Haleigh Cain- Rest in Peace

Originally posted on December 19, 2008 by Jaded.  Edited profanity out for this blog.

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Lynn Haven, FL

She was an adorable little girl. Her favorite book was Humpty-Dumpty. She loved to watch Elmo on TV. She like to be near her grandpa when he worked in the garage, she would sit out there with him and pound away on her little toy workbench. She liked to sneak into the fridge and eat apples, her favorite fruit. After having a little nibble, she would put the apple back. She had a beautiful smile and a mischevious sparkle in her eyes. Little Haleigh was just 2-years-old when she was brutally and savagely beaten to death. She was killed because she wanted some juice and cookies.

According to authorities, the family attended a bonfire the night of December 7. After returning home, Haleigh was put to bed. Her mother, Jessica Krusl, and her mother’s boyfriend, Dennis PeeWee Creamer, retired for the night. Little Haleigh wasn’t down for the night though; she wanted a snack. In her jammies, the little girl made her way to the kitchen for some juice and cookies. Somehow, she disturbed big, bad PeeWee’s slumber…and he was angered.

And that 25-year-old grown man took his anger out on a baby. He kicked Haleigh in the stomach. He threw her across the room. He repeatedly slammed her tiny head into the wall. He forced her to the floor several times. All this took place while her mother slept in the next room. When PeeWee was finished with the beating, he put little Haleigh back into her bed, and left her there. Alone.

PeeWee went back to sleep. Sometime later that night, Haleigh got out of her bed. I’m sure that little girl was trying to get to her mommy…so mommy could make the pain go away. She was halfway to the bedroom door when she collapsed and died. No one knows how long that little girl laid alone in the bedroom, suffering and slowly dying. When PeeWee woke the next day, he looked in on Haleigh and found her dead. He attempted to clean up some of the blood in the room, and left the residence. He left Haleigh there on the bedroom floor…he left her there for her mother to discover. A short time later, Jessica awoke and found Haleigh. Neighbors called 911 after Jessica emerged from the home, screaming.

The autopsy results are sickening. Haleigh suffered broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, a liver so badly damaged it was almost split in half. A ruptured pancreas, bruised kidneys and vertebrae. Her face was smashed so bad, her teeth came right through her tiny lips. The medical examiner is still trying to determine which of the injuries proved to be fatal. Police believe that Haleigh was unconscious or suffocating during most of the attack and might not have been able to cry or scream.

Initially, PeeWee told detectives the injuries occurred after an accidental fall. Detectives reenacted his story with a child-sized dummy, proving that there was no way those injuries were caused on accident. PeeWee finally confessed. He later performed a demonstration on the dummy, showing officers exactly what he did to Haleigh Marie Cain to cause her death.  PeeWee was arrested on Wednesday. He appeared in court on Thursday and was ordered held without bail. The charges are murder and aggravated child abuse. No one else has been charged, but police aren’t ruling out the possibility just yet.


2 responses to “Haleigh Cain- Rest in Peace

  1. i am haleighs aunt.

    haliegh was my everything. my life has never been the same since. theres days i dont know what to do the pain is unbarable. theres not a day i dont think about her. she will always be remebered and loved i pray for her every night.

    i always love you haleigh

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