List of Victims of Katrina- May they be remembered

 List of Katrina Victims
You may ask why is a topic such as the victims of Katrina being put in a blog named Justice Be Served, right? Well, the saddest thing about Katrina was that many of these deaths could have been prevented. The powers that be in our government, (both nationwide and local) have the capability to help prevent tragedies such as this one by being more readily prepared. They failed miserably in this instance. Somewhere, something more should be done. For those who survived, but lost everything, something needs to be done.

With hurricane season once again upon us,  (see below ) the victims of all hurricane disasters are of course on our minds, but in particular, the victims of Katrina. After much searching, I was finally able to find a partial listing of those believed to be deceased as a direct result of the storm. I offer it up here, both as information, as well as a memorial to all of those affected by that terrible tragedy.
Please be aware- this is very likely NOT a complete list. The full extent of Katrina’s damage as far as how many lives she took may never be known for certain.

NOTE:Officially, the Atlantic hurricane season is from 1 June to 30 November, but as the Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory (AOML) notes:
“There is nothing magical in these dates, and hurricanes have occurred outside of these six months, but these dates were selected to encompass over 97% of tropical activity.”),

Also- if you go to the website noted below, you will see that following some names, there is the word details- you can click on that to learn more about the individual in some cases.

Hurricane Katrina Deceased-Victims List

Name Age Sex Race Deceased / Missing
Aaslestad, Wayne 64 Male C Deceased (Details)
Abaraca-Espinoza, Julio 53 Male — Deceased
Accardo, Paul — Male — Deceased (Details)
Porter, Chyaeka 27 Female A Missing
Acosta, Bertha 85 Female C Deceased (Details)
Acosta, Joanne E. 69 Female — Deceased
Adcock, John 49 Male — Deceased
Aiola Sr., Anthony “Tony” 69 Male — Deceased
Alexander, Estrella 76 Female AP Deceased
Alexander, Dale Cleveland 55 Male A Deceased (Details)
Alexander, Margaret L. 95 Female A Deceased
Alexie, Jr., Melvin 47 Male — Deceased
Alexis, Cecile 92 Female A Deceased
Alexis, Rupert Mylon 80 Male — Deceased
Alford, Hollis 66 Male A Deceased
Allen, Charles Edward 56 Male — Deceased
Allen, James 72 Male A Deceased
Allen, John David 48 Male C Deceased
Allen, Kenrick 17 Male — Deceased
Allen, Lorraine 66 Female A Deceased
Allen, Susan — Female — Deceased
Allen, Sylvia Harriett Daniels (Madea) — Female — Deceased
Alvarez, Louise Scie Raymond “BaBa” 83 Female — Deceased (Details)
Alverson, Rev. Donice Watson — — — Deceased
Amiker, Maggie 105 Female — Deceased
Ancar, Evelyn 74 Female N.Am Deceased
Anderson, Barney S. 93 Male — Deceased
Anderson, Tony 81 Male — Deceased (Details)
Andrews, Brenda 51 Female A Deceased
Andrews, Ferdinand 87 Male A Deceased
Anthony, Ruby 75 Female A Deceased
Arcement, Irma 76 Female C Deceased
Arceneaux, Betty 65 Female C Deceased (Details)
Arceneaux, Douglas 69 Male C Deceased (Details)
Archer, Gregory 39 Male A Deceased
Ares, Jose 83 Male C Deceased
Aris, Sophia Hasigianis 87 Female — Deceased
Arleth, Elsie 86 Female C Deceased (Details)
Armand, Garrett Michael — Male — Deceased
Armstrong, Lydia 89 Female A Deceased
Arnold, James 87 Male C Deceased
Ashbey, Rosemary 83 Female C Deceased
Ashley, Frank 81 Male A Deceased
Ashley, Lynnwood 51 Male — Deceased (Details)
Asmore, Edna 82 Female A Deceased
Atherton, Thomas Henry “Tom” — Male — Deceased
Aubert, Edward McCormack 92 Male — Deceased
Aubry, Yvonne Badon 90 Female — Deceased (Details)
August, Gertrude 84 Female A Deceased
August, Joseph 82 Male A Deceased
Augusta, Doris Fortner — Female — Deceased
Augustin, Leila Cook 94 Female — Deceased
Augustin, Theresa 90 Female A Deceased
Aultman, Sheila 46 Female — Deceased (Details)
Austin, Winona 80 Female C Deceased
Babin, Beverly 82 Female C Deceased
Babin, Jr., Justin 68 Male C Deceased
Babst, Delores Estrada — Female — Deceased
Bachemin, Sr., Mervin Joseph — Male — Deceased
Bacino, Frank 82 Male C Deceased
Bacon, Byron 25 Male — Deceased
Badeaux, Della — Female C Deceased
Badon Sr., Donald Ray 38 Male — Deceased
Bagley, Betty June DeHart 71 Female — Deceased (Details)
Baham, Christina 71 Female C Deceased
Baham, Warren 82 Male A Deceased
Baldwin, Norma Jean Bougere — Female — Deceased
Balthazar, Earl 72 Male C Deceased
Bane, Carl 13 Male — Deceased (Details)
Bane, Christina 45 Female — Deceased (Details)
Bane, Jr., Edgar 15 Male — Deceased (Details)
Bane, Sr., Edgar 48 Male — Deceased (Details)
Bangs, Tonia — Female — Deceased
Banks, Joseph “Daddy Joe” 81 Male A Deceased (Details)
Banta, Lillian 88 Female C Deceased
Banting, Irene Weston — Female — Deceased
Barcellona, Walter 62 Male C Deceased
Barham, Richard E. — Male — Deceased
Barkum-Taylor, Hazel Lee 87 Female — Deceased (Details)
Barnes, Samuel 73 Male A Deceased
Barrett, Judith Marie Thomas — Female — Deceased
Barthe, Sr., Alvin Martin 82 Female — Deceased (Details)
Bastiansen, Bernt 83 Male — Deceased (Details)
Batieste Jr, Arthur 78 Male A Deceased
Batiste, Lawrence 84 Male A Deceased
Batiste, Shirley 73 Female A Deceased
Battenberg, Sharon 20 Female C Deceased
Baudouin Jr., Irby Telesphore 88 Male — Deceased (Details)
Baulden, Irene 79 Female A Deceased
Baumgartner, George 95 Male C Deceased
Baxter-Rothaermel, William 60 Male C Deceased
Bayard, Mildred Jambois — Female — Deceased (Details)
Bazley, Riscella 43 Female A Deceased
Beard, Ella 84 Female A Deceased
Beard, Sonia 50 Female A Deceased
Beason, Sr., Arzell 78 Male A Deceased
Beatty, Gladys 84 Female C Deceased
Bell, Kim E. 51 Female — Deceased
Bell, Stephano D. 21 Male — Deceased
Benigno, Gloria — Female — Deceased
Benigno, Lukey — — — Deceased
Benjamin, Mary 63 Female A Deceased
Benjamin, Nercile 82 Male A Deceased
Benjamin, Sterling 38 Male A Deceased
Bennett, Carmen 56 Female H Deceased
Bennett, Edith 84 Female C Deceased
Berger, Harry 84 Male C Deceased
Bergeron, UK 63 Female C Deceased
Bertucci Sr., Gerald L. 77 Male — Deceased (Details)
Best, Benjamin Hobdy — Male — Deceased
Betzer, Carol 72 Female C Deceased
Bieler, Norma — Female — Deceased
Bilich, Inez 87 Female C Deceased
Bingham, John 82 Male C Deceased
Bishop, Lando 75 — — Deceased
Blackwell, Katherine 76 Female C Deceased
Blackwell, Malcom “Mr. Mel” 50 Approximate Male — Deceased
Blanchard, Edward 82 Male — Deceased (Details)
Blanchard, Herbert 82 Male A Deceased
Blancher, Lawrence 79 Male C Deceased
Blancher, Marjorie 80 Female C Deceased
Blappert, Gloria 81 Female C Deceased
Blutcher, Nettie 94 Female A Deceased (Details)
Bohnet, Gloria 80 Female C Deceased
Bonono, Anna Mae 85 Female C Deceased
Bonono, Luke 80 Male C Deceased
Bonura, Rosemary Olivier — Female — Deceased (Details)
Boone, Willie 80 Female A Deceased
Borges, Errol 64 Male C Deceased
Borne, Samuel 73 Male A Deceased
Bosarge, Sarah 81 Female C Deceased
Boss, Bulah 51 Female A Deceased
Bourgeois, Joe Lynn 57 Female C Deceased
Bournes, Rayfield 54 Male A Deceased
Bowen, Jamie L. 25 — — Deceased
Bowes, Samuel Anthony — Male — Deceased
Bowie, Xavier 57 Male A Deceased (Details)
Bowser, Gloria 81 Female A Deceased
Boyd, Arthur 48 Male A Deceased
Boyd, Loretta 77 Female C Deceased
Boyle, Eugenie 40 Female C Deceased
Bradley, Dorothy “Miss Dottie” 86 Female — Deceased
Brantley, Lee Esther 77 Female — Deceased
Braustein, Eugene 75 Male C Deceased
Breaux, Eunice 76 Female C Deceased
Breaux, Laura 102 Female — Deceased (Details)
Brecht, Marjorie M. 82 Female — Deceased
danastasio, micheal 48 Male C Missing
silvan, leonardo 35 Male H Missing
Grush, Ruth 79 Female C Deceased (Details)
Bridges, Chris 34 Male A Deceased
Brill, Bernice Rae Schwartz 60 Female — Deceased (Details)
Brinston, Johnny 67 Male A Deceased
Brooks, Eleanor McDowell 71 Female — Deceased (Details)
Brooks-Anderson, Rosaline — Female — Deceased
Brossette, Joseph 81 Male C Deceased
Brouchard, Alma 83 Female C Deceased
Brouwer, Mabel 70 Female C Deceased
Brown, Anna Mae — Female — Deceased
Brown, Clarence 81 Male — Deceased (Details)
Brown, Gerald 48 Male A Deceased
Brown, Laurence 79 Male A Deceased
Brown, Linda — Female — Deceased
Brown, Roosevelt 78 Male A Deceased
Brugger, Joseph — Male — Deceased
Brumfield, Mattie 70 Female A Deceased
Brumfield, Sr, Danny 45 Male A Deceased
Bryant, Clarence — Male — Deceased
Buckland, George — Male — Deceased
Buckner, Selina 97 Female A Deceased
Bumgartner, George 95 Male C Deceased
Buras, Lloyd 92 Male C Deceased
Burgess, Jannie 79 Female A Deceased
