Waiting for justice for Kimberlie Krimm

Waiting for justice for Kimberlie Krimm

Kimberlie was 4’8″ tall and weighed a mere 80 pounds. Dispite her size, she was an all star softball player, and a happy little girl.

She dreamed of being a carpenter when she grew up, it was just one of the things that interested her.

Kimmie loved sunflowers, and had planted some just before she was killed, she never got a chance to see them grow. Her Mom now plants them for her.

Kimberlie Krimm disappeared on June 30, 1998.

She returned several days later as an image in the daily newspapers and on the nightly newscasts, all reporting the death of the pretty, feisty 14-year-old.

Kimberlie’s decomposed body was found July 6 on an overgrown hillside in Versailles Cemetery, about a block from her McKeesport home.

It was a sad, shocking story. Yet, within a few days, the tale of her killing was elbowed aside by other events, other news, and Kimberlie vanished again….

— except in dozens of storefront windows in downtown McKeesport, where small posters bearing her picture ask for help in solving the case;

— except on the cemetery hillside, where Kimberlie’s body lay unnoticed for six days and where flowers, candles, cards and teddy bears now are placed in tribute;

— except in the red house on the steep side of Evans Street, where Kimberlie’s mother, Jeanie Krimm, keeps numerous pictures of her daughter.

The biggest image is an artist’s sketch, a gift from a friend, presented last week to Kimberlie’s parents, Jeanie and George Krimm, and her two older sisters. It leans against a door in the living room.

At first, all the images of Kimberlie in McKeesport made it almost unbearable for Jeanie Krimm to go shopping, but she said police told her it would be better to keep Kimberlie’s image in the public eye. Jeanie Krimm now agrees.

“I want him to see what a beautiful child he destroyed,” Jeanie Krimm says of her daughter’s killer. “I want to lay a guilt trip on this guy I want him to eat, sleep and breathe Kimberlie Krimm.”

There still are no suspects in the case…..

If you have any information on this murder, please contact the McKeesport, Pennsylvania Police Department at
412-473-1300, ask for Det. Yingling.

There is a $10,000.00 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the murderer of Kimberlie Krimm.

If you know anything – ANYTHING – about this case, please call the above number today. No matter how insignificant it may seem, call and report it. Kimberlie’s family needs you.


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