dead!! The hardest thing I have ever done in my life is try to say good bye to her. But even when I was saying my bye I never told her good bye. Good bye is forever!! I know that I will see her again. Her and I will be together again one day. for the past week I have seen her kids almost every day and they bring so much joy to me. Being around them makes me so happy. I want to put them in my arms and never let go. They mean so much to!! I am so sorry for there lose and I hope that the both of them know how much there mother really loved them.

As for the asswhole that took her from us. He will get what he deserves. I hope that he realizes what he has done to so many people and to the lives of two very wonderful children. I know that when he goes to prison they will not be nice to him there but I want him to pay for what he has done. He has destroyed so many lives, not just her life.
December 09, 2007
Cloud_Writer said…

A guestbook entry that stood out to me:

Melissa Hensley
Dodge City, Kansas
May 9, 2007 1:13 PM
First my condolences go out to Erin’s family. Erin was a great person and friend. She always had a way to make you smile. There is one memory here recently that we share. I had won some tickets to the legends game over the radio. Erin must have been listing to the raido at work cause shortly after that I recieved a text on my phone that said “Aren’t you suppost to be working and not talking on the radio”. I text her back and said that she had caught me. I let her have the tickets cause I couldn’t go that evening. I never had the chance to ask her how it was.There is one thing that I know everyone would agree with and that is that Erin was a kind and loving person. She was the kind of friend that everyone wanted around. Erin, we love you and miss you very much. Always know that you will be in my heart and memories. God Bless you!! Rest in Peace my dear friend….
December 09, 2007

Dodge City murder charge upgraded
Associated Press
Jan. 24, 2008
Prosecutors have upgraded the murder charge against a former Dodge City police officer accused of killing his ex-girlfriend. Ford County Attorney John Sauer upgraded the charge from second-degree to first-degree murder just before a preliminary hearing Tuesday, during which Chris Tahah was bound over for trial in the May 5 death of Erin Jones. Tahah also is charged with criminal discharge of a firearm at an occupied dwelling…
Tahah showed little emotion during Tuesday’s hearing, which featured testimony from several investigators and friends of Jones. Ford County Attorney John Sauer also played a videotaped interview… During the interview, Tahah recounted waiting for Jones outside her home, saying he didn’t mean to shoot his gun. “I was telling myself this was no good. As I was lowering the gun, a round went off,” Tahah said. Tahah also told Kendrick that he was upset with Jones because she did not give him a good reason for breaking up with him the month before. Tahah also said he went to Jones’ house after seeing her at a bar dancing with another man. “How’d she hurt you, Chris?” Kendrick asked Tahah. “I think I know.” “I wanted to be her guy,” Tahah said… Jones, who worked as a bank teller in Dodge City, had two children. She was known in Dodge City for her performances with the Homestead Theater.


Published September 25, 2006

ST. PETERSBURG — She built a successful law practice, adopted three Russian orphans and still found time to sing in a local band.

Stacey Jane Plummer, 43, of Tierra Verde also struggled to make her new marriage succeed. She filed for divorce from Dermot James Reid just eight months after her wedding, citing behavior that she called emotionally abusive, and kicked him out of the house last month.

Then she decided to give her marriage another chance.

It didn’t work. Reid, 52, shot and killed Plummer during the weekend before pointing a .38-caliber handgun at his own head and pulling the trigger, Pinellas sheriff’s officials said. He remained at Bayfront Medical Center on Monday with life-threatening injuries.

The slaying shocked lawyers and judges at the Pinellas County Courthouse, where Plummer was a respected and popular litigator and family law attorney. It also stunned her family and friends, who didn’t suspect that Reid was capable of such violence.

“We knew he had a temper,” said Julie Plummer, 32, Stacey’s sister and a St. Petersburg lawyer. But “we never thought he could take it this far.”


Stacey Plummer grew up in Maine, graduated from Eckerd College and Stetson University’s College of Law and worked long hours to build her own St. Petersburg law firm.

She wasn’t overly tall, but the blond, friendly, plainspoken lawyer stood out in the Pinellas County Courthouse as a strong advocate for her clients.

“She was petite in stature, but she would stand her ground and she was not petite in action,” Judge Raymond Gross said.

She was also popular at restaurants and nightclubs as a singer for the group Legal Limit. She could belt out Janis Joplin tunes like Mercedes Benz and Me & Bobby McGee. Mike Penninger, 48, a friend and former band member, who remembers her winning the spot over about 20 others, said she had “great stage presence.”

About four years ago, Plummer decided to adopt children because she thought she could be “a good role model for them,” her sister said.

She adopted her daughters, Julia, 12, and Jane, 8, and her son, Jacob, 6, from different orphanages in Russia. Her sister said she decided to adopt older children because they needed more help than babies.

At the courthouse, she took pride in showing off photographs of the children.

“We all wondered how she was going to take on this new role,” said Judge Irene Sullivan, who admired Plummer’s work as a lawyer. “She looked very happy.”

Then, last year, she met an unemployed Irish immigrant named Dermot Reid at a restaurant, her sister said.
Reid was still married to Imelda Reid, a woman he wed in Dublin 31 years ago. He divorced her in Pinellas court Dec. 6, saying he had been separated from her since 1982.

After dating six months, he and Plummer married Dec. 9 in St. Pete Beach, in front of the Hurricane restaurant on Pass-a-Grille. She thought he would make a good father figure for the children, her sister said.

“They fell in love quickly,” Julie Plummer said.


They lived together as a family in a $1.9-million Tierra Verde house. While Plummer worked as a lawyer, Reid stayed home, taking care of the children and grocery shopping. He signed up for a class about motorcycles.