Burke, Mary 81 Female C Deceased
Burke, Thomas 48 Male C Deceased
Burns, Evelyn 97 Female C Deceased (Details)
Burns, Jerry 50 Male A Deceased
Burns, Winnie 91 Female A Deceased
Buse, Owen 88 Male C Deceased
Butler, Alex 68 Male A Deceased
Butler, Benny 72 Male A Deceased
Butler, Leroy 59 Male A Deceased
Butler-Bullock, Mary Ann 54 Female — Deceased
Buxton, Nick 27 Male — Deceased
Byrd, June 72 Male A Deceased
Caimi, Billie — — — Deceased
Caixeta, Benilda 55 Female H Deceased
Calhoun, Jr., Charlie “Cal” 54 Male — Deceased
Caliste, Frank 81 Male A Deceased
Campieri, Joseph 88 Male C Deceased
Capetillo, Patsy Abella 94 Female H Deceased
Capetillo, UK — — — Deceased
Caple, Rachel Kentzel “Ray” 92 Female — Deceased (Details)
Carpenter, Claude 61 Male C Deceased
Carson, Nathaniel 49 Male A Deceased
Carter, Lucy 92 Female A Deceased
Carvel, Rosa 93 Female C Deceased
Casby Jr., James 52 Male A Deceased
Casimire, Louise 83 Female N.Am Deceased
Castle, Issac 58 Male A Deceased
Celestine, Lawrence 23 Male A Deceased
Cerniglia, Sam Salvadore 84 Male — Deceased
Cevasco, Irma 74 Female C Deceased
Chaix, Gerald 51 Male — Deceased
Chambers, Frank 72 Male C Deceased
Charbonnet, Bruce 45 Male — Deceased
Charles, Donald 52 Male A Deceased
Cherrie, Onelia 91 Female A Deceased
Chester, Ricky 45 Male A Deceased
Chriss, Darryl 40 Male A Deceased
Christen, Jr., Charles Henry “Big Head” 84 Male — Deceased
Clauson, Victoria Collins 82 Female — Deceased (Details)
Clauson III, Yeager Andrew 80 Male — Deceased
Clements, Margarita R. 89 Female — Deceased
Clifton, Warren 71 Male A Deceased
Coleman, Arnecker 35 Female A Deceased
Coleman, Darrel 54 Male A Deceased
Coleman, Johnnie 76 Male A Deceased
Coleman, Thomas 80 Male A Deceased
Collins, Ethel 85 Female A Deceased
Collins, Lylton 60 Male A Deceased
Comeaux, Evelyn 84 Female — Deceased (Details)
Comes, Guy 91 Male C Deceased
Common, Clarence 85 Male A Deceased
Conway, Patrick — Male — Deceased
Cook, Myrtle 58 Female A Deceased
Cooley, Wilmer 80 Male A Deceased
Copelin Jr., William Witz 86 Female — Deceased (Details)
Cosse, Walter 30 Male C Deceased
Cotham, Donna 41 Female C Deceased
Cousins, Adele 81 Female C Deceased
Couvillion, Ned 53 Male C Deceased
Covington, Fetus 0 Female A Deceased
Cowsill, Barry 50 Male C Deceased (Details)
Cox, Frances Willie Lawson 77 Female C Deceased
Cox, Ronald 72 Male C Deceased
Creppel, Barbara 61 Female — Deceased (Details)
Cronan, George 74 Male C Deceased
Cronan, Mary 78 Female C Deceased
Crunk, Florence “Nanny” 90 Female — Deceased
Crutchfield, Wessie 73 Female A Deceased
Culpepper, Sam 81 Male — Deceased
Cummings, Norman 75 Male A Deceased
Cunningham Jr., Eli Russell — Male — Deceased (Details)
Cuquet, Nicholas 79 Male C Deceased
Dabon, Stella 68 Female A Deceased
Dagnall, Joan 69 Female — Deceased
Dagnall, Ralph 73 Male — Deceased
Daigle, Doug — Male — Deceased (Details)
Daigle, Irene 83 Female C Deceased
Dalier, Amelie 81 Female C Deceased
Damarin, Thomas A. 91 Male — Deceased (Details)
Dang, Kan Thi 95 Female AP Deceased
D’Arcangelo, Frank 66 Male C Deceased
Darsam, Mary 83 Female C Deceased (Details)
Daste, Rosalie Guidry 100 Female — Deceased (Details)
Davis, Calvin 77 Male A Deceased
Davis, Donise 28 Female A Deceased
Davis, George 69 Male A Deceased
Davis, John 59 Male A Deceased
Davis, Rosemary 78 Female C Deceased
Davis, Tanner 84 Male A Deceased
Davis-Jones, Deborah Hodges 49 Female — Deceased (Details)
Dawson, Elaine 59 Female A Deceased
Dawson, Leven — — — Deceased
Day, Duffey 72 Male A Deceased
Deadman Jr., William Webster 71 Male C Deceased (Details)
Deamer, Ella 72 Male A Deceased
Deamer, Leslie 92 Male A Deceased
Dean, William Abbott 90 Male — Deceased
Dear, Herman 57 Male A Deceased
Deblanc, Elva 92 Female C Deceased
Decorte, Rose — Female — Deceased
Decour, Evangeline 76 Female A Deceased
Dedeaux, UK 75 — — Deceased
Dees, Clinton 60 Male A Deceased
Delafosse, Robert 39 Male C Deceased
Delatte, Zerelda 72 Female C Deceased
Delaune, Alan 51 Male C Deceased
Deluca, John 77 Male C Deceased
Denley, Jane 80 Female C Deceased
Dennis, Maggie 89 Female A Deceased
Depascual, Agnes 81 Female C Deceased
DeSilvey, Donna K. 35 Female — Deceased
DeSilvey, Linda Allen 57 Female — Deceased
Devine, Margaret “Maggie” — Female — Deceased
Dexter, Jr., Robert 63 Male C Deceased
Dickerson, Lawrence 22 Male A Deceased
Dickey, John — Male — Deceased
Dieck, Milton 85 Male C Deceased
Dimaio, UK — Female — Deceased (Details)
Dimambro, Roger 63 Male C Deceased
Dinwiddie, Blanche 81 Female A Deceased
Doherty, Donald — Male — Deceased
Dorsey, Kerney 85 Female A Deceased (Details)
Dreher, Katie 90 Female C Deceased
Drury, Rita 49 Female C Deceased
Ducre, Margaret — Female — Deceased
Ducre, Margaret 82 Female A Deceased
Dugar, Ethel 61 Female — Deceased
Dugar, Ethel 61 Male A Deceased
Dugas, Edward 80 Male — Deceased
Dugas, Edward 80 Male C Deceased
Duhon, Harrison 84 Male C Deceased
Duhon, Septeme 68 Male A Deceased
Dunn, John 49 Male A Deceased (Details)
Dunn, Thomas G. 90 Male — Deceased
Dupas, Harold 77 Male A Deceased
Dupor, Gladys 51 Female A Deceased
Dupuy, Pivon J. 82 Male C Deceased (Details)
Dupuy, Rosalie 82 Female C Deceased (Details)
Duvernay, Lorraine 79 Female A Deceased
Duvernay, Lorraine Rouzan 79 Female — Deceased
Duvic, Kim — Female — Deceased
Dyer, Mary 72 Female A Deceased
Eaton, Patsy Mitchell 58 Female C Deceased
Ebanks, Kemron 74 Male A Deceased
Edwards, Harry 64 Male A Deceased
Edwards, Joseph 45 Male A Deceased
Edwards, Lorraine 58 Female A Deceased
Edwards, Marjorie 85 Female A Deceased
Eiserloh, John 72 Male C Deceased
Eleby, Clementine 78 Female A Deceased
Ellis, Amelia 71 Female A Deceased
Embry, Russell 54 Male C Deceased
Emerson, Joan 57 Female C Deceased
England, Robert 56 Male A Deceased
Estarlich, Michael 80 Male H Deceased
Ester, Edward 76 Male A Deceased
Ester, Feado 87 Male A Deceased
Estes, Gregory 35 Male A Deceased
Eustis, Charlotte 90 Female C Deceased
Evans, Daniel 86 Male A Deceased
Evans, Norman 78 Male C Deceased
Evans, Jr., Louis 46 Male — Deceased
Everett, Emmett 61 Male A Deceased
Paul, Melvin 45 Male A Missing
Everidge, Ronald 44 Male A Deceased (Details)
Ewale, Tesfalidet 66 Male A Deceased
Ewing, Thelma Wilkinson — Female — Deceased
Fahrenholtz, Helen 91 Female C Deceased
Falcon, Larry 70 Male — Deceased (Details)
Falcone, Michael 56 Male C Deceased
Falcone, Tony 80 Male — Deceased
Falley, George 90 Male A Deceased
Falley, Shirley 73 Female A Deceased
Farzande, Ervin 44 Male AP Deceased
Farzande, John 48 Male AP Deceased
Fazande, Alvin 78 Male A Deceased
Fazande, Bernadette 78 Female A Deceased
Ferguson, Shelly 50 Female C Deceased
Ferrara, Carrie 92 Female C Deceased
Fisher, Deborah 85 Female — Deceased (Details)
Flemming, Clarence 64 Male C Deceased
Flint, Prosper 77 Male A Deceased
Ford, Alma 46 Female A Deceased
Ford, Lottie 86 Female A Deceased
Forrest, Hubert 86 Male C Deceased
Foster, Lynette 49 Female A Deceased
Francis, Ella 94 Female A Deceased
Francois, Benjamin 99 Male A Deceased
Franklin, Annaliese — Female — Deceased
Franklin, Charles — Male — Deceased
Frazier, Pearl 96 Female — Deceased (Details)
Frazier, Ruby 76 Female A Deceased
Freeman, Ethel 91 Female A Deceased (Details)
Fridley, Doris Evelyn Baer 77 Female — Deceased (Details)
Friedman, Angel M. 18 — — Deceased
Frischertz, Maxine 84 Female C Deceased
Frymire, Connie L. — Female — Deceased
Fuhrmann, Caroline 92 Female C Deceased
Fuller, Warren L. — Male — Deceased
Funk, Robert 60 Male C Deceased
Gabriel, Eldridge 95 Male A Deceased
Gagliano, Charles 81 Male C Deceased
Gagliano, Shirley 71 Female C Deceased
Gaillourd, Wallace 76 Male C Deceased
Galatas, Jr., Arthur 81 Male — Deceased
Galler, Eva 84 Female — Deceased (Details)
Gallodoro, Tufanio 82 Male C Deceased (Details)
Galloway, Jerry 71 Male A Deceased
Garcia, Eugene — Male — Deceased
Garcia, Zermeno 48 — — Deceased
Garcia-Pineda, Gerson 24 — — Deceased
Gardener, Mario 54 Male C Deceased
Garrison, Marguerite 88 Female A Deceased
Gartman, Maxine Alfonso 49 Female — Deceased
Gastinell, Ellery 45 Male A Deceased
Gauthier, Ruby 80 Female A Deceased
Gayle, Shirley 73 Female A Deceased
Gibson, Robert 85 Male A Deceased
Gifford, Edward “Ted” 79 Male — Deceased
Gifford, Nadine 79 Female — Deceased
Gill III, Joseph 56 Male — Deceased
Gilmore, Ernest 51 Male A Deceased
Ginart, Father “Red” Arthur Ginart — Male — Deceased
Giuffre, Vincent 87 Male C Deceased
Godbold, Gerald 63 Male C Deceased
Godfrey, Delores — Female — Deceased
Godwin, Catherine 61 Female C Deceased
Godwin, Thelma 81 Female C Deceased
Goff, Danny “Hermit of Point Cadet” 55 Male — Deceased
Goffner, Preston 59 Male A Deceased