“He was kind of a house husband,” Julie Plummer said.

Friends thought they were a happy family. They went out to eat frequently and enjoyed going to Bucs games.

Plummer had season tickets.

But by August, the marriage was struggling, and Plummer filed for divorce.

In asking a court to remove him from her home, she described his “tremendous turmoil, psychological abuse and erratic behavior.”

She said he verbally abused her in front of the children and physically abused Molly, the beloved family Weimaraner.

“The husband has promised to stop abusing the dog in the past but has continued to do so,” she wrote in seeking his removal from the home.

On Aug. 24, a sheriff’s deputy issued a trespass warning for Reid when he got into an argument with Plummer. Reid wanted more time to move his things out of the house.

But Julie Plummer said her sister decided to give Reid another chance, and he stayed inside the house. They were going to get couple’s counseling, she said.

Then, on Sunday, her oldest daughter came home to find her mother dead and Reid critically wounded.

It was unclear what prompted the violence.

“It’s still very early in the investigation,” said Mac McMullen, a sheriff’s spokesman.

Julie Plummer said Stacey’s parents and other relatives will take care of the children. The family is still stunned by the loss, she said, like so many others who knew and admired Plummer.

“It doesn’t make sense,” said her friend Penninger. “She was too good of a person. It just doesn’t make sense.”

Times researcher Angie Drobnic Holan contributed to this report. Abhi Raghunathan can be reached at or (727) 893-8472.

Stop The Violence: the Story of Rachel Miller

Stop the Violence- The story of Rachel Miller
Stop The Violence

By Rachel Miller

I have read a lot of statistics and personal testimonies about Domestic Violence situations. Most of us know the patterns. Most of us are familiar with the statistics. Oftentimes statistics are only numbers unless you or someone you know have become one and have lived that hell personally. Many of us have, including myself.

While we can, and should, do our part as individuals, and as groups, to lobby for protection, for support, and for awareness, we also need to realize that, as difficult as it may seem, each of us has been given free will. While it may seem the most difficult thing to accept that we maintain some control of our destiny in most cases – especially after years of being told otherwise – it is ultimately the most empowering realization. I know it was for me. As a victim of the most extreme forms of physical and verbal domestic abuse for six years – having been beaten bloody on a regular basis; having been raped and inhumanly tortured almost daily – I came to a point where I knew that while I had support from friends and family, it was ultimately me alone who would make the final decision to walk away from something that wasn’t right and could no longer continue.

That was probably the most difficult thing for me to do in my whole life. I always believed that marriage is something you do not take lightly. I took the words “…till death do us part” literally up to that point. My children – whom I loved and cherished more than anything in the world – were the product of this marriage. Up until I made this difficult decision, I thought it was my duty to God, and to my family to continue things as they were. Until I realized that “..till death do us part” took on a whole new meaning. If I had stayed this man would have killed me. Each beating escalated to the point that I was convinced this man will end my life at some point had I stayed.

Imagine how I felt the day I decided that I needed to walk away for my own safety and for the safety of my children. I didn’t sneak out of the house. I waited for the father of my children to come home. I looked him in the face and told him I was leaving, and with escorts, I did so with my children and ran for three years in fear.

Today, I have attained the financial stability to provide for my family after a long and hard road, and that far exceeds the money my ex husband did not allow me to have in our marriage. Today, I am in a wonderful, healthy relationship that made me realize that I wasn’t the problem all along as my ex husband told me every time I was beaten bloody for offenses that were only unacceptable to him.

I cannot promise you financial success after you leave a marriage, nor will I tell you that leaving a marriage or a relationship is the right thing to do in a particular case. But I will tell you that the cycle of violence can end with you and with those whom you allow to help you should you find yourself trapped in an abusive relationship.

From the time I said “I do”, I fell under the umbrella of statistics that show that a woman is battered every 15 seconds in this country. In the time it took you to read this, 6 women were battered in one form or another by an intimate. What happens behind closed doors doesn’t make this issue none of anyone’s business, because behind those closed doors could be your sister, your mother, your daughter, your friend…even you…

This is how I envision a stop in the cycle. I envision a candle that lights the way for others. I have a candle and perhaps others do as well. And that is a start, but imagine what happens when the flames of two or more candles join. Those flames shine with greater brightness and strength, yet suffer none in their individuality. So, I have a flame and perhaps you, or someone you know has a flame. What do you want to do with them? They could mean the difference between life and death to those who cannot yet make their voices heard.


Dear Visitor,

This letter was sent to me personally by Rachel Miller in March, 2000. Rachel and I corresponded and she urged me to start a section on WOW Zone about domestic violence. From there, the idea of (r)evolution! came about. At that same time, she started her own site to stop the violence. As powerful as the letter you just read is, her emails were even more. Rachel was amazingly strong and direct.

On April 13, 2000, Rachel’s ex-husband, whom she had escaped for years, savagely beat her in her own home. Her husband, Kurt, came home to find his beloved wife barely hanging on to life. She was in the hospital in a very serious condition, and on April 26, 2000, she died.

You who are here now, reading this, must feel outrage. You must decide, right now, that this is unacceptable. No woman, no man, no child, no being…should be abused. NO ONE. You have the power to stop it. YOU MUST.

We are committed to continue Rachel’s vision. She was a beacon of light and will not be forgotten. There will be no more Rachels. Make that promise today.

Rachel Susan Miller
Beloved Wife, Mother, Sister.
May 27,1970- April 26, 2000

Taken from this life one month and one day before her 30th birthday,
losing her life to the very thing she fought most against. May she Rest In Peace.