Gomez-Hernandez, Adolpho 25 Male — Deceased
Gonzalez, Donna 45 Female C Deceased
Gonzalez, Dulce Marie 80 Female H Deceased
Gonzalez, Maria del los Angeles 52 Female H Deceased
Gonzalez, Rosa 74 Female H Deceased
Gordon, Mary 51 Female C Deceased
Gourgues, Mary 81 Female C Deceased
Gourrier, Alfred 96 Male — Deceased
Grant, Marcus 57 Male A Deceased
Greathouse, David 48 Male C Deceased
Green, Joyce 73 Female A Deceased (Details)
Green, Marion 69 Female A Deceased
Green, Rita 84 Female C Deceased
Green, Shanai 3 Female A Deceased (Details)
Gregg, William 76 Male C Deceased
Griffith, Lorraine 64 Female A Deceased
Grimes, Ayrie 93 Male A Deceased
Grover, Bessie — Female — Deceased
Grunik, George 72 Male C Deceased
Gryco, Faye Roberie 70 Female — Deceased
Gueydan, John 81 Male C Deceased
Guillory, Robert 51 Male A Deceased
Gulotta, Charles 74 Male C Deceased
Gulotta, Dorothy 63 Female C Deceased
Gumnick, Elfreida 81 Female — Deceased
Gunnells, Beverly 61 Female — Deceased (Details)
Gurtner, Ura 85 Female C Deceased
Hackett, Gertrude 69 Female A Deceased
Hackett, Leona 90 Female A Deceased
Hains, Gilda 50 Female A Deceased
Hall, Azemo 78 Male A Deceased
Hall, Carrie 78 Female A Deceased
Hall, Raymond 89 Male A Deceased
Hamilton, Mary 79 Female A Deceased
Hansen, Mary 95 Female — Deceased (Details)
Hardeman, Iris 53 Female A Deceased (Details)
Harold, Rosa 65 Female C Deceased
Harris, Christopher 15 Male A Deceased (Details)
Harris, Pearl 100 Female A Deceased
Harris, Rachel — Female A Deceased (Details)
Harris, Rudolph 73 Male A Deceased
Harris, Virginia Rita 79 Female — Deceased
Harris, Booker 91 Male — Deceased (Details)
Hart, Martha 64 Female C Deceased
Hartdegend, Shirley 78 Female C Deceased
Harvey, Oliver 100 Male A Deceased
Haspel, Robert 89 Male — Deceased (Details)
Hawkins, Mary 78 Female A Deceased
Hawthorne, Mary Kirby Lea 21 Female C Deceased (Details)
Haynes, Paul 78 Male A Deceased
Haywood, Mattie 85 Female A Deceased
Hebert, Isabelle 52 Female A Deceased
Hebert, Wilbur 67 Male C Deceased
Hein, Rosie — Female — Deceased
Henry, Edmond 97 Male A Deceased
Henry, Gladys 83 Female A Deceased
Henry, Janice 53 Female A Deceased
Henry, Thomas 55 Male A Deceased
Herbert, Ethel 82 Female A Deceased
Hernandez, Audrey 68 Female C Deceased
Herndon, Rosemary 75 Female C Deceased
Heyl, Norris 79 Female C Deceased
Hicks, Ronald 47 Male — Deceased
Hilber, Chieko — — — Deceased
Hilborn, Jules 86 Male — Deceased
Hill, Jim 28 Male — Deceased
Hillard, Marie A. Burbridge 70 Female — Deceased
Hilliard, Kevin 43 Male A Deceased
Hingle, Celeste 85 Female C Deceased
Hingle, Dorothy 83 Female C Deceased
Hinkel, Audrey 72 Female C Deceased
Holland, Dorothy 80 Female C Deceased
Holley, John “Turkey Neck” 68 Male — Deceased
Holloman, Dorothy 68 Female A Deceased
Holloway, Delia 82 Female A Deceased (Details)
Holmes, Vincent 47 Male A Deceased
Holton, Alma 95 Female A Deceased
Horn, Clarise 56 Female — Deceased (Details)
Hose, Amelia 102 Female C Deceased
Hotard, Bonitacia/Bonifacia 77 Female H Deceased
Howard, Lethea 57 Female A Deceased
Howard, Roberta 79 Female C Deceased
Howley, John 44 Male C Deceased
Hoyt, Mary Louise Fleming 80 Female C Deceased
Huard, George 91 Male C Deceased
Hubbard, Raymond — Male — Deceased
Hulbert-Manning, Faith Marie — Female — Deceased (Details)
Humphrey, Adella 89 Female H Deceased
Humphrey, Daisy 89 Female A Deceased
Humphrey, Lloyd 93 Male A Deceased
Hunafa, Al-Amin — Male — Deceased
Hunter, Della 56 Female A Deceased
Hurley, Odessa 90 Female — Deceased
Husband, Herman 47 Male A Deceased
Husley, Alonzo — Male — Deceased
Hutcherson, Jr., George 78 Male C Deceased
Hutzler, Alice 90 Female C Deceased
Hyatt, Jean — Female C Deceased (Details)
Hyatt, Arthur William — Male C Deceased (Details)
Hymel, Daryl 50 Male C Deceased
Hymel, Edgar 50 Male C Deceased
Hyre, James 83 Male — Deceased
Hyre, Shamsi 75 — — Deceased
Jachim, Robert 83 Male C Deceased
Jacko, Karnettia 26 Female A Deceased
Jackson, Alcede 83 Male A Deceased
Jackson, Antonia 90 Female A Deceased
Jackson, Eddie 97 Male A Deceased
Jackson, Elizabeth 81 Female A Deceased
Jackson, Emelda 78 Female A Deceased
Jackson, Ernestine 64 Female A Deceased
Jackson, Gladys 95 Female A Deceased
Jackson, James 75 Male A Deceased
Jackson, Myrtle 75 Female A Deceased
Jackson, Rocksey 65 Female A Deceased
Jackson, Rosa 86 Female A Deceased
Jackson, Royal 80 Male A Deceased
Jackson, Russell 63 Male A Deceased
Jackson Sr, James 47 Male A Deceased
Jackson-Daly, Nora 83 Female A Deceased
Jacques, Dorothy 87 Female A Deceased
James, Gertie 87 Female A Deceased
James, Keith 47 Male A Deceased
James, Michael 31 Male A Deceased
James, Geneva 98 Female A Deceased
James, Sr., Arthur 54 Male A Deceased
Jamison, Jr., James — Male — Deceased
Jefferson, Aleria 69 Female A Deceased (Details)
Jenkins, Georgia 57 Female C Deceased
Jenkins, Joseph 57 Male C Deceased
Jenkins, Thomas 64 Male A Deceased
Johns, Delores 45 Female — Deceased
Johns, Lydia 82 Female C Deceased
Johnson, Althea 60 Female A Deceased
Johnson, Gerald 34 Male A Deceased
Johnson, Geraldine 57 Female A Deceased
Johnson, James 47 Male A Deceased
Johnson, John 76 Male A Deceased
Johnson, Mabel 88 Female C Deceased
Johnson, Mary 68 Female A Deceased
Johnson, Preston 25 Male A Deceased
Johnson, Willie 59 Male A Deceased
Johnston, Anthony 96 Male C Deceased
Jolly, Thomas 85 Male C Deceased
Jones, Infant Male 5 Days Male A Deceased
Jones, Anthony 32 Male A Deceased
Jones, Ella 80 Female C Deceased
Jones, George 86 Male A Deceased
Jones, J.B. 51 Male A Deceased (Details)
Jones, Sr., Cornelius 79 Male A Deceased
Jordan, Vicki 38 Female C Deceased
Joseph, Mayola 47 Female A Deceased
Joseph, Ruby 94 Female A Deceased
Justin, Roscoe Richard — Male — Deceased
Kafoed, Malcolm 88 Male C Deceased
Keelen, Salvadore 62 Male A Deceased
Keiffer, Sr., Armstead 62 Male A Deceased
Keller, Darryl 51 Male A Deceased
Keller, Raymond 52 Male A Deceased
Kelly, Sr., John 84 Male A Deceased (Details)
Kennerson, Joey 13 Male A Deceased
Kerr, Betty — Female — Deceased
Kerr, Charles — Male — Deceased
Kessner, John 60 Male C Deceased
Kinard, Shelton 55 Male A Deceased
Kingston, Nathaniel “Tan” 83 Male A Deceased
Kinsey, Gretta 61 Female A Deceased
Knight, Iris 76 Female C Deceased
Knight, Jimmie 75 Male A Deceased
Knoblock, Marie 63 Female — Deceased
Kowalski, Elizabeth — Female — Deceased
Kramer, Mildred 85 Female C Deceased
Krause, Claris 87 Female C Deceased
Kreihn, Norman — Male — Deceased
Krennerich, Edith 84 Female C Deceased
Kuyt, Peter 75 Male C Deceased
Labanca, Carmen 95 Female C Deceased
LaBasse, Daniel 78 Male C Deceased
Labat, Mary 84 Female C Deceased
LaCarbiere, John 46 Male A Deceased
Lachney, Clifton 71 Male C Deceased
Lachney, Jeffrey 28 Male C Deceased
LaCoste, Althea 73 Female A Deceased
Laddin, Ronald 64 Male C Deceased
Lafayette, James 97 Male A Deceased
Lafrere, Nina 43 Female — Deceased
Lagasse, Merle 76 Female C Deceased
Lainez, Albertine 86 Female A Deceased
Lala, Althea Martin “Alley” 76 Female C Deceased (Details)
Lala, George M. 74 Male C Deceased
Landry, Carla 44 Female A Deceased
Landry, Neomi 78 Female A Deceased
Landry, Iziel 58 Male A Deceased
Landry, Muronda 34 Female A Deceased
Landry-Prevost, Lilitha 39 Female A Deceased
Lang, Helen 72 Female — Deceased (Details)
Lang, Nelson “Nip” 76 Male — Deceased (Details)
Larive, Lurnice 83 Male A Deceased
Larive, Leroy 85 Male C Deceased
Larmeu, Elvera 84 Female C Deceased
Larre, Helen 91 Female C Deceased
Lastie, Cynthia 48 Female A Deceased
Latino, Marie 20 Female A Deceased
Lattanzi, William 53 Male C Deceased
Laudumiey, Mathilde 55 Female C Deceased
Lauga, UK — Male — Deceased
Laughlin, Helen 55 Female — Deceased
Laughlin, H. Sue 50 Female — Deceased
Laur, John 85 Male C Deceased
Law, Debra — Female — Deceased
Lawrence, Wesley 49 Male A Deceased
Lawrence, Willie 47 Male A Deceased
Le Boef, Louis 78 Male C Deceased
Leblanc, Gladys 89 Female C Deceased
LeBourgeois, Julia 75 Female C Deceased
Lee, Austin — Male — Deceased (Details)
Lee, Simon 88 Male C Deceased
Lee, Thomas 52 Male A Deceased
Lefler, Betty — Female — Deceased
Lefler, Betty L 83 Female — Deceased
Leslie, Austin — Male — Deceased (Details)
Levasseur, Carl 49 Male C Deceased
Lewis, Doneika 14 Female A Deceased
Lewis, Nicole 36 Female A Deceased
Lewis, Patricia 53 Female A Deceased
Lewis, Rickie 53 Male A Deceased
Lind, Mary 91 Female C Deceased
Liuzza, Dominique 53 Female C Deceased
Long, James 56 Male C Deceased
Lonon, Mary 87 Female A Deceased (Details)
Lopez, Frank 60 Male C Deceased
Lopez, Todd 42 Male H Deceased
Lott, Shirley 93 Male C Deceased
Louper, Edmund 75 Male A Deceased
Louros, Harry 90 Male C Deceased
Love, Sr., Herbie 45 Male A Deceased
Loverde, Vivian Clare 57 Female — Deceased (Details)
Lowry, George 25 Male H Deceased (Details)
Lozes, Martha 85 Female C Deceased
Lucas, Gregory 48 Male A Deceased
Lurie, Linda 72 Female C Deceased
Lynch, Elizabeth 87 Female C Deceased
Lynn, Janet 92 Female — Deceased
Lyon, Curtis 79 Male A Deceased
Lyons, Leola “Gracious Lady” 71 Female A Deceased
Madison, Ronald 40 Male A Deceased
Mahaney, Peggy 74 Female C Deceased
Major, Frankie 47 Male A Deceased
Major, Joseph 39 Male A Deceased (Details)
Mancell, Arvah 87 Male C Deceased
Mancuso, Mary 87 Female C Deceased
Manuel, Jacqueline 65 Female A Deceased
Marcellas, Willia 90 Female A Deceased (Details)
Mares, Shirley 81 Female C Deceased
Marks, George 74 Male A Deceased
Marsala, Edna 95 Female C Deceased
Marsh, Christina 27 Female C Deceased
Marshall, Randall “Randy” — Male — Deceased
Marshall, Jr., John 66 Male A Deceased
Martin, Maria 85 Female H Deceased
Martin, Plummie 92 Female A Deceased
Martin, Cecile 95 Female C Deceased
Martin, Mary 68 Female A Deceased
Martin, Plummie 92 Female A Deceased
Martinez, Willie 84 Male A Deceased
Martinez, Willie 84 Male A Deceased
Martinolich, August 68 Male C Deceased
Mascaro, John Lawrence 73 Male C Deceased (Details)
Masino, Joyce 82 Female C Deceased
Mason, Arthur 88 Male C Deceased
Mason, Arthur 88 Male C Deceased
Matrange, Marjorie — Female — Deceased
Matthews, Rendy 86 Female A Deceased
Mattox, Roger — Male — Deceased (Details)
Maurino, Louise 45 Female C Deceased
Maurino, Louise 45 Female — Deceased
Maxey, Harneitha 75 Female — Deceased
Maxey, Sr., Louis 92 Male — Deceased
May, Jessie 79 Female A Deceased
Mayfield, Irvin 64 Male A Deceased
Mayfield, Lee 41 Male A Deceased
Mazerat, Vetina Scorsone 95 Female — Deceased
Mc Donald, Matthew 41 Male C Deceased
Mc Manus, Wilda 70 Female A Deceased
McCaddy, Paul 69 Male A Deceased
McCarthy, Vera 88 Female — Deceased
McClanahan, Inez — Female — Deceased
McClellan, UK — — — Deceased
McClendon, Amy C. 19 Female C Deceased (Details)
McCray, William 71 Male A Deceased
McDonald, Matthew 41 Male — Deceased
Mcguire, UK 74 Female — Deceased
Mcguire, Joyce 77 Female C Deceased
McHugh, Thelma 88 Female C Deceased
McKay, Debbie — Female — Deceased
McManus, Wilda 70 Female — Deceased (Details)
McNeese, Destiny 13 Months Female — Deceased (Details)
McWilliams, Darrell 48 Male A Deceased
Meeks, Patricia — Female — Deceased
Mejia, Lidia 84 Female O Deceased
Melancon, Ethel 90 Female C Deceased
Melerine, Lucille 85 Female C Deceased
Melvin, Katherine 85 Female C Deceased
Meyer, Earl 80 Male C Deceased
Meyer, Helen 79 Female C Deceased
Meyer, Shirley 83 Female C Deceased
Miceli, Lloyd “Loreto” 84 Male — Deceased (Details)
Michael, Scotty — Male — Deceased
Migllore, Rose 80 Female C Deceased
Milanez, George 59 Male A Deceased
Miller, Sydney 79 Male — Deceased (Details)
Miller, Willie 82 Male A Deceased
Miller, Sr, Arthur 78 Male A Deceased
Milton, Darryl — Male A Deceased (Details)
Mogabab, Anees 80 Male AP Deceased
Mollere, Jane 80 Female — Deceased (Details)
Monahan, John Joseph “Jack” 87 Male — Deceased
Montalbano, Helen 85 Female C Deceased
Moore, Mary 64 Female A Deceased
Moore, Shannon 36 Female — Deceased
Moore, Victoria 85 Female — Deceased
Mora, Edward 56 Male A Deceased
Morales, Laureta 92 Female C Deceased
Morang, Robert 70 Male C Deceased
Morant, Mary 52 Female A Deceased
Moreland, Ned 81 Male A Deceased
Morris II, John James “Jack” 58 Male — Deceased (Details)
Morrow, Curtis 60 Male A Deceased
Mortellaro, Helen 83 Female C Deceased
Mosby, Veola 79 Female A Deceased
Mosgrove, Stephen 60 Male C Deceased
Moss, Roy 55 Male A Deceased
Muhoberac, Matthew 79 Male C Deceased
Mullen, Matilda 78 Female C Deceased
Mumphrey, Joel 76 Female C Deceased
Murphy, Doris — Female — Deceased
Murphy, Nancy — Female — Deceased
Muse, Johnathan 18 Male A Deceased
Name withheld, UK 92 Male C Deceased
Napoleon, William 60 Male A Deceased
Navis, Francis 80 Female C Deceased
Necaise, Jr., Horace 78 Male — Deceased
Neely, Michael Patrick 52 Male C Deceased
Neely, Michael 52 Male — Deceased
Nelson, Elaine 90 Female C Deceased
Nesossis, Steven — Male — Deceased
Nettles, Ashley 10 Female A Deceased
Nicholas, Joseph 83 Male A Deceased
Nora, Edward 66 Male A Deceased
Norman, Sr., Lee 59 Male A Deceased (Details)
Northon, Olga 92 Male C Deceased
Norwood, Mary 71 Female — Deceased
Nymel, Daryl 50 — — Deceased
O’Connor, Fabiola 85 Female C Deceased
Olivier, Helen 82 Female C Deceased (Details)
Olsen, Mary 78 Female C Deceased
Orduna, Louis 90 Male C Deceased
Owens, David 44 Male C Deceased (Details)
Owney, Bernadine 61 Female A Deceased
Pace, Maria 79 Female C Deceased
Palfi, Stevenson J. 53 — — Deceased (Details)
Palmer, Thomas 77 Male C Deceased
Paolillo, James 79 Male — Deceased (Details)
Parker, Dorothy — Female — Deceased (Details)
Parker, George 56 Male A Deceased
Parker, Janet 88 Female C Deceased
Parker, Joe Ben — Male — Deceased
Parker, Margaret 62 Female C Deceased
Parker, Rita 81 Female — Deceased (Details)
Parker, Rose 83 Female C Deceased
Parr, Carol Ann 59 Female C Deceased (Details)
Parr, Norman 69 Male C Deceased (Details)
Patterson, Earl “Brother” — Male — Deceased
Peel, Dorothy 63 Female C Deceased
Pelitere, Peter 70 Male C Deceased
Pembo, Marie Louise Bonis 82 Female — Deceased (Details)
Pereira, Yvette 54 Female C Deceased
Perkins, George 78 Male A Deceased
Perret, Helen 90 Female C Deceased
Perry, Meg 26 Female C Deceased (Details)
Pesses, Albert Ashley — Male — Deceased
Peters, Jerry 64 Male A Deceased
Peters, Reynette 87 Female A Deceased
Peterson, Einer 88 Male — Deceased (Details)
Peyton, Virginia 68 Female C Deceased
Phillips, Beverly 65 Female A Deceased
Phillips, Paul — Male — Deceased
Phillips, Winston 81 Male A Deceased
Pichon, Dorothy 76 Female C Deceased
Pickett, Glorai Louise Wade 77 Female — Deceased
Pierre, Ernest 68 Male A Deceased
Pierre, Juanita 69 Female A Deceased
Pilet, Irwin Eugene 81 Male — Deceased
Pinkney, Thelma 76 Female C Deceased
Pino, Rosemary 83 Female C Deceased (Details)
Pizzuto-Robino, Bernice 80 Female C Deceased
Platt, Louise 63 Female C Deceased
Poissenot, Emile 89 Male C Deceased
Poladura, Helen 86 Female C Deceased
Polk, Serena 5 Female A Deceased
Polmer, Rachel 64 Female C Deceased
Ponseti, Marvin 75 Male C Deceased
Porter, William 75 Male A Deceased
Prather, Jack — Male — Deceased
Prather, Jason — Male — Deceased (Details)
Pratt, Ruth 72 Female A Deceased
Preston, Larry 61 Male — Deceased (Details)
Preston, Margaret 62 Female — Deceased (Details)
Preston, Scott 34 Male — Deceased (Details)
Preston, Leon 70 Male A Deceased
Price, Douglas 43 Male A Deceased
Price, Julius 22 Male A Deceased
Prima, Joseph 86 Male C Deceased
Prusinski, Jerome 86 Male C Deceased
Purcell, Christian 73 Male — Deceased
Quinn, Veronica 52 Female A Deceased
Rainey, Jr., James 64 Male — Deceased
Rambo, Glenn Marshall 34 Male C Deceased
Ramsey, Kemp “Jug” 54 Male — Deceased
Randall, Gladys 81 Female C Deceased
Randolph, Isaac 81 Male A Deceased
Ransom, Verina 49 Female A Deceased
Rashkin, Janet 80 Female C Deceased
Rasmussen, Muriel 90 Female C Deceased
Ray, Eddie 59 Male A Deceased
Reacord, Althea 78 Female A Deceased
Rebstock, Loretta (Nitsy) 82 Female C Deceased
Reeves, Olampia 87 Female A Deceased
Reysack, Jr., Richard George 81 Male C Deceased
Richard, Edward 83 Male A Deceased
Richard, Sandra 58 Female C Deceased
Richards, Milton 62 Male A Deceased
Richburg, LeJohn 60 Male A Deceased
Rickie, Jeanne 93 Female C Deceased
Riehm, Elizabeth Rush 82 Female C Deceased
Riehms, Clarise 75 Female C Deceased
Riess, Karlem “Ducky” 92 Male — Deceased (Details)
Risper, Leonard 74 Male A Deceased
Rivers, Rufus 77 Male C Deceased
Rizzo, Virginia 98 Female C Deceased
Roark, Rebecca Ann 61 Female C Deceased
Roberts, Dana 43 Female C Deceased
Robertson, Arthur 88 Male A Deceased
Robertson, Ethel 84 Female A Deceased
Robichaux, Edward 61 Male A Deceased
Robichaux, Elizabeth 104 Female C Deceased
Robichaux, John 91 Male A Deceased
Robichaux, Virgie 86 Female A Deceased
Robin, Jean 78 Female C Deceased
Robinson, Bessie 64 Female A Deceased
Robinson, Leroy — Male — Deceased
Robinson, Pearl 82 Female — Deceased
Rocha, Alberto 87 Male H Deceased
Rodgers, Zola 77 Female — Deceased
Rodrigue, Eva 93 Female C Deceased
Rodrigue, Eva 93 Female — Deceased
Rodriguez, Jose 78 Male H Deceased
Rodriguez, Jose 78 Male — Deceased
Roessler, Guadalupe 79 Female H Deceased
Romero, Manuel 84 Male H Deceased
Romero, Margarita 88 Female H Deceased
Roquevert, Louis 79 Male C Deceased
Ross, Elizabeth 55 Female C Deceased
Roth, George 87 Male — Deceased
Roy, Eddie 63 Male A Deceased
Ruddiman, Mary — Female — Deceased
Ruiz, Ryan Peter — Male — Deceased (Details)
Ruiz, UK — — — Deceased (Details)
Ruiz, UK — — — Deceased (Details)
Rulh, Ruth 75 Female C Deceased
Russell, John 80 Male C Deceased
Russell, Robert 37 Male A Deceased
Russell, Joshua E. “Sergeant” 27 Male — Deceased
Ryan, Georgia 82 Female C Deceased
Ryan, Van 84 Male C Deceased
Ryburn, Alma 83 Female C Deceased
Saia, Darlene 54 Female C Deceased
Samuels, Sr., Grady “Grandpa Grady” 82 Male — Deceased
Sanders, James — Male — Deceased
Sanders, Lawrence — Male — Deceased
Sanfilippo, Antonia 79 Female — Deceased
Santa Cruz, Michael — Male — Deceased
Saucier, Odessa 88 Female — Deceased
Sauter, Fritz 48 Male C Deceased
Savoca, Nicholas 75 Male C Deceased
Savoie, Rose 91 Female C Deceased
Scariano, Louise 88 Female C Deceased
Schielder, Anna 75 Female C Deceased
Schiro, Cynthi 50 Female C Deceased
Schiro, Delores 87 Female C Deceased
Schiro, Jr., Jake 54 Male C Deceased
Schmidt, Anna Dahmer — Female — Deceased (Details)
Schneider, Catherine 81 Female C Deceased
Schneider, Pat — Male — Deceased
Schraberg, William — Male — Deceased
Schultz, Irma 76 Female C Deceased
Schultz, John 78 Male C Deceased
Scott, Austin 66 Male A Deceased
Scott, Bereita 87 Female A Deceased
Scott, Joseph — Male — Deceased
Seabury, John 94 Male C Deceased
Seals, Emma 81 Female C Deceased
Seals, Joann 58 Female A Deceased
Seeger, Elaine 90 Female C Deceased
Seifker, Henry 70 Male C Deceased
Sennette, Janie 93 Female A Deceased
Serou, Gordon 67 Male C Deceased
Serpas, Nellie 87 Female C Deceased
Sevalia, Barabara 55 Female A Deceased
Sevalia, Victoria 93 Female A Deceased
Shanks, Isaac 43 Male A Deceased
Shannon, Edna 90 Female C Deceased
Shaw, Jerry 46 Male A Deceased
Shaw, William 82 Male A Deceased
Shell, Jr., Charles W. 65 Male — Deceased (Details)
Shepherd, Walter 48 Male A Deceased
Sherman, Lillian 92 Female — Deceased
Sherman, Rose 88 Female A Deceased
Sherman, Scott 54 Male C Deceased
Sherrod, Naomi 84 Female C Deceased
Signal, Pamela 41 Female A Deceased
Simmons, Arthur 91 Male A Deceased
Simmons, Jr, Levie 69 Male A Deceased
Simon, Richard 53 Male A Deceased
Simon, Ruby 73 Female A Deceased
Simpson, Mary 60 Female C Deceased
Sindibaldi, Albert 87 Male C Deceased
Singagliese, Brian 34 Male A Deceased
Singelmann, Pauline 84 Female C Deceased
Singleton, Bennie 74 Male A Deceased
Sires, Louise 93 Female C Deceased
Smallwood Jr., Matthew 62 Male A Deceased
Smith, Catherine — Female — Deceased
Smith, Darren 44 Male A Deceased
Smith, Elvira 66 Female H Deceased
Smith, Freddie 61 Male A Deceased
Smith, Janice — Female — Deceased
Smith, John 48 Male A Deceased
Smith, Leon Ray 55 Male — Deceased
 Smith, Lincoln 80 Male A Deceased
Smith, Marsha 57 Female C Deceased
Smith, Richard Sherman 53 Male — Deceased
Smith, Velzie 84 — — Deceased
Smith/Varnado, Willa 67 Female A Deceased
Smooth, Ersell 33 — — Deceased
Smooth, Kendra 16 Female A Deceased
Smooth, Kendricka 18 Female A Deceased
Snowden, Cynthia 46 Female C Deceased
Sparks, Edward 54 Male A Deceased
Sparks, Susie 46 Female A Deceased
Spears, Jerome 28 Male A Deceased (Details)
Spichiger, Jean 69 Male H Deceased
St Pe, Robert 60 Male C Deceased
Stafford, Joseph 65 Male A Deceased
Stafford, Mary 78 Female C Deceased
Stafford, Mary Ann 54 Female C Deceased
Stafford, Sr., Henry 63 Male C Deceased
Starks, Edward 58 Male A Deceased
Sterns, Marian 56 Female C Deceased
Stevens, Eleanor 84 Female C Deceased
Stewart, Charles 68 Male C Deceased
Stewart, Onita 70 Female A Deceased
Stewart, Karl 39 Male A Deceased
Stieber, Marian 79 — — Deceased
Stieber, Raymond 89 Male C Deceased
Stipelcovich, Betty 51 Female C Deceased
Stormant, Anna — Female — Deceased
Stovall, Cory Chevell 25 Male — Deceased (Details)
Strong, Nelia 87 Female A Deceased
Sullivan, John 37 Male C Deceased
Sutton, Edith 85 Female A Deceased
Swan, Alvin 68 Male C Deceased
Swiber, Madeline 69 Female C Deceased
Sylvester, Patricia 50 Female A Deceased
Taitt, Herman 83 Male A Deceased
Tappan, Donald 73 Male C Deceased
Tappan, Donald 73 Male C Deceased
Tart, John 13 Male — Deceased
Tart, Matthew 2 Male — Deceased (Details)
Tart, Samuel 51 Male — Deceased (Details)
Tate, Allen 56 Male A Deceased
Taylor, James “Duck” Taylor 54 Male — Deceased
Taylor, Ronald Lee 51 Male C Deceased
Taylor, Jr., Joseph Edward — Male — Deceased
Temple, Tommie 68 Male A Deceased
Teno, Joseph 62 Male A Deceased
Theodore, Ryan Desmond — Male — Deceased
Thibodeaux, Emma 0 Female C Deceased
Thomas, Earl 87 Male A Deceased
Thomas, Meddie 61 Male A Deceased
Thomas, Rodney 82 Male A Deceased
Thomas, Shelly 52 Male A Deceased
Thomason, Michael 51 Male C Deceased
Thomopolous, Donna 62 Female C Deceased
Thompson, Charles 58 Male A Deceased
Thompson, Minnie 80 Female C Deceased
Thornton, Lillie 99 Female A Deceased
Thrift, Carl 57 Male A Deceased
Tidwell, Rosalie 83 Female C Deceased
Tidwell, Roy 82 Female C Deceased
Tobias, Daisy — Female — Deceased
Toombs, Charles 66 Male — Deceased
Torrence, George 43 Male C Deceased
Toups, Alice 82 Female C Deceased (Details)
Toups, Beulah 94 Female C Deceased
Trahan, Kim Marie 47 Female — Deceased
Tran, Hong 71 Male AP Deceased
Tran, Nam 48 Male AP Deceased
Trapolin, Frank 92 Male C Deceased
Trentecosta, Mary 77 Female C Deceased
Turner, Ebert 74 Male A Deceased
Turner, John 63 Male C Deceased
Turner, Meaher 85 Male C Deceased
Uhl, Idamay Hayden — Female — Deceased
Ulmer, James 70 Male A Deceased
Urquhart, Anna 75 Female C Deceased (Details)
Uyehara, Tony 81 Male — Deceased
Valteau, Wendell 58 Male A Deceased
Van Schultz, Alan — Male — Deceased
Varnado, Aden 74 Female A Deceased
Varnado, Willa Mae 67 Female A Deceased
Vaughn, Pamela 53 Female A Deceased
Veal, Mable 74 Female A Deceased
Venison, Lee 65 Male A Deceased
Verret, Almeda 73 Female C Deceased
Vicente, Pedro 83 Male H Deceased
Vidrios, Inez 81 Female C Deceased
Vierling, Collette M. 51 Female — Deceased
Vierling, Gerald Raymond “Jerry” 45 Male — Deceased
Villars, Margaret Shirley 90 Female — Deceased (Details)
Vinet, Jr., Steven L. — Male — Deceased
Wagner, Mary 94 Female C Deceased
Walker, Patricia 57 Female C Deceased
Walker, Shirley 65 Female C Deceased
Walker, Willie 78 Male A Deceased
Waller, Genevieve 48 Female C Deceased
Walls, Rose Marie 56 Female — Deceased
Warden, Rita 83 Female C Deceased
Warren, James 67 Male A Deceased
Washington, Celina 70 Female A Deceased
Washington, James 60 Male A Deceased
Washington, Rita 82 Female A Deceased
Watson, Iretha 89 Female A Deceased
Watson, Monroe 69 Male A Deceased
Watts, Wilbur 84 Male C Deceased
Weathers, James 29 Male C Deceased
Weathersby, Mary 96 Female A Deceased
Weathersby, Maurice 50 Male A Deceased
Weaver, James 83 Male C Deceased
Webster, Phyllis 60 Female A Deceased
Webster, Thomas 77 Male A Deceased
Weems Sr., Charles Edward — Male — Deceased
Welch, Roland — Male — Deceased (Details)
Wescovich, Henry L. 86 Male — Deceased
Wesley, Harrison 92 Male A Deceased
White, Arnold — Male — Deceased
White, Helen 54 Female — Deceased
Wickem, Joan 60 Female A Deceased
Wilder, James 72 Male A Deceased
Wilkins, Mary Elizabeth 88 Female — Deceased (Details)
Williams, Audrey 71 Female A Deceased
Williams, Clarence 56 Male A Deceased
Williams, David 74 Male A Deceased
Williams, George 77 Male A Deceased
Williams, Joseph 73 Male A Deceased
Williams, Lawrence 56 Male A Deceased (Details)
Williams, Lionel 49 Male A Deceased
Williams, Roy 19 Male A Deceased
Williams, Rosetta 79 Female A Deceased
Williams, Walter 61 Male A Deceased
Williams, Willie 25 Male — Deceased
Williams, Yolanda 50 Female A Deceased
Williams, Jr., Paul 60 Male A Deceased
Wilson, Madge 83 Female A Deceased (Details)
Wilson, Raymond 63 Male A Deceased
Wimberly, Hattie 65 Female A Deceased
Woods, Alphonse 77 Male A Deceased
Woods, Samuel 72 Male A Deceased
Wright, Joseph 89 Male C Deceased
Wycoff, William “Bill” 66 Male C Deceased
Young, Elzie 80 Male A Deceased
Young, John — Male — Deceased
Young, Gloria 79 Female C Deceased
Young, John 44 Male A Deceased
Young, Lynus 85 Male C Deceased
Young, Robert 85 Male A Deceased
Youngblood, Carolyn 42 Female A Deceased
Zimmerman, John 74 Male — Deceased
Zumpe, Walter 85 Male C Deceased
Pope, Neimiah 21 Male A Missing
Poole, Harold 64 Male C Missing
Pollard, Kebbins 39 Male A Missing
Polk, Sarena 5 Female A Missing
Platts, Carolann 38 Female C Missing
Pittman-powers, Lynndia 18 Female — Missing
Piper, Stacey 41 Female A Missing
Pierce, Nancy 55 Female A Missing
Pham, Kim 37 Female — Missing
Perry, Daryl 82 Male — Missing
Perkins, Leroy 70 Male A Missing
Payton, Germisha 7 Female A Missing
Payne, Michael 47 Male A Missing
Paurmelee, Tom 50 Male C Missing
Pauche, Blanche 46 Female A Missing
Patterson, Michael 52 Male A Missing
Patterson, Latoya 32 Female A Missing
Patterson, Kerrione 14 Female A Missing
Patterson, Ernest 43 Male A Missing
Parker, David 36 Male A Missing
Palmore, Mcarther 23 Male A Missing
Owens, Patricia 27 Female A Missing
Overtree, Ricky 45 Male A Missing
Otero, Judith 10 Female C Missing
Oslem, Stella 50 Female A Missing
Odoms, Leroy — Male — Missing
O’hara, John — Male C Missing
O’byran, Lark 25 Male A Missing
Norton, Martin 48 Male C Missing
Norris, Wilbert 59 Male A Missing
Norman, Lee 59 Male A Missing
Nolan, Joseph 48 Male A Missing
Newman, Danny 29 Male A Missing
Nelson, Dennis 39 Male A Missing
Nellius, Valencia 32 Female A Missing
Nellius, Delisa 14 Female A Missing
Naylor, Joseph 54 Male C Missing
Nahar, Waldo 57 Male A Missing
Myles, Billy 46 Male A Missing
Mutin, David 47 Male A Missing
Morris, Shirley 57 Female A Missing
Monroe, Shannon 34 Female A Missing
Modican, Joyce — Female — Missing
Mobley, Harry 63 Male — Missing
Mobbs, Annie 50 Female A Missing
Milton, Darryl 28 Male A Missing
Millward, Roderick — Male — Missing
Miller, Nemiah 58 Male A Missing
Miller, Nellie 79 Female A Missing
Miller, Kattie 55 Female A Missing
Miles, Dashell 16 Female A Missing
Metzler, Delores 19 Female C Missing
Metz, Charles 48 Male A Missing
Mettlen, Billy 48 Male C Missing
Mesha, Sam 40 Male C Missing
Mervin, Ann 43 Female N.Am Missing
Merriman, Alberta 35 Female A Missing
Mcmillian, Tawain — Male A Missing
Mcknight, Harrison 51 Male A Missing
Mckinnis, Vernell 57 Male A Missing
Mcdowel, Curtis 90 Male A Missing
Mcdaniels, Mary 45 Female A Missing
Mccalister, Elsie 30 Female N.Am Missing
Mays, Ralph 49 Male A Missing
Matthews, Florence 31 Female A Missing
Mathieu, Melvina 50 Female A Missing
Mason, Latisha 27 Female — Missing
Marshall, Willie 65 Female A Missing
Marshall, Williams — Male A Missing
Marquez, Glenda 39 Female A Missing
Marfo, George 55 Male A Missing
Malbando, Christina 21 Female H Missing
Magee, Edward 56 Male A Missing
Mackey, Ann 40 Female C Missing
Lonon, Daisey 56 Female A Missing
Lonon, Charles 53 Male AP Missing
Lominy, Irene 55 Female — Missing
Little, Uriel 74 Male C Missing
Little, Nicole 28 Female A Missing
Lincoln, Connie — Female C Missing
Lewis, Tameka 24 Female A Missing
Lewis, Nolan — Male — Missing
Lewis, Marjorie 75 Female A Missing
Lewis, George 35 Male A Missing
Lewis, Fallon 22 Female A Missing
Lewis, Darvel 12 Male A Missing
Levy, Louis 60 Male C Missing
Leslie, Sharon 48 Female A Missing
Lemon, John 33 Male — Missing
Lehman, Ann 47 Female C Missing
Lee, Tonya 28 Female A Missing
Lee, Keyonte 31 Female — Missing
Lee, Joseph 86 Male A Missing
Lee, Carolyn 53 Female A Missing
Lee, Brittany 4 Female A Missing
Lee, Bernice — Female — Missing
Ledet, Douglas 17 Male — Missing
Lawrence, Chantel 24 Female A Missing
Langs, Randy 39 Male A Missing
Langdon, Paul 34 Male C Missing
Lagarde, Armando — Male A Missing
Kushner, Helen 88 Female C Missing
Kurz, Harold 87 Male C Missing
King, Eddie 40 Male C Missing
King, Dale 30 Male C Missing
Kidd, Johnny 50 Male A Missing
Kelly, Zhaline — Female A Missing
Kelly, Quintasha 16 Female — Missing
Kane, Dennis 44 Male C Missing
Joseph, Johnnie 58 Male A Missing
Jones, Herman 25 Male A Missing
Jones, Dawayne 35 Male A Missing
Jones, Crystelle 46 Female — Missing
Jones, Clinton 37 Male A Missing
Jones, Charles 100 Male A Missing
Jones, Anie 50 Female A Missing
Johnston, Chanell — Female H Missing
Johnston, Bridgett 19 Female — Missing
Johnson, Wilfred 79 Male A Missing
Johnson, Veronica 39 Female — Missing
Johnson, Ricquille 16 Female A Missing
Johnson, James 55 Male A Missing
Johnson, Darrell 36 Male A Missing
Johnson, Clifton 44 Male — Missing
Johnson, Bobby 44 Male A Missing
Jimenez, Benny 25 Male H Missing
Jenkins, Robert 38 Male C Missing
Jefferson, Lawrence 33 Male A Missing
Jefferson, Aaron 29 Male A Missing
Jeanmarie, Quilton 52 Male A Missing
Jarboe, Harold 68 Male C Missing
James, Henry 73 Male A Missing
James, Benny 36 Male A Missing
Jackson, Stephond 44 Male A Missing
Jackson, Latonya 48 Female A Missing
Jackson, Kentrelle 19 Female A Missing
Jackson, Jesse 83 Male A Missing
Jackson, Betty 52 Female A Missing
Hutchinson, Gregory 50 Male A Missing
Huskin, Ruby 64 Female A Missing
Hunter, Logan 36 Male C Missing
Hunter, Latonya 27 Female A Missing
Hulbert, Celven 53 Male A Missing
Hughes, Huey 76 Male C Missing
Hudson, Melvin — Male A Missing
Howard, Gary 20 Male A Missing
Hovanac, Andrew 64 Male C Missing
House, Judy — Female C Missing
Holmes, Jerry 29 Male A Missing
Hollings, Debra — Female — Missing
Ho, Thao 48 Female AP Missing
Hills, Courtney 24 Male A Missing
Hicks, Darnel 54 Male A Missing
Hicks, Darnel 82 Male C Missing
Hester, Allysha — Female A Missing
Herrera, Benito 32 Male H Missing
Henry, Nadai 38 Female A Missing
Henry, Granbille 46 Male A Missing
Hendry, Kate — Female — Missing
Hendry, Bob — Male — Missing
Helms, Lakisha — Female — Missing
Haynes, Latise 19 Female A Missing
Haynes, Georgia 81 Female — Missing
Hawkins, Neal 51 Male A Missing
Harvey, Jesse 25 Male A Missing
Harris, Rebecca 70 Female A Missing
Harris, Patricia — Female — Missing
Harris, Kerin 50 Female A Missing
Harris, Katie 50 Female A Missing
Harris, Booker 92 Male A Missing
Hardin, Cathy 45 Female C Missing
Hancock, Rebecca 15 Female C Missing
Hampton, Lofette 30 Male A Missing
Hammond, Stephanie 39 Female A Missing
Hamilton, Charese 30 Female A Missing
Hall, Trinity 18 Female A Missing
Hall, Deborah 43 Female A Missing
Hall, Cheryl 35 Female A Missing
Hall, Celeste 34 Female A Missing
Hagger, Ivory — Female — Missing
Hackett, George 68 Male C Missing
Guitroz, Cyril 54 Male A Missing
Guilbeau, Selena 26 Female A Missing
Guilbeau, Christopher 26 Male A Missing
Griley, Anthony 45 Male A Missing
Gregory, Ronnie 59 Male N.Am Missing
Green, Donald 45 Male A Missing
Gray, Michael 43 Male A Missing
Gray, Kayla 15 Female A Missing
Graps, Ernest 44 Male A Missing
Gore, William 30 Male C Missing
Gloster, Darren 34 Male A Missing
Ginart, Arthur 64 Male C Missing
Gilmore, Kevin 40 Male A Missing
Gills, Byron 42 Male A Missing
Genins, Chuck — Male C Missing
Gatewood, Todd 4 Male A Missing
Gandolfi, Cheryl — Female C Missing
Gallagher, Thomas 51 Male C Missing
Galindo, Stephanie 23 Female — Missing
Funches, Johnathon 23 Male A Missing
French, Stacy 82 Male A Missing
Freeman, Lionel 46 Male A Missing
Freeman, Allen 57 Male A Missing
Francois, Tami 36 Female A Missing
Francois, Marie 40 Female A Missing
Fontaintte, Brenda 40 Female C Missing
Flowers, Juan 32 Male A Missing
Flores, Jose 20 Male H Missing
Flemings, Laquincia 30 Female A Missing
Fisher, Cynthia 20 Female — Missing
Fields, Robert 47 Male A Missing
Felder, Onell 61 Female A Missing
Expose, Troy 47 Female A Missing
Eugene, Reginald 10 Male A Missing
Eugene, Ramona 11 Female A Missing
Estervan, Sylvia 60 Female A Missing
Edwards, Morris 41 Male A Missing
Edwards, Ishandra 24 Female A Missing
Edgecomb, Elizabeth 48 Female C Missing
Ebbitt, Melanie 43 Female C Missing
Easterline, Marvin 79 Male A Missing
Durel, Chantel 22 Female A Missing
Dupree, Lacy — Female A Missing
Dubois, Kendria 23 Female A Missing
Dubeau, Julian 73 Male A Missing
Duarte, Guiomar 81 Female H Missing
Divens, Gracie 62 Female C Missing
Dimes, Matthew 49 Male A Missing
Dillion, Dewayne 23 Male A Missing
Decoteau, Thomas 69 Male A Missing
Dear, Lillian 57 Female A Missing
Dawson, Grace 64 Female A Missing
Davis, Moyhogene 17 Female A Missing
Davis, Milton 17 Male A Missing
Davis, Manwell — Male — Missing
Davis, Junius 91 Male A Missing
Davis, Anna 59 Female A Missing
Darenburg, Ivory 25 Female A Missing
Dansby, Louise 83 Female A Missing
Daniels, Thomas 63 Male A Missing
Daniels, Reanna 17 Female C Missing
Dagle, Chevell 19 Female A Missing
Cyres, Clifton 50 Male A Missing
Cyres, Christable 46 Male A Missing
Curtis, Matthew 27 Male C Missing
Cummings, China — Female — Missing
Craig, Donald 26 Male A Missing
Cox, Calvin 56 Male A Missing
County, John 36 Male A Missing
Cornett, Clay 49 Male A Missing
Corley, Georgereina 32 Female — Missing
Colman, Elaine 56 Female A Missing
Collins, Shanika 30 Female A Missing
Collins, Isaac 48 Male A Missing
Collect, Sherrie 25 Female — Missing
Collect, Mary 54 Female C Missing
Collect, George 57 Male C Missing
Collect, George 20 Male — Missing
Coleman, John 64 Male A Missing
Cochran, Shalisa 30 Female A Missing
Christie (or Christy), Jeanne 47 Female C Missing
Cheshareck, Christopher 39 Male C Missing
Cheeseman, Cheryl 25 Female C Missing
Chauppetta, Charles 62 Male C Missing
Charlene, Gerald 31 Male A Missing
Charlas, Kelly 20 Female — Missing
Chapman, Terry 56 Male A Missing
Chan, Yan — Male AP Missing
Caruso, John 44 Male C Missing
Carter, Lavarry 17 Male A Missing
Carter, Eric 3 Male A Missing
Carter, David 43 Male A Missing
Carrie, Tonya — Female A Missing
Carmouche, Kim — Female A Missing
Carmouche, Cindy 55 Female A Missing
Caples, Randall 48 Male C Missing
Campbell, Frankie 39 Female A Missing
Byrd, Sydney 50 Male A Missing
Byrd, Donna 46 Female C Missing
Butler, Arlene 35 Female C Missing
Burris, Clyde 31 Male A Missing
Burden, Freddie 45 Male A Missing
Bullock, Alisha 45 Female A Missing
Bryan, Clarence 77 Male A Missing
Brunies, Craig 20 Male C Missing
Brumfield, Veo 92 Male A Missing
Brumfield, Avis — Female — Missing
Brown, Ronald 37 Male C Missing
Brown, Charlie 31 Male A Missing
Broomfield, Kenyatta 27 Female A Missing
Brooks, Warren 60 Male A Missing
Brissette, James 17 Male A Missing
Brim, Robin 32 Female C Missing
Brignac, Charles 44 Male C Missing
Bright, Albert 24 Male — Missing
Bridges, Ebony 18 Female — Missing
Breaux, Josephine 90 Female C Missing
Bradley, Barren 37 Male A Missing
Bowser, Julie 38 Female A Missing
Bowers, Michael 44 Male A Missing
Boone, Charles 48 Male A Missing
Blanton, Suzie 53 Female C Missing
Blanchard, Charlene 45 Female A Missing
Black, DrAllen — Male C Missing
Bingham, Joyce — Female A Missing
Billa, Jose 42 Male H Missing
Bernard, Donald 46 Male A Missing
Bergeron, Dale 52 Male C Missing
Bell, Eli 50 Male A Missing
Battalio, Melissa 19 Female C Missing
Batieste, Theodolius 46 Male A Missing
Barrio, Stephaine 33 Female A Missing
Barnes, Lillie 81 Female A Missing
Barkins, Sabrina 37 Female A Missing
Barbee, Richard 57 Male C Missing
Babchin, Jefrey 49 Male C Missing
Austin, Derricnicka 12 Female A Missing
Austin, Derrick 14 Male A Missing
Antoine, Bernard 59 Male A Missing
Anderson, Keyiana 21 Female A Missing
Anderson, Henry 61 Male A Missing
Anderson, Carl 35 Male A Missing
Alvis, Kevin 58 Male A Missing
Allen, Willie 53 Male A Missing
Allen, Leighton 50 Male C Missing
Alfonso, Raechel 34 Female C Missing
Alexander, Julie — Female — Missing
Aguiler, Dr Clark — Male C Missing
Adams, Kimerick 6 Male A Missing
Adams, Jeremy 26 Male A Missing
Accomando, Jamie 27 Female C Missing
Porter, Kenneth — Male A Missing
Poston, Betty 69 Female A Missing
Poston, Guy — Male A Missing
Preston, David 43 Male A Missing
Quinn, Michael 21 Male A Missing
Ragusa, Keith 40 Male C Missing
Raiford, Dymania 30 Female A Missing
Randolph, Larenza 13 Female A Missing
Rath, Robert 65 Male C Missing
Ray, Louise 73 Male A Missing
Rayford, Donna 49 Female A Missing
Rayford, Elenora 54 Female A Missing
Raymond, Natasha 7 Female A Missing
Raymond, Orin 36 Male C Missing
Reeves, Norma 48 Female C Missing
Rene, Gretchen 55 Female C Missing
Renouf, Leo 40 Male — Missing
Reynolds, Cary 33 Male A Missing
Rhodes, Kevin 44 Male A Missing
Richards, Farol 57 Female — Missing
Richman, Milton 53 Male — Missing
Ripoll, Anola 98 Female A Missing
Roberson, James 56 Male C Missing
Roberts, Lakeisha 20 Female A Missing
Robertson, Laquish 26 Female A Missing
Robin, Lynda 56 Female C Missing
Robinson, Budnisha 9 Female A Missing
Robinson, Carolyn 49 Female A Missing
Robinson, Keith 26 Male A Missing
Robinson, Percy 53 Male A Missing
Rochon, Roger 33 Male A Missing
Rodriguez, Juniet 25 Female H Missing
Rogers, Louis 46 Male A Missing
Rollins, Katie 71 Female A Missing
Ross, James 60 Male A Missing
Roussell, John 40 Male A Missing
Royl, David 40 Male A Missing
Russell, John 14 Male A Missing
Sanders, Mojuan 23 Male A Missing
Sandifer, Eric 40 Male A Missing
Santalucito, Susan 46 Female C Missing
Savoie, Vincent 70 Male C Missing
Scarabin, Wayne 54 Male C Missing
Scott, Author 37 Male A Missing
Scott, Emma 61 Female A Missing
Scott, Leester 39 Female — Missing
Scott, Tamarra 29 Female A Missing
Scott-jones, Jackie 50 Female A Missing
Selbe, David 45 Male C Missing
Seward, Michael 45 Male C Missing
Shell, Charles 65 Male A Missing
Shelton, Jarrald 32 Male — Missing
Shepard, Geneviede 80 Female A Missing
Shepard, Steze — Male A Missing
Silva, Billie 42 Female A Missing
Simmon, Harle — Male — Missing
Small, Desy 33 Male A Missing
Small, Theresa 31 Female A Missing
Smiley, Mattie 65 Female A Missing
Smith, Doris 55 Female A Missing
Smith, Edward 53 Male C Missing
Smith, Glen 38 Male H Missing
Smith, Sadie 9 Female A Missing
Smith, Theresa 33 Female A Missing
Smith, Tyrone 12 Male A Missing
Smith, Vernon 63 Male C Missing
Smith, Wayne 48 Male A Missing
Smuk, Teniska 17 Female A Missing
Stephens, Chris 45 Male A Missing
Stephens, Mark 33 Male A Missing
Sterling, Ashley — Female A Missing
Stevenson, Shontell — Female — Missing
Stewart, Christopher 17 Male A Missing
Stewart, Eldridge 49 Male A Missing
Stewart, Lisa 23 Female A Missing
Susberiou, Jasmine 6 Female — Missing
Taplet, Veronica 60 Female A Missing
Taquino, Dorothy 81 Female C Missing
Taylor, Charlie — Male C Missing
Taylor, Corinne 15 Female A Missing
Taylor, Marilyn 59 Female A Missing
Taylor, Michael 32 Male A Missing
Teepale, Kenny 60 Male C Missing
Thomas, Lee 41 Male A Missing
Thomas, Nichol 24 Male A Missing
Thomas, Shirlean 45 Female A Missing
Thorton, Wayne 29 Male A Missing
Toussaint, Donald 23 Male A Missing
Tran, Phu 63 Male AP Missing
Tremel, Carry 3 Male — Missing
Trueblood, Montava 6 Male A Missing
Tyler, Alvin — Male — Missing
Tyler, Betty 59 Female C Missing
Tyler, Patricia 57 Female C Missing
Valerio, Celesten 16 Female A Missing
Vazquez, Mario 45 Male H Missing
Venable, Alvin 24 Male A Missing
Verret, Michelle 32 Female — Missing
Vincent, Malcou 10 Male A Missing
Vinson, Tina 26 Female A Missing
Walker, Arthur 61 Male C Missing
Walker, Beverly 63 Female C Missing
Walton, Adrian 47 Male A Missing
Warren, Deralica 3 Female A Missing
Warren, Michael 47 Male A Missing
Washington, Dorothy 64 Female A Missing
Washington, Felicia — Female A Missing
Washington, Joyce 55 Female A Missing
Washington, Rosylynn 15 Female A Missing
Washington, Sherman 32 Male A Missing
Webb, Eboni 20 Female A Missing
Wells, Charlie 65 Male C Missing
Wesner, Harry 63 Male C Missing
West, Vicky 22 Female C Missing
White, Jaquita 15 Female A Missing
White, Joseph 46 Male C Missing
White, Vernon 47 Male C Missing
Whitlow, Gereld 70 Male C Missing
Whittles, Chanie 99 Female A Missing
Wiggins, Leroy 57 Male A Missing
Williams, Chris 33 Male A Missing
Williams, Claude 28 Male A Missing
Williams, Cleveland 67 Male A Missing
Williams, Evelyn 37 Female A Missing
Williams, Gladius — Female A Missing
Williams, Jaye 67 Male A Missing
Williams, Laverne 40 Female A Missing
Williams, Lavience 26 Male A Missing
Williams, Louise 51 Female A Missing
Williams, Margarite 46 Female A Missing
Williams, Rita 48 Female — Missing
Williams, Willie 80 Female A Missing
Wilson, D’artagnan 32 Male A Missing
Wilson, Gerald — Male A Missing
Wilson, Lauren 19 Female A Missing
Winchester, William 60 Male A Missing
Windy-boy, Travis 23 Male N.Am Missing
Womack, Larrine 72 Female A Missing
Worthington, Mark 43 Male C Missing
Wyatt, Matthew 33 Male C Missing
Yates, Keyna 26 Female A Missing
Young, Marlon 47 Male A Missing
Young, Roland 35 Male A Missing
Youngblood, Netti 75 Female C Missing
Zeno, Coleman 57 Male — Missing
Latham, Cassandra Ann 40 Female A Deceased (Details)
WILLIAMS, LEE 67 Female A Deceased (Details)
George, Margaret 77 Female C Deceased (Details)
Martin, Gladys Livaudais 96 Female C Deceased (Details)
Sauter, Fritz Joseph 48 Male C Deceased (Details)
bernard, derielle 17 Female A Deceased (Details)
Virga, George 82 Male C Deceased (Details)
St. Pierre, Sr., Albert 79 Male C Deceased (Details)
Ward Favors, Pansy Elda 78 Female C Deceased (Details)
Green, Janice XXX Female A Deceased (Details)
Anderson, Barney S. 85 Male — Deceased (Details)
Ball, Anna Rebecca N/A Female — Deceased (Details)
Hyer, Ralph V. 67 Male C Deceased (Details)
CALHOUN, JERRY MARK 50 Approximate Male C Deceased (Details)
king, sarah 70 Approximate Female A Missing
Baker, Elaine 70 Female C Deceased (Details)
Rendall, Robert 63 Male C Deceased (Details)
Laurent, Elizabeth Savoie 73 Female C Deceased (Details)
Brackman, Louis 83 Male C Deceased (Details)
Jackson, Azaline B. 85 Female — Deceased (Details)
Herman, Avram Charles 55 Male C Deceased (Details)
Brandt, Sr., Carl Vincent 78 Male C Deceased (Details)
McMillion, George Otto 90 Male C Deceased (Details)
Gifford, Reginald J. 39 Male A Deceased (Details)
Gifford, Jr., Elmer J. 80 Male A Deceased (Details)
Bulleman, Claire 74 Female C Deceased (Details)
Johnson, Keith A. 60 Male A Deceased (Details)
Powell, Andrew 58 Approximate Male C Deceased (Details)
Lambert, Armand F. 87 Male C Deceased (Details)
Webb, Deborah 44 Female C Missing
Gaubert, Sr., Lloyd F. 84 Male C Deceased (Details)
Posin, Dan 64 Male C Deceased (Details)
Dummet, Dr. Clifton O. 62 Male A Deceased (Details)
Dessommes, Mrs. xx Female C Deceased (Details)
Scheets, Mr. xx Male C Deceased (Details)
Scheets, Mr. xx Male C Deceased (Details)
McKinley, Dr. Kevin 42 Male C Deceased (Details)
Kramer, John 65 Male C Deceased (Details)
martin, reginald 42 Male A Deceased (Details)
Bonin, Daniel W. 72 Male C Deceased (Details)
Rankins, Sam 85 Male A Deceased (Details)
Emerson, Joan Hupp 57 Female C Deceased (Details)
Tallon, Arthemise Kelly 88 Female C Deceased (Details)
Black, Hubert 69 Male C Deceased (Details)
Mahe, John A. 85 Male C Deceased (Details)
Hoffman Jr., George 72 Male C Deceased (Details)
hazel, ian 60 Approximate Male C Missing
Black, Hubert 69 Male C Deceased (Details)
smith, kayla 16 Female C Missing
Braganza, Maximiano 79 Male AP Missing
GILLS, BYRON 43 Male A Missing
Goss, Martha 93 Female C Missing
Olarte, Virginia 48 Female AP Deceased (Details)
Bellanger, Jeffery J. XXX Male — Deceased (Details)
Polmer, Rachel 64 Female C Deceased (Details)
Tallon, Arthemise Kelly 88 Female C Deceased (Details)
Roach, Ben 85 Male — Deceased (Details)
tortorich, charles 60 Male C Deceased (Details)
Ingram, Frank 73 Approximate Male A Missing
Koshinski, Joanne 62 Female C Missing
gary, thomas 45 Male A Missing
davis, taylor 79 Female A Deceased (Details)
tupps, donald 60 Approximate Male C Deceased (Details)
hicks, cassandra 45 Approximate Female A Missing
McCall, Ishom 74 Male A Deceased (Details)
ferdinand, brandon 22 Male A Missing
stewert, jousha 20 Male A Missing
Majid, Abdul Kareem 67 Approximate Male A Deceased (Details)
payne, clem 23 Male A Missing
ALEXANDER, JONECA 16 Female A Missing
May, Melvin 50 Male A Missing
stetson, jean 59 Female C Missing
KATRICE, WALKER 24 Female A Deceased (Details)
celestine, mathilda 76 Female A Missing
Zimmerman, Jessica 34 Female H Missing
Smith, Lisa 30 Approximate Female A Missing
Benigno, Gloria 76 Female C Deceased (Details)
Benigno, Lukey 82 Male C Deceased (Details)
Tuell, Marcelle 82 Female C Deceased (Details)
hailey, lynette 39 Female A Deceased (Details)
williams, charles 55 Approximate Male A Missing
Shelton Jr., Eddie Lee 32 Male A Missing
Potterstone, Andrew 19 Approximate Male C Missing
blair, james 78 Male C Deceased (Details)
foxers, john 10 Approximate Male C Deceased (Details)
Drez, Richard 63 Male C Deceased (Details)
Gales, Hugh 38 Male A Deceased (Details)
lakiba joseph, lakiba 33 Female A Missing
jackson, bobby 68 Male A Deceased (Details)
Juneau, Ruth 45 Female C Deceased (Details)
Desrosiers, Marshall 54 Male C Missing
ybarzabal, christina 33 Female C Missing
graving, kyle 11 Approximate Male C Deceased (Details)
Smith, Lydia 58 Approximate Female A Missing
wagner, alma 90 Approximate Female C Deceased (Details)
Demetrakopoulous, Nike 36 Female C Deceased (Details)
Kondroik, Edward 72 Male C Deceased (Details)
corona, mike 48 Male O Missing
corona, anthony 40 Approximate Male C Missing
corona, ricky 45 Approximate Male O Missing
Kelt, John Sr. 90 Male C Deceased (Details)
Kelt, Anne 85 Female C Deceased (Details)
pierce, christopher 23 Male C Missing
Evans, Hubert 70 Male A Missing
Babineaux, Darlean 65 Female C Missing
Feeley, Larry 40 Male C Deceased (Details)
collins, david 53 Male C Deceased (Details)
Elmansura, Sulemann 33 Male A Missing
Johnson, Helen 23 Female A Missing
risens, quintella 40 Female A Missing
chesnick, richard 45 Male C Missing
washington, deloris 65 Approximate Female A Missing
ROUSSELL, JOHN 41 Male A Missing
Ditta, Billie 76 Approximate Female C Missing
cimino, lawrence 80 Male C Missing
davis, jessie 52 Male A Missing
Williams, Mervin 57 Male A Deceased (Details)
gochez, jose 48 Male H Missing
disodsdo, penalver 50 Male H Missing
Filipik, Patrick 14 Male C Missing
Vanhowsertanzap, Poaldagota 91 Male C Missing
Davis, Paul 53 Male A Missing
SMITH, CHARLES G 75 Approximate Male C Deceased (Details)
treemont, keyuana 20 Female A Missing
Buxton, Deborah 40 Female A Missing
Cunningham, Murray 89 Male C Deceased (Details)
Halleland, Gary 70 Male Deceased (Details)
Ridgley, Ryan 52 Approximate Male A Missing
Parker, Willie 60 Approximate Male A Missing
brenson, curtis 19 Male A Missing
skipper, cladilia 46 Female A Missing
Smith, Theresa 77 Female A Deceased (Details)
McDonald, Daniel 51 Male A Deceased (Details)
pastrano, rita 42 Female C Missing
purchner, lillian 64 Female C Missing
kenny, alisha 25 Female A Missing
stokes, lakeishama 19 Female A Missing
Yancy, Antanisha 4 Female A Missing
Holley, John 68 Male A Deceased (Details)
Connie, Brown 15 Female A Missing
Gen.Thokozani, Tsvangirai 63 Male O Deceased (Details)
Lively, Joel David 47 Male C Missing
ewing, micheal 34 Male A Missing
Childress, David 49 Male C Missing
Hooks, REbbeca 72 Female A Missing
holzner, carlos alfredo 45 Male O Missing
scott, carl 40 Approximate Male A Missing
Childress, Robert David 49 Male C Missing
Adams, Ernest J. 79 Male C Deceased (Details)
Landry, Neomi 78 Female A Deceased (Details)
Owney, Bernadine 61 Female A Deceased (Details)
McDonald, Robert Charles 47 Approximate Male A Missing
beaty, Jean 67 Female C Missing
Harkins, Martha 40 Approximate Female A Missing
Slayton, Jennifer 31 Female C Missing
Herman, Bernard 21 Male C Deceased (Details)
MacConnell, Elizabeth 86 Female C Deceased (Details)
slayton, robin 30 Approximate Female C Missing
fakes, wilema 80 Female A Missing
Espadrum, Daphyne 49 Female A Missing
hitt, kenneth 40 Approximate Male C Deceased (Details)
waters, kares 13 Female A Missing
romphf, donna 51 Approximate Female C Missing
Swope, Robert 39 Male C Missing
brinston, lemem 42 Male A Missing
Houghton, Mark 73 Approximate Male C Deceased (Details)
Guidry, Hazel 87 Female C Deceased (Details)
Scales, Frank 40 Male A Missing
FONTANNA, MELANIE 45 Female C Missing
fassit, crystal 23 Female A Deceased (Details)
Scott, Micheal 55 Male A Missing
Reynolds, Earl 64 Approximate Male A Missing
Craig Jr., Lucius 58 Male A Deceased (Details)
williams, melvin 25 Male A Deceased (Details)
Kenneth J, Holmes,Sr 39 Male A Missing
williams, maurice 50 Approximate Male A Missing
ward, reginald 32 Male A Missing
james, benny 64 Male A Missing
HUNTER, THEADORE 57 Male A Missing
POINTER, TERRY 71 Male C Deceased (Details)
myers, kevin 41 Male A Missing
lyons, Carlton 16 Male A Missing
browne, peggy 23 Female C Missing
Wilson, Crystal 24 Female A Missing
SHIMIZU, TAKASHI 38 Approximate Male O Deceased (Details)
steven, calandria 34 Female A Missing
Riddick, Terrance 47 Approximate Male C Deceased (Details)
Martinez-Pazmino, Carmen 96 Female H Deceased (Details)
Stierlen-Liuzza, Dominique 54 Female H Deceased (Details)
Wilson, Jean 57 Female A Missing
coldmen, deshew 27 Male A Missing
morrison, benson 54 Male A Missing
morrison, benson 54 Male A Missing
Jhonson, Charles 62 Male A Deceased (Details)
Brown, Aivien 60 Female A Missing
Dragon, Leo 60 Male — Deceased (Details)
revia, denise 31 Female C Missing
Dorsey, Christopher 25 Male A Missing
huynh, tan 55 Male AP Deceased (Details)
mayfield, lee 45 Male A Deceased (Details)
Barra, John 57 Male A Deceased (Details)
brumfield, danny 44 Male A Deceased (Details)
woods, greg 32 Approximate Male A Missing
mitchell, ethel 62 Approximate Female A Missing
ash, patricia jeanne 57 Female C Missing
ash, patricia jeanne 57 Female C Missing
Gross, Matthew H 22 Male C Missing
baham, warren 78 Approximate Male A Deceased (Details)
baham, warren 78 Approximate Male A Deceased (Details)
Wilson, Fred,Jr. 78 Male A Missing
Bryant, Lashone 34 Female A Missing
o..’conner, alexis 28 Female C Deceased (Details)
Shanil, Gunesekara 18 Male O Missing
estel, clemons 60 Female A Deceased (Details)
GILMORE, LYNETT 30 Female A Missing
green, corey 23 Male A Missing
calamusa, barry joeseph 10 Male C Deceased (Details)
brickley, trechelle 30 Female A Deceased (Details)
Landry, Merrell 71 Female A Deceased (Details)
lenox, gilbert 53 Approximate Male A Missing
Doe, John 54 Male — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John — Male — Deceased (Details)
Doe, Jane — Female — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John 79 Male — Deceased
Doe, John — Male — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, Jane — Female — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John — Male — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John — Male — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased (Details)
Doe, Jane 56 Female — Deceased (Details)
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased
Doe, John/Jane — — — Deceased


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